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She came off the farm

E, she's trying too hard

D, she's on Tinder

C, she's a movie star, alright?

But B? She looks like iCarly

And A, that's my girl

I'm done!


Hey guys!

What's going on guys?

I'm Xiaoma (@xiaomanyc), and today...

Sorry, I was just taking a little bit of a nap

Got a really fun video for you guys today

Because you guys asked

And you said...

Xiaoma, we want another Filipino video!

And yes, today...

We're bringing back a Filipino video, okay!

I've done this type of video before

Where I let people in New York City...

See what celebrities in another part of the world look like

See what kind of like, Americans...

Who Americans think is the most beautiful, the most handsome

And I think it's a really interesting type of video

Because that I think a lot of times what Americans...

...might think about how somebody looks

Is not necessarily the way that somebody...

...from another culture might think about how their own celebrities look

I asked you guys on YouTube...

...what celebrities from the Philippines you wanted me to feature on today's video

And so!

And so! Today, I am pleased to announce...

We have...

These...six famous Filipino celebrities

We got Nadine Lustre!

We got Maine Mendoza!

We got Liza Soberano!

We got Kathryn Bernardo!

We got Maymay Entrata

And we got Anne Curtis today

It'll just be interesting to see who in Americans' eyes

And people from all around the world here in New York City...

According to their own beauty standards

Who they think would be the most attractive and why

Yeah guys!

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And let me know what other types of videos like this you guys would want to see



Come on, let's go guys!

Basically what we're doing today

Is we are asking people to...

Judge the appearance of these...

Six celebrities...

That's kind of superficial, isn't it?

A little bit, yes it is

But the idea behind it is that

A lot of people in the Philippines would have their own perceptions of what these celebrities look like

So the idea here is to sort of see like...

What people's beauty standards here are like

This is totally superficial

But knowing nothing else about these celebrities...

Who would you think personally is the most attractive to you and why?

Most attractive to me and why?


Oh my

They're all attractive, but for me, probably D (Kathryn Bernardo)

D, why D?

Oh jeez

I don't know, I like...her hair

And...her cheekbones

Her cheekbones look really nice


And her lips are nice too, so...

Lips, right

[Xiaoma:] Awesome, thank you so much man, really appreciate it! [Man:] Of course man, yeah!

Thank you!

So we have six celebrities here

Who are all really popular in the Philippines

And we want to know according to people's own beauty standards here

Who they think is the most beautiful and why

Okay, well...

I wouldn't compare them all, because they have like...

[Right:] All different types of individual beauty [Left:] They're all so pretty!

I can't pick a certain one because they're all gorgeous, right?

And they probably have their own personalities and stuff like that, so...

C? (Liza Soberano)

I think C too, yeah

Oh, you too?



Not too much makeup


And I feel like her face is very symmetrical

And we want to see what people here

According to their own beauty standards

Would think is the most beautiful


Or attractive


So who would you think?

[Spanish] Who's

[Spanish] Out of all of them?

B? (Maine Mendoza)

You think B?



Her eyes

[Woman:] Obviously her eyes [Guy:] Her hair!

Her smile!

Smile, yeah

So beautiful!

You think B too?



[Speaking Spanish] Who's the most beautiful?


B also?


She's cute!

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I think in regards for Americans...

Probably C... (Liza Soberano)

Or maybe A... (Nadine Lustre)

C or A?

Would like stick out the most

Yeah? Why?

I'm getting heavy Angelina Jolie vibes from C


Yeah, a little bit!

A (Nadine Lustre), I just like the makeup on her

Like the makeup, yeah

And what would you think?

I would think...either C or D, too (Liza Soberano and Kathryn Bernardo)

C or D?



She [Kathryn Bernardo] kinda reminds me of Anne Hathaway a little bit

Oh my god, yeah, a little bit!

[Xiaoma:] Totally! [Girl:] Like a tinge...

Like Anne Hathaway with bangs, though

Oh my god, yeah!

And then D?

Honestly it kinda gives me Instagram vibes

Instagram, yeah yeah, a little bit!

Very Instagrammy

They...are all quite beautiful

I don't know

B, C?

B and C?



I don't know, I think their eyes smile


[Liza Soberano] has a bit more sexy look


Maine Mendoza is getting a lot attention today

Alright, let's keep going

Which one you most like?



For me...

There's no question, for me it's E

Maymay Entrata here


I just think she...

There's just some kinda look about her...

John, what do you think?

I like D! [Kathryn Bernardo]

You like D?





Yeah, she does have pretty eyes



And umm...

The baby face

Baby face, yeah

So we basically have a list of six famous celebrities...

I don't know these people!

[Xiaoma:] No no, it's okay, you don't have to know them [Man:] Are we on camera right now?

We're just kinda looking to see like...

Basically how people's beauty standards differ here and in the Philippines

Oh, that's interesting

Yeah, and so [we want to know] how people here...

...would perceive these celebrities

And if there's one in particular that's particularly beautiful or attractive

I would say A is beautiful [Nadine Lustre]



I'd just say her eyebrows look nice

She has full lips

She has good cheekbones

And her hair with the part...

She just looks Filipino


You've got such great analysis!

What would you say?

I think they all look pretty!


Any of them could walk down the street and I'd be like, wow they're pretty!

I just feel like [Nadine Lustre] looks Filipino

I wouldn't be able to tell what B and C...

[Woman:] I couldn't tell... [Man:] Yeah, they look all American


These two look Hispanic

What, B and...?

B and C [Maine Mendoza and Liza Soberano]

Even...white, half white or half hispanic

So you like that Filipino look?


I mean they're all pretty

Probably D or A [Kathryn Bernardo or Nadine Lustre]

D or A?

I'd say...

B or D [Maine Mendoza or Kathryn Bernardo]


C's cute too [Liza Soberano]

I think A [Nadine Lustre]

A? Why?

Because [of] her eyebrows


Probably her lashes make her pop out more



I'd do B and D

And why do you think that?

B because her smile's pretty

And D, I like her brows!

D, her eyes are cute


[Xiaoma:] Cool, thank you guys so much! [Girls:] You're welcome!

This is actually a video about celebrities


So I have a lot of fans from the Philippines...

But I'm not on there!

Next time!

Okay, okay

So these are all very famous celebrities in the Phillipines

And we're looking to see what people here according to their own beauty standards...

Would think is the most beautiful or attractive

A! [Nadine Lustre]

A, why?


She has a full face of makeup?!

[Guy:] No!!! [Girl:] Let him talk!

Let him talk!

A, because you know...

Back in my city, I'm from Toronto, right?

Who is the most beautiful?

Toronto, six side! [Six is a nickname for Toronto]

Back in my city, umm...

I don't see girls like that, you know what I mean?

I'd say C, to be honest [Liza Soberano]

[Girl:] C and B! [Liza Soberano and Maine Mendoza] [Girl:] I say F! [Anne Curtis]

B [Maine Mendoza] is naturally beautiful!

She's someone who I would...

[Girl:] Her smile too! [Girl:] B is naturally beautiful!

And her smile!

But C [Liza Soberano] like a sexy type of woman!

[Guy:] A [Nadine Lustre] looks like she's thicc though! [slang for curvy] [Girl:] I would say B [Maine Mendoza] more because of her smile

[Guy:] She's thicc though! [Girl:] F [Anne Curtis] is naturally pretty

I think it's because she has big eyes...

I like A [Nadine Lustre] because she has big eyes

And her lips are full, that's my type of beauty!

B or C [Maine Mendoza or Liza Soberano], like what you said

[Girl:] The smile... [Guy:] F [Anne Curtis] just came off the farm though!

[Girl:] This smile [Maine Mendoza] is natural, but this [Liza Soberano] is sexy... [Girl:] She is sexy...

I like G too, you know?

Oh, G is you, right?

Yeah yeah yeah...

Nah, but F...

She came off the farm

E, she's trying too hard

D, she's on Tinder

C, she's a movie star, alright?

But B? She looks like iCarly

And A, that's my girl

I'm done!

Thank you guys so much, really appreciate it!

No problem!

I would say...

C... [Liza Soberano]

B and D [Maine Mendoza and Kathryn Bernardo]

C B and D?



I have no idea, I just think that they have pretty eyes, and...

I don't know, I don't know

So if you had to pick one?

Out of them? What would you...

D [Kathryn Bernardo]

D, okay

[Xiaoma:] Is there one that stands out to you as particularly beautiful? [Woman:] I don't even know them

Who they are

I think she is

C? [Liza Soberano]



I don't know, just...she looks edgy!




Little bit more edgy

Little edgy, yeah?

I like the edgier [ones] more!

I like it, cool!

Thank you so much, appreciate it, thank you!

Number D [Kathryn Bernardo] stands out




Umm...she has more of a natural type look

But also looks really feminine...I don't know, I like it

[Xiaoma:] Interesting [Girl:] It's a natural look to her


I have to go with D too

D? Yeah


Same thing, like natural

Just natural, yeah

I mean, the one that I would say is particularly attractive to me is D


Mostly because I like her smile and she has really nice dimples


I think D too, because...

She has more...clearer skin


And the hair


Yeah, that's it!


Sweet, thank you guys so much, really appreciate it!

Thank you guys!

I thought that was really interesting

It was actually, you know what?

To my mind, that seemed like a very close race

I really think that...

People had a hard time choosing

And it wasn't really surprising, they all are obviously very beautiful

Personally I think some interesting things that stood out for me...

Were that people really kind of appreciated like...

A natural look, sort of?

They didn't necessarily appreciate so much makeup

But a lot of people did also like that sexy look

Anyway guys, thanks so much for watching!

And...we'll see you all next time!

Bye bye!

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