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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I Build your SILLY REDSTONE IDEAS! #5

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(Theme Music) I have no clue how this has happened, but it has been over half a year

since I built your ridiculous redstone ideas that you submit to me on Twitter.

So today,

Well, today I'm going to try my best to build TEN of them

So as you can see I sent out this really, pleasantly-worded Tweet just asking

people to send over redstone contraption ideas that I was going to be building inside a video.

And, within 49 seconds of that Tweet being posted, I took this screenshot right here,

in which theminimg_kid said 'nope'

That they weren't gonna be submitting anything, they didn't want any form of build of theirs

or idea of theirs to be featured in the video.

So despite them, I have built this!

A big flashing sign that says nope, so even though they specifically responded to my Tweet to say that

they didn't want to send over a redstone contraption, they are now in my video.

I hope you're happy.

The RedPanda14 requested I build a rocket ship

Now originally obviously I was going to create some form of flying machine that was going to fly up into the sky

but there's actually quite a few flying machines in today's episode

so instead I decided to do something just a little bit different

this is my rocket ship

and it is powered

by MooShrooms

Now I have to say alright, It may not be as dramatic

as an actually flying rocket ship but I'd say it still looks pretty impressive

thank you! oh I should also mention we've got sort

of rocket flying sound effects as well yeah a cool detail that it appears to be

quite quiet. YSBoom has asked for a live subscriber count for Mumbo Jumbo

now this was incredibly difficult obviously you know actually getting that

data from YouTube and in putting it into the system and doing some serious

redstone work has been very complicated but as you can see it is working and

well I mean we're going pretty well we're gaining a subscriber approximately

every second in fact it seems to correspond really nicely to this hopper

clock over here but I can promise you it is genuinely connected into the Internet

and this is my genuine live subscriber count...

onto the next one!

EnderJus has requested that I build a spoon flying

machine I have to say this is actually a little bit challenging because as you

guys know I'm not the best at building flying machines but this

is what I've created now looking at it again

I built this yesterday it definitely resembles more of a scorpion than a

spoon to be honest with you but there is there is some level of spooniness there

in a sort of kind of way and if we ignite the front of this observer we

should see that yes, it does actually fly amazingly enough and it is traveling

through the sky both elegantly and gracefully

James has actually come up with a really really specific contraption that I think

is genius which is a staircase that's impossible to walk up and if you try to

walk up it it just pushes you back down so I did a little bit of redstone work and

if we run up here you can see that lo and behold if we walk up our staircase

it will activate and we will get launched back down to the bottom now as

you can see this was a little bit of a headache in terms of the redstone it's

nothing too complicated we just have a double piston extender we also have like

a pulse expended retraction of these stairs right here so that none of the

blocks get pulled around too much by the slime blocks but yeah that there's quite

a bit going on so thank you ever so much EpicJames for the suggestion James your

suggestion was epic by far one of the most frequented suggestions I going all

of this Twitter thread was build a fidget spinner in Minecraft now I

thought to myself you know this is perfect this is a massive craze right

now I could put the fidget spinner in there in the thumbnail I could say

thousand mile an hour fidget spinner in Minecraft just go with it so I

built this thing and if we hit this button right here you can see that yeah

I mean that happens and then that happens I destroyed it much like I want

to destroy pretty much all fidget spinners and all the fidget spinners

videos that I seem to keep seeing ReneAnd suggested that I build a working

yo-yo now I actually spent a ton of time on this I really wanted to make it

perfect I went through a ton of different designs and everything like

that none of the ones that I thought of were working and I ended up with this

which isn't particularly glamorous it is kind of a working yo-yo there is the

yo-yo going yo and then yo I think that's the terminology that you're meant to be

using but as you can see there are some stop and start stations which I couldn't

really get around which is a bit of a shame so I kind of challenge you guys to

try and create an awesome yo-yo I just like to see if you could do it just as a

little bit of context on the Friday I sent out this tweet asking for redstone

contraptions and on the Saturday I released my what's inside in an Iskall

video that I have recorded on the Monday so way before this tweet was sent out

but the mechanist one-one-one has asked me to make a massive what's inside in

an Iskall here is the Iskall from Saturday's video and I have to say this

has got me a little bit scared either this person is from the future and they

knew what video I was going to be releasing the next day the day after

they send that tweet or alternatively they've been camped outside my house

watching the videos that I've been recording but both those options are

quite scary so I'm going to ignore them both and just say if you do want to see

this video I'll put a link to it down in the description Jan Siegmund

asked me to build a toaster so here is a toaster right here now I have to say a I haven't

decorated it particularly very well it's a little bit of a boring and bland

toaster but more importantly B I haven't actually tried this thing out so this is

going to be new for me but if we flick this even right here I mean it's pretty

burnt toast I'd be a little bit upset if my toast came out looking quite that

dark but we have to admit that was a very good and very rapid toasting pop-up

in it awesome Tareq has asked me to build a

tree that opens itself a bit like a trapdoor now believe it or not this is

actually something I get asked quite often to build

hidden tree entrances and everything like that and it's actually something

that I've done in the past first off it was one of my most successful early

redstone videos but then recently I came back to it and built this absolutely

tiny design right here which I did a full tutorial on as well as all of these

other hidden entrances and I'll put a link to that video down the description

if you do want to check it out there it is the tree opens up and you can drop

down through a bit like a trapdoor I hope that satisfies here so we have a

guys that runs out today's episode of me building your silly redstone contraption

ideas I guess the next one will be coming out

in six months or so which is strange is that that is almost 2018 that is

horrifying anyway I hope you enjoyed if you did please hit that like button and

if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe but thanks for watching guys

this has been Mumbo and I'm out I'll see you later

oh and by the way check out the latest film on the filming Channel it's I mean

I'm happy with it I think you guys will enjoy it as well. (Slanky music)

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