Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Urzeitkrebse Folge 3 -sea-monkeys part 3

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Sea-monkeys part 3

Hello again.

Todays episode will be a rather short one.

This time, I will take a closer look at the sea-monkey-larvas.

Therefore we have this magnifier and this examination-bowl.

Well lets read the manual.

Use the pipet to draw some water with some larvas out of the tank

put them into the examination-bowl and observe them with the magnifier.

And thats how its gotta look.

Lets see, if it does.

You can see the drop-like body with a couple of leg-like, bristly outgrowths.

The animal uses these "antennas" with jerky actions to move forward.

Inside the see-through body you may see the bowel

and in front, on the head you can see a dark red spot, a single eye.

Hold on...


...this is weird...


to be continued...

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