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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ASMR 보건실에서 상처치료 롤플레이[Role playing]꿀꿀선아,suna asmr,

Difficulty: 0

I work at an primary/elementry school

First job to do is to apply stickers~!

Write the weekly timetable scheduel

And fill up the candy that the students enjoy

When they whine about not getting the grape flavored candy

I tell them they can't always get what they want in their life

But I always eat the grape flavor

Because other flavors aren't too tasty

Finally I start working properly

I need to prepare since I don't know when students will come with injuries

Drinking tea during my spare time!

It's going to be lemongrass tea today

Time to go back to work


Principle hasn't brought any wheeled chairs for me

Where did you get hurt?

Here on the face?

Did you fall down?

I'll take your temperatures first

You don't have any fevers

But this cheek

You hurt your cheek and your forehead right?

Luckily the grazes aren't too big

It hurts alot?

Ah okie

I'll apply some dressing here

Does anywhere else hurt?

Your vision's bit blurry?

Yeah? Hmmm I wonder why...

Perhaps sand went in

Have a look

Can you guess how many can you see?

How many again?


Hmmm I think there might be a problem

I mean I'm not joking

It can really happen if you can't see well

I think your pupils are still reacting

I'll look at the eyes later

And I'll apply first aid on your grazes

Let me auscultate first

Why is the heart-beating so fast?

Is it because you're sick?

Hmmm but If it's this much It should be ok


Let me apply dressing on your grazes and cuts first

There is quite a bit of sand so it might hurt a little

Let me see..

Does it hurt?

It hurts right?

Bear with me

It's little dirty right now that's why

After that... I think sand and dust went into your cuts as you fall

Let me get the sand out from there

Don't be scared, It's going to be ok


These were in your cuts

There aren't too many left now

Just hold it little longer

And then I'll disinfect it again

These came out from your cuts an

I'll apply the dressing now

You have alot of hair on your forehead

Why is there so much?

Is it... growing connected to your eye brows?

This may infect the cut...

So I'll just tidy some of the hair

This so really fascinating

It's all connected

Don't worry too much though having alot of hair means that you're healty

Handsom and good looking

Because I have alot of hair as well

My dad used to say back in the day if you have a lot of hairs, it means you are beautiful


I'll apply some ointment to the wound

How did you get hurt so bad? Be careful next time

Were you playing on the field?

It's not a big wound

But you said it hurts a lot

You look like a serious patient with all the things on you

I only did them because you said it hurts and hopefully, it gets better soon

And then you can take it off

Usually, there is Mediform at the infirmary

But the principle hasn't bought that too

Neither the chair

And the Medifoam as well

We don't even have teachers computer as well

Because of that, I used Ipad to do tasks


If you don't want it to scar, so apply something similar to scarsheets

The infirmary is out of budget so we

You also said your eyes hurt too right?

I'll sterilize the eye first

Is it still blurry?

Ill test your sights first

What is your original sight?


You just need to tell me which side it is

This side? That side?

Yeap that's correct

This one? Which one is this?

Yeap 2nd one

And this one..

What picture is this

Yeap it's a car



This one.. Which side is it?

Yeap top

I just told you haha

At this point your eye sights are pretty normal?

I'll put some eye drops in your eyes now

If it doesn't get better after few more eye drops you need to get to an ophthalmologist

Open your eyes wider

Don't forget to take this when you leave

If you can't do it alone, ask your friends and family to help you put it in

And if you still can't do it come back to me

Next time don't run around the field recklessly and slow down alittle

Even if you run, you should always check if there are any rocks or your friend's feet is near

Otherwise, you're going to fall like this

Your parents always say you should be careful as well

It's all because they worry for you

I mean who wouldn't be

Imagine you got hurt and you're hospitalized and you can't open your eyes.

What would your parents feel

You wouldn't be able to see your friends and your teachers

You wouldn't see them all

Even the pigs

What would you do..

It's shouldn't happen right?

So you should always be careful

Always put your hands up when you are crossing the road

Check left and right

Got it?

Why is your expression like that


Maybe I ranted for too long

Do you want candy?

We got a new flavor

What flavor do you want to eat

Grape flavor?

Grape like coconut flavor

It's tasty right?

By the way, did you tell your class teacher?

Hmmm,.. I guess that's alright

Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere else?


Your hairs got messy when you fell as well

Do you want me to tie it up for you?


I bought a new pin as well

It's pretty right?

I'll pin one on you head

Make sure to wear it all the time

Awh it looks pretty

Try not to get hurt next time


Do you want me to make a blue lemonade?

That wasn't a blue lemonade but just Ice tea

Its's Iced tea but its going be better if its warm

So here is "Warm" "Iced tea"


Drink it

Its good right?

It's not bad drinking it warm

You aren't actually hurt much, are you...

Because of your wounds aren't too deep

It seemed like you wanted to skip class so i just went with the flow

I'll keep it a secret

You can't come back next hurt next time ok?

And not be a cry baby


Good bye~

Don't take your hair pins off

After finishing all the left over work It's time to head home

*Notes written on Ipad* (Today's list, Making Weekly Timetable, I dont want to work, I want to go home, principle isn't buying me new chairs, I need chairs with wheels, etc)

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