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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 17 - Tower of Geoff Part 3 | Rooster Teeth

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[Soft music]

Geoff: Thanks for that

Gavin: Ahh

Michael: He can't take four iron swords at once

Gavin: "Oww"

Gavin: Ow

Gavin: [Inaudible screaming]

Gavin: [Screaming]

Jack: [Laughing]

Michael: So Gavin..sounds like he died

Minecraft Hunger Games

Geoff: So Gavin, you get em'?

Michael: Should we attack Geoff?

[All laughing]

Geoff: I mean if Gavin keeps going

He's gonna run out of stuff eventually

Gavin: This is too difficult

[Frustrated sound]

Michael: This is taking for EVER!

Ray: Yo...

Instead of digging like straight up

next to the castle

why not dig up, away and just build a platform to it?

Ray: Just spitballin' here


Michael: Ray, shut up, alright?

boat or the area fucking haunt you forever

it's only did you lose your bow and arrow string i gave me to make the that

was the best the often to head the two areas you can just call the ones in your

body and then this is cool

listen Gavin up you just fill them full of arrows and throw back down for us


Oh spider waiting for me at the top with a pretty cold I got an idea that was

going to work

what if we made that steel got Jeff and put them on fire

that sounds good even force him to jump off right probably not but yeah well

it's he's gonna jump off her die up there

well he's got armor and all that would that prevent the flames I'm not your

catch fire think you know I know but what it like do nothing to him

I don't know I can also put it out born here

hey what are you a pirate I got some iron cooking

absolutely running out of water up here are some kind of an asshole he doesn't

have water that means Jeff and I was no one there right

jeff has been no water I have the I have no water

three water's okay great i found a fucking I'll this red should realize all

my staff

if you had to put this katie and i absolutely everything I mind so i must

have thrown away my map by accident some point you just tossed on the ground

I must've guys god damn Hakeem lapis lazuli

I'm sparked and I like I'm gonna make it oh shit you guys are the epitome of

teamwork by the way here

okay well my to kill me but what I didn't have anything I lost all my stuff

I didn't have anything lost almost I had my hands on the tower

what why you had to die and then

fuck looks like we just laugh about and kill you for no reason

it was the tower was at stake right it's amazing with full diamond armor and a

diamond sword and like 86 pork chops you feel invincible

you will be pretty much argument oh yeah yeah I guess but we can't do anything

now you can

it's a matter of don't make fun of us am I can't believe I threw my fucking map

away I can't fucking believe i fell out of my fortress and that was fine

how did you get back up to it I just want to build i had i have extra dirt

story can be a sex columnist and I was very worried

thanks i still know the bucket right out

oh ok just want to get what happened there

cleverly that up just shut me off in one area where you go you climbing like

under him

are you climbing like added angle so you can see you from like a mile away

yeah yes dig under that is correct ray he's got a basement full of lava

he doesn't he does i was able to dig right up and hit anything

what yeah i think i got there grab the shit and ran before . under its w down

to the side he went up to the side of it though it's not under that is it

I didn't see him dig under because i might my place in tact and shit

wake why did she do that are you out of supplies again yeah so close

it's not close at all stop

haha dude I shot you in the head and you walked into the lava

it's not that that was the funniest thing I've ever seen in my entire life

all right what was everyone else doing the rapping from do it quicker

sorry it's uh every attempt ends immediately

you guys could just in wave after wave at me like a man is doing and then in a

couple of years all run out of air

videos yeah but keep getting really this is working

keep doing what you're doing it you're distracting him i will give got a credit

card and credit at least he's above ground and trying something yeah i will

give them credit

I said I love your job don't have to do is I'm Apple it's not really doing it

I she if anyone is building a house I'm gonna get mental

we got a nice one over here and check it out Oh see this cabins his armor going

on here

i'm so impatient I that's why you keep dying yet want to tell me about it . i'm

gonna make it back up

oh well I fell down hmm

we need all the top don't need this fucking gravel fell on me

kill me now what a fucking social did you do the panic go to third yeah yeah

you're doing what he does

yeah because that was the career I was Gavin blowing out of speakers or haha

his microphone was definitely a creeper is what that was my sweater

i lost about a cool dude my fucking my hearts are dancing your hearts are


yeah cuz i have two hearts so they're all dancing on my screen right there

I can see you're a sword is waiting for your folks or gonna come over and get

into pork sword

all right what's your status you know

okay that sounds good ray over here you know one thing we need to do right now

is someone who is closest to the city needs to go and put lava around Jeff's

obsidian block can't do that

I completely blind what you can do that allowed it at my lower back is really

all really sad when we spotted that really takes the talent

I got a sword again I have two hearts

so you're gonna your solution to that is just to mine underground forever yet to

get armor - then go out and kill things to get health back yeah that's correct

well okay well no I'm gonna run it Jeff with two hearts Kevin what would

possibly happen

nothing Michaels I i built my tab my tower in the clouds

so Michaels a bedrock yeah well not a lot down here that's what time is not

really a better okay

yeah you suck at all right next to his tower - and everyone become jack

well well as a bomb the whole it now you're being a fucking retarded

the whole point is to close on what you need materials a general standard hour

for the first of all you finally got you i don't know I've been around here but

it has been in the

- 20 minutes hasn't even looked at it yet no I've well it wasn't loaded like

this whole area was this water when I came up god damn Jeffrey fucking kick up

wow what was immediately it was a knock

I watched you die tonight I shot an arrow at you but you already dead by the

time i got there i have no idea what you did

yeah damn what did she do oh I don't know I just caught on fire

Gavin i'm coming buddy they need you to calm down things like about the water

for are not going to get me anything red stone

yeah I found gold - but I broke it with a stone pickaxe nice gap where are you

let's do this

all right at ramen so i can write you got no honor

I don't know that I ran around and I've uh I good

good God Oh what happened what the hell i didn't i didn't do that lab my

staircase just took a pummel in didn't you

oh no took a publican oh that's disaster

the front of my stairs just when you talk about your uh it's not loading all

i see is gavin's fucking boat in the middle you can see ray swimming around

the boat

I'm in the book but I drop my sword haha

ray I will find you I i found a narrow quite the sword

did you find it coming towards you on fire maybe I don't have other plans so


yeah that will happen occasionally where's the front always obviously we're


get away from me what God fires gonna come towards you and get near me and I

don't want that to happen

it's all right i have water no you're shooting from the hell this staircase

has made it harder to see you

it makes it easy to get out there oh I have to health

oh shit that is a staircase there's a lot of fucking you're likely going on

the surface well Oh God

all right back on the way got what you got two hours three hours to go through

all that be really something

what are you up to there right you know hopefully all my stuff that another day

you got full armor knows that Jack Jack I got four that's your old iron armor

look up yeah well you already are

the other thing is gone except for the sand up

you set yourself on fire and human right what you got there the gathering to do

you want to write I watched you doing watching right into the lava

whoo-hoo Gavin so dead one more while I don't know why would you make the

staircase right next to the lava

why would you not because I don't want to fucking die would want to get well i

just realized I didn't have an iron pickaxe I couldn't even get it

oh this is just disaster when I got to take one for the team

where are you here

do you have an iron pickaxe cabin I guess jeff has one so we can we just

take his that's it was true

oh I need to say that we get away without setting myself I don't see us

getting it without killing him

Wow stop lying game you fucking my mom

god damn it yeah haha am I stuck on the side is wild and sort of stuff just for


what does have one arrow into Michael he just exploded allocated a single killed

me and I had a one of these girls but I suspect

cool which I get hard when you get over here I'm gonna give you guys 15 minutes

to get me and if you don't get me in 15 minutes

I'm going back to achievement City and I'm erected might our results because

kill you on the way to walk away

you can try all right when i realized that i forgot you don't have a pic we

can try a minute only thing

oh look it's jesus day my blowing up my great back

zombie attack that's holy don't destroy the bed that's possible

my screen where the boy put it under yourself or something

what we do I don't hundred miles it's all kick it off

oh oh ok

hi Dan who got no weapons

isn't your people

i'm down my face is ugly Kevin please get a song like that

no I'm not attractive no absolutely not if you seen your nose

science as you become mean now

Oh talk about it was that I just killed you hit me fucked up for a lot of the

stuff that's three part of guys ready for use

I feel reporter more like it was harder haha alright yeah that's funny

yeah I know do they would have a ladder that we could use

what Jacqueline I you can ask him I have a bladder

haha nice but yet you are on fire

no actually his disguise fortune 500 i think a lot of it doesn't destroy that

is if we put a lot is up i think the love I think we can go between the love

and all right you try and let us know that goes

yeah you have stairs or anything sure hope we have no I fell off the gas

earlier in this lesson later yeah then you guys murdered me

yeah but it was good what Michael decided to kill everyone before the kid

before yeah

so really if you will Jeff and then killed me i want to be mad yeah but I

would have killed Jeff and then not killed you

I don't even well yeah but Jeff would be dead ok let's look at the bright side

we'll go ahead and Ray would have one was a piece of cobblestone here

that's why is that something's going on guys

sub big is going on something brewing it's just a piece of sentiment there

guys there was nothing would shake a put the site take this here

all right I'm please give me that our pens

he handed over all you have to do is ask nicely I mean secret revealed

i wish i could see where you bitches are can you not

y'all off the map and it's time for an awesome apps which is good for like Jeff

killing us but not too much for us going just coordinating killing job yeah it's

fucking bullshit clouds are getting away

that sucks what's Jack I don't you see I'm so sorry

what she died of a lava was it in the tower that you had you guys had built

that I want my fucking block / - and then set on fire

that may be no no I kill myself ok yeah i like that i spent all right I luck

I'm doing this weird little dancing thing here i'll give you been finalized

by making a brilliant staircase and it turns out it just channeled the love and

nicely haha funny i work i roll it on down

yeah little la familia Jeff that up oh that really really sucks it sucks jack

I i was about to kill you and I kill myself so where exactly

huh just now just now how are you about killing I was coming from underneath you

oh yeah well let's go straight up murder yes yeah well good luck with that axe

murdering was gonna happen and it did it work

there's no denying that I don't just kill myself this house has a subfloor

I don't know if you're working oh yeah I know I was where I was I was right we

need to and uh yeah i just fucked up so like he heads up i will now look for you

coming become very beautiful

thanks jack overall I mean I'm like I have no I have nothing left all my shit

is burned so fucking guys you guys have helped thanks for about an hour away

there's a zombie here and I I have nothing god damn cabin are you running


there you go you haven't you'll get more than miles away don't pay attention to

me jack

you constantly fall into the lava I don't like I managed to kill myself so

much you like what you do you spend a half the let's play preparing it and

then they'll immediately yeah pretty much

you guys got balls yeah yeah Jack wasn't here for this about just FYI you guys

are about eight minutes to go before I fucking hot don't know whatever

ok whoa

you're blind i have nothing like a diamond is all going to do it's going to

be ladder a central yeah jack and jack is a man was often left a letter i do if

i think i have one piece of sand and 7 : that's all I need

wow you can check brag about over here juggernaut course there's no fucking

would overhear anything like that loss dude it's gonna be a lot of town

nobody tnt Dino my ray bring the occasional funny to hear man swimming

takes a long time for your kyle phillips Kyle felt

yeah that's fucking looking for my brother

oh god he was scary-looking structure and they were all right you come

so Michael just destroyed as audio oh no I said yeah yeah fucking shooting arrows

oh shoot just now realizing that he's still doing that I know that's kind of


all right this is what we gonna get up there all shit was I not supposed to be

I'm sorry goes up more apologies must try making the ladder there chief

there we go oh ho now we could cave now we're cooking lads are we cooking bacon

so I'm what Joel just poking me oh yes can I help you something for the video

make sure to cut to me right he brought to 13 seconds ago in the fucking let's

play some awesome archery skills up

damn it was amazing ok what y'all can help you with

you have to give talking to Mike that's how this thing where you guys are trying

to kill me and you got

how is he shooting with arrows do you see the what side you on

we're playing Minecraft your whole fucking again the small never got to get

Charlotte up shit

so I don't let me drop you

ok that's the most fun what do you want somebody why they don't like the way you

guys are doing a great job

hey Jeff don't like Jeff I did the best of jobs and then my comrades didn't

didn't approve of my work

dude you were so close today Michael you have no idea do not the time he died

yeah the time I died sounds like you were dead i'd like to do you want to

start we can reload right now

ya know for what what's going on guys yes

yeah you have a five minutes before I take off my head for the hills

so do we have a plan here we just gonna I think the challenges

anybody have diamond like dude seriously fuck that

all right i'm trying to do shit man Jack of getting no ways I possible Joel

interference and Canada

I don't see me I'm trying to focus and I'm gonna kill shit I got some of the

ways materially you think it's loaded

look that will give me more where boats

oh come on the road the corner much when I do it

what are you trying to do that right oh this one oh yeah

ok so next time yet Michael what are you up to I'm trying to climb up the jab but

he's shooting the crap out of me

the arrows things happen what's that little like jingled dong thing that's

coming off the side of that

that's your penis 24 years but you finally noticed it

who was that on the very top of that Jeff way at the top what do you think it

is Jack

iight well who do you think that way ok so i can't set anymore but I can tell is

you're at the top of the mat ought to be top

that's bullshit like max knowledge of you don't even get over to him then jump

she's too far

just like to come down and make a bridge to him I can't also it now Jackson

the Cavalry's arrived look at that is to say shoot me if someone that come with

the fucking backside

I have no idea what you guys are some too - somebody was the common Michaels

back side

I'm up the backside of Jeff was like girly it's just filth but right right


grab a microphone if you wanna talk Michael have you seriously but put a lot


have you seriously blocked off my partially matter with more cobblestone

know your ladder only one up half way that because I finished it and now i'm

going to finish it was looking fish at me but i'm going to show you that what

you want well

oh my god seriously by cool

no to gather that's a good time to cut the Jeff to watch Michael fall fun

ah oh you died with that time to what

dude I had were not a rare my arrow

I three cooked pork chops i got the jeff i had none

like just from eating along the way the fucking is coming I'm trying to sleep

body haha dad we have to fucking build a tower of like four drown - I'd so Jeff

can't shoot around with the bow and arrow

yeah you know we're gonna get sick more minutes I could go to the top if you

didn't already have a human capital on our world cool

I can't fucking move I didn't pull not gonna goddamn whirlpool

I like that show I look I'm time traveling salon by one block

what with my fists yeah Timmy adapter two minutes before he leaves

ok I'm trying to climb up the ladder turn around and fucking

shut up figure it out but we're in a cave the best part of the whole group

logo we watching you guys come together and you're the best part about it is

Gavin constantly complaining about not going after Jeff and then I went off and

always fucking crying about is me going up well I'm gonna kill shot with my to

know or care because the god no

shut the fuck up with that if an iron

hey guys I don't worry about it ray's found iron fucking jackass the movie was


look just on the edge of that just by can always just making a bridge

ah i just--literally i think he's making a challenge are you tired of chicken

city at Gavin right next to my dead body

ok guys i was gently chef is making a bridge in the sky

he would it be everyone fucking run to achievement City

uh just rather concerned it's not the direction of its gonna take him at all

y'all seeing you know that I we're in the top corner that's going

yeah look at that look at that look up in the sky he's using the cover of night

to try to get away

never going to get away like that you can send four hundred and he's got it

you got a dirt square sticking out of the side here

I'm dead I'm dead are you what is that what you're doing

fuck wow whoa Jack what's up fire

haha how did that happen I fell in love with a splice pot and I'm gonna burn

this whole fucking down everyone's coming with me he'll get away from me

the fucking we can get the water all of the skeleton I'm gonna fight the

skeleton while i'm on fire

just run into me motherfucker embrace yeah

embrace it yet things are looking bad for all because Jeff Jeff took my boat

probably 90 years old okay run it was cheaper city everyone tracking device to

the human legs can walk he broke his bed he broke the only break his boat ok

it was the bet what happened false alarm

fucking spider Kevin did you find all the shit all over the ground

yeah you got it all I'm i got some of it I got it I died

picked it back up and then died in there should be like a sword of fucking

iron I was gonna come kill you gotta be the creeper is going to do for machine

that she's literally billions

see the problem is I don't even know which direction she nah fuck that i

forget the tower go up to fucking jail my picture the top chef

did he finally forgot i'm stuck in the goddamn world

how do you forget to tell me dat huh oh that's i don't know i still have it ok


I'm going back to that you can see you're right everyone should go to

achieve and you're having a good psych-out thanks guys i don't want to

keep an eye out for a while but uh I don't know

I'm too nice I such a nice guy who was that I think was that I'm should have to

go up to jeffs just to grab me shit because if we run into him he's just

gonna kill us

yeah but he's gonna get their million years before us suppose because he knows

where chi minh city is three roses

I got a perfect yeah it's gonna like oh my god I cannot wait to erect my fucking

golden penis

amazing i'll give you a well-off creeper

Jeff and find more roses on my way back god dammit this this was a heavily

bringing bringing motherfuckin I will end you

god I'm well okay i'm dead i got a few shots in on one eye on Jeff

yeah i was i was following Jeff and watching him vanish as he had reached

the end of my world every time over and over a couple hits on him

how much health and I take off you uh I don't know I just a pork chop

ok like when you actually see more from he's gonna be coming between ray are

between Michael and Gavin house or your tits

you gonna come between whose tits Jack's may be nice

I literally don't know where I am that's Jack legitimately probably the biggest

hits in the office so probably just saying in this room just based on size

yeah that's what I'm serious I'm rocking some fucking days yeah

ray is pretty fucking sad yep

all right go ahead make your house is everything better

the code that portion of let's let you know jack has now begun

I don't know what life the world without loading and I don't know where I am

someone to make myself a house

oh that's not a lot of fun really backed by the one jeff to win

great i know and what you kill me you don't have to win I have one heart I'm

hauling ass back to chi minh city i think i'm going to join heart you have

all the landmarks we have a creeper yet - I don't know what any of the landmark

yeah because i had actually study these besides the wipeout course everything is

pretty close to human City

I'm gonna build next to the Tower of diamond besides the wipeout course and

where Jeffrey and hit the tower of pimps

yeah the upper right-hand side of the world make some wood to make the house

Jeff is having fun playing games

around with this in but i'll take it i guess what is it right it's just rain

should take out a little more away with you

what's the most of my mother died here because there's flint in there he's hole

and Flint corals even call back

it's they test use back back again explained cold

I think every time you have been sleeping in a bit kevin is a bit

oh ok anal sex I'm i'm running somewhere

Shh all right i'll let you have his inner Chi Minh City he's about to

control the higher rpms shine in the forest to my I'm gonna make myself a

lovely house

the force of failure yeah the forest of death I mean for some backup camera and

archery is fucking shooting at me all right

oh oh my i got trapped in his dorm haha i was fighting at his house when I and

armor and sword that would not work well you know I know I'm is one big in the

time before

jeff has finally won the tower just gets to win

I'm always facilitating the goddamn contest but I got to be the call you

have to do with stack the odds incredibly in your favor with god im an

armory for Josh Bob line

this is all your fault that's what everybody going behind it was bright

green fucking the graph

Jeff stand on the time to get his shot my brother

I don't see you on it god damn it will help you should have seen me I was ready

i was waiting to pounce for about a minute and I banged my face on the floor

but i don't watch to erect the tower through the window

there is jeff stood atop his Tower of pimps i'm in the forest of fuck all

I'm fucking a piece and I tell you guys you can look out for the arrows my

screen tonight can I tell you guys something really funny

what's that Gavin earlier when you were playing you go was a bit , stone here

hola found something you did find something you didn't look hard enough

I was a chest in there with two entire sets of diamond ore MA 11 you don't need

for jobs and a bar oh yeah

there was well more than enough shit you needed to take me out and I was fucking

terrified where does that you know what I did I put that thing there so i could

find that the cobblestone I knew you guys would see it

so then I knew that it was like six over from the cobblestone

I don't think like me back you find my uh yeah you were very close eye

damn it let's play with nothing but frustration also I don't know that Gavin

want to fuck you up

anyway getting stuck inside your house with all the diamond in the world is

gonna help him open a book surprise motherfucker ought to mention of a

diamond brain

all right well that's it another successful let's play for Jeff

well the Jefferson successfully for Jeff congratulations to me I will

I just want to Bon Temps great fleet gracefully

because I gracious and colors that there's there's even city what on earth

was my everyone doing while I was like I said I legitimately pretty well I'm

gonna find a diamond city

let's hang out next to it dude i spawned what I couldn't see anything at the bed

that's right next to is destroyed no no I know that yet that was going to ice

pond over the corners born in the middle of nowhere I never gonna let that you

should spawn there

I didn't dollars that up taking the back let's go to achievements it you did not

once a look like in a bad kill yourself and your respawn

you never said that the whole fucking video use your brain box

use the noggin I had my brain box tells you what you're doing on your screen you

fucking idiot

oh hey look listen so that I had an hour on a paraphrase I'm repair I'm gonna

paraphrase this let's play the real winner here was teamwork quickly

ok i'll be taking this


think about your not going to be singing and ever

good job buddy

where it belongs thanks assholes you had to kill me not Jeff look at this

so alone now

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