Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【轉扭蛋#30】超激貴 吃貨恐龍 昆蟲好朋友 動物果實 台灣扭蛋大集合【GP Channel】

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Let's start the video

Hello everyone

I'm GP

Welcome to GP Channel

Today we are here again

It hides in Huashan Market

Fuhang Soy Milk Next Door

The environment here is particularly beautiful

Welcome everyone here

All right

What are we going to twist today?

Twisted Taiwan original works

The most famous representative of Taiwan's original works is the Dharma Animal Series

Eat Dinosaur Series

And some insect buddies, etc.


Let's deal with it today

Taiwan original

First of all, lets twist awesome now.

Everyone take a look

Eating dinosaurs

When I first ate the product Konglong

I did nt twist when I was a kid

I did not smoke when it became soft

right now


Charm with environmental protection set

I haven't twisted it yet

Then let's twist a food dinosaur today

His goods are really a lot of dollars

Not just dolls

There are also out-of-box games and this environmentally-friendly cup bag

Is it pink? Why am I particularly surprised by pink?

Everyone who knows us knows that Pooh loves pink

So I twisted to pink and I was so happy

Give her

Let me tell you this

Bao Ni will love

Because this color is really ... (?)


Oh ~~~ Look

So cute

Many people say my voice is too cute


Bao Ni is cute

I am not a girl

I am male

You look great, right?

Then you can hook this next to your schoolbag

Then you can take it with you

Let's take a nice picture

Eating dinosaurs


Then let's see what else?

Hmm ~

Oh, this is the latest one!

Insect good friend all 5 kinds

Only 60 (yuan) 扭


Taiwan's Gacha is homemade and then twisted at 60 (yuan)

It is very rare for me to tell you this

And it has a very special method

Have you seen this stick insect

He is not alone

He can save him

If you twist to three

He can keep it forever

Have you seen more than one section here?

One, two, three

He can always grow

Grow until it grows so long

We immediately twisted what I wanted most

Actually not stick insects

What I want most is a unicorn

What I want most is Xiaohai

Because I think this hairstyle is cool

From stick insect 10 cm 6 cm 7 cm 5 cm 5 cm



I look forward to it every time I come out

What I twisted is ...

Isn't it stick insect?


How did this happen?

Stick insects

Let's see how big is 10 cm

Why don't you want stick insects?

No why

Because I think stick insects are so cute

So i don't like him



Look at you

My finger

My finger

look! He's just like my thumb

Then there are three sections

My goodness

Then this twist was only 60 (yuan) Hey! This twist is only 60 (yuan)!

Won't you come


This one

Its really a Buddhas heart

I open

Let me tell you this size on the outside

This workmanship

No 100 (yuan)

No 120 (yuan)

Can you twist it

He only needs 60 (yuan)

You guys are not here yet

Take a look


Oh ~ he this

Just insert the foolproof hole

So he won't crook off

Do you have

Then put your head in

Have some wear in

carry out

Stick insect 10 cm


Come and see what else

Taiwanese Gacha


We found

Animal fruit

let me see

He has a pig and a firewood

Shiba Inu Shiba Inu

Parrot, kitten

Little Penguin

Partner toy

I want to do something

Guess what I want most for this one?


I like pigs the most

Why do you like pigs best?

Because I love to sleep

Love to eat again

So I think pigs can represent ... (GP)

Oh .. pitiful ...

I've been turning around

Pigs can represent me (very self-knowledge)



Please pig




Let's see what this is?

This one 120 (yuan)

Let's take a look

Wow so big


Are Gacha CPs doing such high CP values ​​now?

Taiwanese meet Taiwanese capsule manufacturer

Its okay if you want to give back to Taiwan

But you have to make money too

You did not make money

You like this

How to survive, right?

Do nt you be such a Buddha, okay?

How about me ...

Very big

QQ so cute

All right

What about our lottery this time?

Just take the following message and tell me

Which one do you want to smoke the most?

The one we got by then

Just give you that

good or not

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Let more people know the good works of Taiwan

I'm GP

See you next time


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