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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Episode 5: Grey Areas

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I always told myself, "Don't worry. It'll be different this time," but actually

history always repeated itself.

When you step into an elevator you decide where

you're going to go. And it's the same with your pursuit of purity. You can

decide what you do, where you go, and ultimately the path you take.

It's always your choice.

I want to talk to you about grey areas and how they relate to you in

your pursuit of purity. Now, not only are there grey areas that we have to deal

with as men, but black areas as well. Let's start off with black. It's pretty

obvious that a black area is somewhere that you don't want to go, in fact, most

of us can agree that black areas are places that we want to avoid.

They're places where there's inappropriate material, where we watch something that's wrong.

Those are not the places we should be hanging out in. But most of us can

find it easy to compromise with grey areas. What's a grey area? It's the kind

of area where you try to justify being there. It's almost like looking for a

reason to go play in the playground of grey. We don't need to go there either

because whether it's a grey area or whether it's a black area, it's decisions

that hurt not only those closest to us but God as well. So does God have

anything to say about grey areas? Actually, he does. When we look in the

book of James 4:17 we read this: "So whoever knows the right thing to do

and fails to do it, for him it is sin." When I used to go to grey areas on a

consistent basis in my life I always told myself, "Don't worry, it'll be

different this time," but actually history always repeated itself and the grey area

led to black and the black area led to hurt and pain. So here's the challenge for

you today: Where in your home, where in your environment, where in your heart do

grey areas exist? Find those areas, recognize those areas, admit those areas

and walk away from them today. Because the pursuit of purity is a

privilege, it's not a burden, and even though days may be hard

it's not impossible.

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