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Hey Hey, my name is Arcade and I'm one of the founders and

creative director at Neon Giant, we're small but very

experienced team of developers and we're working very hard

our first game together as a new studio. That game is The Ascent.

It is an action RPG that we actually think an appeal to both

action gamers that want a bit more depth in their experience

as well as RPG fans that actually want some more involved gameplay

with their experience. We got shooting in action mechanics

down to a T thanks our DNA with the gains we made before

and we built many fleshed out game worlds with fictional or

before as well. In it, you and your friends if you're

playing co-op, are nothing special to start off with, but

that quickly changes when the archology shuts down

and you need to start to untangle what actually


Hi there, I'm Laura, artist from a little English studio called

High Tea Frog. We're making cake bash. a party game where you

fight to be the tastiest cake. You can pick your favorite treat

and play with your friends in a mix of Gamemodes. You have to

cover yourself in Sweeties, Chuck the most fruit into a pie and

beat the crumbs out of each other. It's loads of fun to

bash, but sometimes you want to prove you're the best cake

peacefully. So we've prepared a selection of minigame treats.

You can toast the perfect marshmallows, pipe the finest

frosting will be the last flan standing in fork knife. We made

the game to be fun for everyone. You can play it with your

parents, your kids, your siblings, or your local Baker.

Whether it's on the couch next to them or online, that's up to

you. Cake Bash is our first indie game after many years working in

AAA. We're launching soon and it would absolutely bake our day if

you give it a try. Stay tasty.

Hello we are extra studios, an indie game studio from Poland.

This is our latest game the Riftbreaker. The game combines

elements of exploration, base building, survival as well as

action RPG. Your task in the Riftbreaker is to explore a

distant planet and establish a base that will serve as an entry

point for human colonization. There are various forms of alien

life there, many of which will not be eager to see you. In the

Riftbreaker, you will explore various regions of the planet.

You will build complex basis with infrastructure necessary to

sustain human life. You will fight off hordes of alien

creatures determined to wipe you off the face of their planet.

You will use the resources found there to craft better gear and

adapt to your environment. The Riftbreaker runs on our

proprietary Schmetterling engine which we've been developing

in-house for more than 10 years.

Hi we're Crytivo, a game developer and publisher presenting the

Universim. It's a Planet Management God game that hands

you a whole load of Divine Powers and slaps you in charge

of a clueless civilization.

Your citizens are called Nuggets and seeing as they

like intelligent design could definitely use your

helping hand.

Guide their progress by growing their cities and

evolve their technology from the Stone Age to space

colonization among the stars.

It's quirky, it's colorful, and it'll scratch that God game itch

you've had for years.

Besides, it's about time someone worshiped you for the

extraordinary being that you are.

But be wary you may not be the only one watching over

your little civilization.

At Yacht Club games we have a passion for pixel perfect

platformers. After seeing the authentic 8 bit fun Mechanical

Head Studios was building we just had to team up to create

Cyber Shadow, the ultimate pulse pounding 2D ninja action game. In

cyber shadow, you will rise from the depths of a desolate world,

where mysterious synthetic lifeforms have taken over.

Shadow must unlock the secrets of his clans' ancient powers and

defeat nefarious enemies before it's too late. Dash slice

and leap through masterfully designed levels filled with

vigorous close quarters combat, takedown over a dozen abhorent

bosses and rescue your clan to unlock ninjitsu skills and

abilities. Keep on the lookout for secrets in the depths of

Mecca City and uncover what started its path to perpetual

ruin. The road to redemption awaits.


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