Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LES AVENTURES DU DSKBACCA - EPISODE 1

Difficulty: 0

My balls!

My balls... My balls...

Good Morning

Im Mr. Douchen from the company "Huge Pipes"

You called me to check your pipes

Ah yes!

My water tank is a bit weird

There is a leaky pipe

I love leaky pipes!


Well ok...

We can go togeth...

Mr Douchen? Are you ok?

Mr Douch?

Mr Douchen!

No! You cant die!

No no no no, can you hear me?

Mr Douchen!

It was you you bastard!

It was you!

Private Ryan!

Avenge me!

And tell my wife...

that I love her!

The adventures of DSKbacca

Search Zoltan! Search!

But... thats disgusting!

Whats that shit?

Oh Zoltan!

Thats Thierry the crab!

Its not the DSKbacca!

No but...

Thats not... thats...

Zoltan listen to me? Search the DSKbacca!

Zolt...! dammit...

-Richter Scale -

Zoltan... do you think he is there?

What am I doing here?

Whats this shit?


Prepare, The Blabos!

We have a spectator!

But what? What?!

Welcome, my dearest spectator!

Let me present you my greatest achievement

The dance...

Of the great Blabos!

Go; your turn!


No! No, no, no, no, no!

You ruined everything!

No... not that way!

You're useless!

El Master shall punish you way more than me!


No! Come back! It hasn't ended!


What the fuck am I doing here? Dammit!

What? Level up my balls!

Zoltan, help me!

Im begging you!

You killed Mr. Douchen you bastard!

I'm gonna fuck you up!

But who are you to face the Pouletan?!

Why is life so hard?

He killed my plummer...

I wont ever have another water tank...

And that...

is something I shall never...

forgive myself for

Zoltan! Its so obvious! the solution..

Its simply...

To be continued

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