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dj ing with Spotify is one of the hottest topics of the last few years

but why isn't it "possible" yet. why is it so difficult ? in this video I'll dive into

the world of DJing with Spotify and what are the hurdles of DJing with Spotify?

and is it even possible to spin it with your Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus 2? let's dive into it


my name is Dexxter Clark and I do reviews vlogs and tutorials about DJing and producing

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you can find the description below. yes indeed you can already DJ with

Spotify. run an aux cable (an analogue audio cable) from your laptop to your

mixer and yes mix in that song from Spotify. but that is not the way you want

to do it. you want to have some control over it you want to switch key or you

want to speed it up, or slow it down, or set a cue point for example. there is DJ

software already out there that supports DJing with Spotify. that software runs on

your iPad for example or even on your Mac. but that's not the way you want to

do it you want to select it on your CDJ 2000 NXS 2, then loaded to your Pioneer CDJ 2000, set a cue point

and beat match for example. if you're curious about the stuff you absolutely

need to know when you start a DJing, then I suggest you download my free ebook

the link is in the description below. but why isn't it available already?

I can't imagine that Pioneer DJ doesn't know that every DJ in the world wants it

So is it a technical difficulty? I can't imagine because those CDJ 2000 NXS 2 are pretty

powerful machines. okay, but what about Denon DJ then? or any non industry standard

brand for that matter? no one integrates it's in their hardware

so there is something else going on here what's the problem?

so is it a legal problem then? is it even legal to spin with Spotify?

let's take a look at the terms and conditions. We grant you a limited

non-exclusive revocable license to make use of the Spotify service and a limited

non-exclusive revocable license to make personal non-commercial entertainment

use of the content (the license). this license shall remain in effect

until and unless terminated by you or Spotify. you promise and agree that you

are using the content for your own personal non-commercial entertainment use

and that you will not distribute transfer the Spotify service or

the content. So no it falls under the category: commercial use.

So it's all about the money. someone has to drive a bigger car. if I spin with Spotify do I

get a fine? well no not directly but the rights organization can force you to

quit your performance. that is really nasty if you've finally made it to

Tomorrowland and after the second song they force you to quit your performance

hmm that's not something you want to have in your resume. but I still don't

get it so downloading from YouTube is as

illegal as it is spinning with Spotify but at least with Spotify there flows some

money in the pocket of the producer and on top of that the venue has to PAY for the rights.

okay I think the car is too small then. okay, so why don't you make a

special subscription especially for DJs let's say a 30 euros a month, 60 euros

a month. I don't get why that is a problem because there are already DJ

subscription services out there. okay it's not streaming but you can

download a limited amount of music from a website. but do you even want to do it

when it comes to the quality (not every song supports it regretfully) but you can

set the settings to 320 kilobits per second so the quality is pretty good

then the other thing it's streaming so your internet connection can fail and it

can be on your phone but also internet connection or the venue then

your club is silent ... okay you can tackle that by downloading the song beforehand

back to the burning question at hand. is it even possible to spin Spotify with

your Pioneer CDJ 2000? well yes and no no. it isn't supported by pioneer, yes it is supported

by an external software program that supports your Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS 2 as controllers so

you can see the waveform and you can operate your CDJs. if you want to know

more about Algoriddim DJAY Pro 2, I suggest you watch my special video I did about the

software. for the Serato fans out there good news they support the Tidal

streaming service okay the library isn't as big as for

example Spotify but at least it's the beginning. so is it possible? yes, but it

has some caveats. more about the DJ business, music rights, record labels and

getting a foot in the door. you can find in my free ebook. the link to my free e-book

you can find in the description below. I love to see you in my next video, bye

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