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Welcome to the Kill Count, where we tally up the victims in all our favorite horror movies.

I'm James A. Janisse, and today we begin our Chucky

Extravaganza, with the original Chucky movie, 'Child's Play' released in 1988. Child's Play is an interesting series, one that is ventured from serious horror into

self-effacing parody, and back to horror again. With six films and a seventh coming out in just a few weeks, its success and notoriety is

entirely because of the central character, Chucky the killer doll. Possessed by the spirit of a serial killer,

Chucky has been freaking people out since his first appearance on screen, and there's no other horror icon that

I hear people say they're afraid of more. Whether it stems from the unnatural way he moves around or just an innate

deep-seated fear of creepy looking dolls,

it seems like Chucky is the killer people have the most nightmares about, sorry Fred. Which sounds like the perfect reason to me to cover

Chucky and all his escapades that span the thirty years he's been around, but before we can get to all the crazy

Sequels that see him get married and have a kid, we've got to start from the beginning and his very first kills. Without further ado,

let's get to 'em.

The movie begins with a foot chase. Detective Mike Norris is in pursuit of Charles Lee Ray, a guy with the most serial killer name

imaginable. Norris gets a shot in on Ray scaring his partner, Eddie Caputo enough to drive off in the getaway van, leaving Ray behind.

Charles Lee Ray: Help me! Eddie! Eddie! Don't leave me! God no!

Ray ducks into a toy store,

where the title card pops up over a display of Good Guy dolls. Ray's not very good at this whole escape thing though

Norris lands another shot on him. After stumbling around looking like a drunk Tommy Wiseau impersonator, he realizes he's going to die soon,

so he makes a theatrical threat to Detective Norris,

Charles: "I'm gonna get you! And I'm gonna get Eddie!

No matter what! Then he grabs a Good Guy doll and gets to work with a crazy archaic chant

"Ade due dembella"

I only included a clip of the chant, because after working on this series so much, I've been saying 'Ade due damballa'

in my sleep. And if Chelsea has to suffer through hearing that shit, then so do you. A bunch of ominous thunder clouds roll in overhead, and

one lightning strike later the entire toy store blows up from the inside out, leaving the place looking like Santa's workshop after one of the

elves had an accident cooking meth. The only thing left for Norris to find, is Ray's dead body lying next to a Good Guy doll.

Obviously Ray has transferred his soul into it,

but I'm still going to throw Charles Lee ray up on the Kill Count

as the movie's first victim because, you know, he shuffled off his mortal coil or whatever.

Now it's time to meet our adorable little hero of the film, Andy Barclay.

He's making a breakfast of sugar with sugar, but he's allowed to because it's his damn birthday

and there's nothing he wants more for it, than an animatronic Good Guy doll. as hawked to him by this terrifying mascot Good Guy,

Who I just need to see someone cosplay as of the next monster palooza

Don't let me down people. But when he opens the big box form from Islam Karen

It's just a bunch of jump clothes inside and quit your whining quit a good guy dog won't keep you warm through a Chicago winter

And besides the damn things cost a hundred bucks way too much for this working-class single mother

But at work Karen is presented with a solution, when her pink lady friend

Maggie tells her about a sweet clearance sale going on in the alleyway

She goes out back and buys one of these giant life-sized dolls, for only 30 bucks from a very charming Street peddler.

How do we know the damn thing isn't stolen?


That feels it when she gets back inside her stuffy boss tells her she has to work late that night, so Maggie agrees to watch Andy

Karen is able to stop home first, and give Andy his street Doll.

and the two little boys take an immediate liking to each other.

Andy: Hi! I'm Andy!

Hi, I'm chucky and I'm your friend to the end, hidey ho hahaha, things couldn't be better for Andy who gets to teach his new

friend all Sorts of things.

Andy: See? That's how you build things.

And they're pretty swell for Chucky too. Look free TV, and the anchor is talking about Charles Lee Ray.

That's his favorite program, Andy tells Maggie that Chucky wants to watch the news,

But she says it's late and tries to put the boys to bed

she surprised a little later, when she finds the TV turned back on, and chucky sitting in the chair watching the anchor talking about the

Whereabouts of his accomplice, Eddie caputo she thinks it's just Andy new doll goofin' though.

So she puts him to bed wrapped up real tight next to chucky, showing us just how big Chucky's damn head is,

Look at that thing later that night while Maggie's trying to read, Chucky runs down the hall behind her,

But she just thinks it's Andy, when she goes to look for him,

She finds a bunch of flour, spilled on the floor, and

as she's cleaning it up She gets a hammer to the FACE!

Causing her to stumble back, and fall out the window of their awesome looking apartment building, in a really long drawn-out

slow-motion shot until she finally lands on a truck for our second kill of the movie 23 minutes in. Karen Gets home and runs down the

Hall like a Disney princess to find Andy hanging out with Detective Norris he tells her about Maggie's death and points out the cute little

Footprints in the flour by the window, he checks out Andy's pyjama soles, and hey look! It's the same design ain't that something?

Karen's not happy about the

Insinuation, and tells Norris to go on and get but before he does Andy has an adorable little light bulb go off and see's

That chucky has flour on the bottom of his shoes he gets so excited

excited to tell the Grown-ups, that he can't even make it all the way through his lines.

Andy: Mommy i know who was on the ,*Inhales* kitchen counter

Mike humors him by asking, who did it?


As adorable as that answer is Mike and Karen don't believe him because you know they're not insane people Andy might be though because Karen

Finds him sitting on the floor and talking to Chucky apparently chucky's been sharing secrets with Andy.

Andy: His real name is Charles Lee Ray.

Aww. The name almost looses it's assassin like qualities, when a cute kid says it. No way to make this next line sound innocent though.

Andy: He said that Maggie was a real bitch and got what she deserved.

Haha wow kid aunt Maggie was your mom's best friend.

Maybe cool it with the salt there. The next day, Andy takes Chucky to school

And it looks like a bunch of other kids are bringing their good guys to class, too I hope the school has extra seats for

All these giant-ass dolls man. Turns out

they won't need one for chucky though because Andy shows how ex Corey is by ditching school and riding a train all by himself

He's directed by Chuckie to a much more

Unsavory part of town the part of town where old furniture sits outside just waiting for a call to make use of it

Andy picks up the lay of the land real quick when he goes to take a piss behind the heap of garbage on the

Street while he's occupied Chuckie disappears and runs to the house that he knows Eddie Caputo is hiding out it

while Eddie is fast asleep in the rat sanctuary he calls home Chucky opens up the oven and blows out the pilot light then cranks the

gas up

And he wakes up and is suspicious of the noises he hear so he takes his itchy trigger finger and slinks around the house before

popping into the kitchen and firing his gun starting a huge explosion that engulfs the entire house and

Incinerate Eddie Caputo for the third kill of the movie at least no one has to pay for a funeral since he's getting married in that

Collapsing building and also because he's probably in some strange felony with no family to speak of, Karen gets called down to the station by detective

Norris because they picked up Andy and are questioning him

in what looks like a sketch parody of an interrogation sequence.

What would that sketch be called, good guy bad cop? Andy tries to get Chucky to talk in front of the adults

But chucky won't budge causing Andy to get real upset in fact he gets so worked up that again

He can't make it through a whole line of dialogue

Andy: He told me never to tell about *Inhale* him, or he'd kill me.

Oh my God alex vincent is the cutest kid I've ever seen this harry carry looking doctor says he wants to watch over andy for

A few days so Karen returns home with just chucky she implores him to talk, but he just sticks to the old script.

Hi i like to be hugged she tries to laugh off her own ease, but when she's looking at the good guy box the batteries fall out.

Oh snap Karen them bats' and Dead doll at all when she goes to double-check that they're absent Chucky goes full exorcist on her, hi

Hi I'm Chucky Wanna play?

But it's not until she lights a fire and threatens to toss him inside that Chucky finally reveals himself to her and the audience. He

Chucky: You stupid bitch! You filthy slut!

Bites her arm before she manages to fend off his attack then he runs away and takes the elevator down to escape her so now

Chuck is on the loose Karen tracks down

Norris to tell him that andy's not lying but not even the bite Mark will convince Detective Norris that she's not a crazy lady not

To be deterred she takes off on her own and heads back down to peddler thieves doll emporium to question him on where Chucky came from.

but all he's interested in, is committing sexual assault, luckily Norris shows up to brandish his gun around like he's dirty Harry

or something and save Karen from the peddler some rough handling gets the peddler to talk and he says he found the doll and a

Burned-down toy store. Oh shit Norris you know that place Charles Lee Ray died


That's the one after Norris dropped Karen off at home

Chucky surprised with him from the backseat of the car by choking him with some jumper cables

Norris drives through the streets like it's crazy taxi until he's able to grab his cigarette lighter and stab Chuck in a place with it

Chuck you. Don't give up that easily though

so he starts stabbing at Norris with a butcher knife even almost getting him in the

Babymakers and presses the pedal to the metal until Norris flips the car over and crashes it chucky misses a stab and runs away

taunting that North can't hurt him

But when Mike finally does land a shot it actually does throw Chuckie back and hurt him so Chuckie goes to see John his plainly

Named boudu man who taught him all those creepy chants from the beginning

This is the theme where we get pool on moving Chucky action most of it still looks great although the talking doesn't always match up

With the mouth John tells chucky that the doll is becoming his when Chucky demands that John help him get out of this mess

John refuses on a mission

No, pretty good job

Damn that guy went from Zero to abomination speech real fast Chucky don't take too kindly to being called an abomination

So he takes the voodoo doll of John and starts seriously messing with it first breaking his leg and then breaking his arm and threatening

To do more until we finally get some information out of him John tells him he's got to put his soul into the first human

Being he told that he was alive which just so happens to be Annie I have a date with a six-Year-old boy Chucky phrasing

He thanks John for the help by stabbing his voodoo doll in the heart

John Stays alive long enough for Norris and Karen to show up, and he warned them about Chucky plan to date her little boy

Oh also. He says the only way to destroy Chucky is to kill the heart turtle halt

oh Sorry kill the heart or whatever that is you sure you don't mean heart through the hall all right all right kill the heart got

It his wisdom fully dispensed John puts his head back and die our fourth killed the movie

Chucky manages to infiltrate the mental hospital and sneak into Andy's room. Then walk super frequently across the floor and climb onto the bed

God damn that looks crazy also crazy is this one shot of Chucky when Andy runs away?

That is clearly a guy in a suit

Chucky attacks andy in an operating room and andy grab the scalpel to defend himself with but he's such a cute little clumsy kid he

Can't help but keep falling backwards all over himself. God damn it. This is the cutest kid in the world imma

Keep saying ago, Dr.

Harry Caray, just thinks he's crazy though, and he tries to sedate him with drugs

but before he can get all those delicious drugs into an d system chunky stabs him in the back of the leg giving us a

Good blood spurt and knocking Dr.

Harry Caray down Chuckie done sticks this electrical belt thing on his head and starts shocking him to death and he falls over again Chuckie

Keeps the bolt coming it might be it could be it is our fifth kill of a movie holy cow

And he makes his way back home by himself somehow

Barring the front door and hiding in the closet while he's pulling a real Laurie strode Chuckie drops down through the chimney and Kicks down

The guard like a pissed-off mini murder Santa he stalks his way down the hallway to give andy a fun little surprise

And then he chases them a whole bunch eventually knocking him out with a toy bat and upon

His incantation vacation is over and he gets to work on that creepy chat from the beginning

I'm day do we den bella give me the power. I think

It's even creepier now since the scheme done by a freaking cabbage patch kid ominous clouds roll in to confirm that the chance of going

Well, Norris and Karin arrive and are able to break through Andis weak-ass barrier

So when Karin stops chucky he bites her in the shoulder and slices Norris in the back of the leg

Norris goes looking for him only to have chuck he knocks the wind out of him with that bat

But then Karen comes in and shoots Chucky down for the wind is able to bounce back and jump on her attacking her once more

Before she tosses them in the fireplace and cages in there like a rabid raccoon

And he comes over to finish the job and chuck he tries to plead with him. We're friends to the end


Crane, and he lights him up and gives us this disturbing image of a nearly human sized dog running around on fire and climbing on

Furniture looking like a toddler flaming torch you'd think that would be the end of it

But no after the barclays go tend to Detective, Norris Chucky friggin disappears

He comes back to trip andy like a grade school bully and comes after him even though at this point

He's been reduced to a smoking

overcooked Alba cue we get some classic horror imagery like the stabs through the door and Pov chasing until Charon shoots Chucky a bunch of

Times decapitating him and taking off several limbs with her shots that's some Dope Aim Karen

She finally shoots him in the chest

And we think it's finally all over for good because like come on Norris

Cop partner shows up and even though Norris tells him it was the doll. He's skeptical the story lucky for Norris is credibility

It's actually not all over for good as chucky the burnt body popped out through the air vent and starts strangling the cop even more

Than that mustache is strangling his upper lip. Jesus dude

Just died already

Norris must have been thinking the same thing because he shoots him through the heart blood splatters everywhere and Chucky is finally dead

So he'll go on the list even though I already counted Charles Lee Ray whatever I do what I want

Chucky signs off with one last utterance of his catchphrase. I'm chucky



That'll give you nightmares

The Detective Karen and Andy all leave the room a freeze-frame capturing Andy's forlorn look at the final frame of the film man

I hate it when movies end on a freeze frame for no good reason come on. Let's get to the kill


If you count both Charles lee Ray and Chucky a separ deaths and six people die in this movie pretty low first slasher

But that's okay Chuck is just getting started of the victims five were men and only one was a woman

So there was a pretty stark gender amount of time with the runtime of 87 minutes. We wound up with a kill on average every

14.5 men and they were actually spaced too far pretty evenly I'll give the Golden Chainsaw for Sulak Hill to Dr.

Ardmore all the Kills were unique

But this one was the most gruesome

Especially the shot with all that blood coming out of his eye - almost ready for Layman Hill

We'll go - Charles lee ray let out to death after getting shot a couple of times. It's bullshit. He did not die well

He did not oh, hi chunky

And that's it child's play was released in 1988 and caused a bit of an uproar

Concerned parents of the conservative 80s outraged by the concept of a killer doll Chucky persevered though

And we got a whole heap of people the first of which

I'll be covering next week until then I'm james de genรจve then the kill count hey guys

Thanks a lot for watching my kill count for child's play

I won't thank some of my patrons like Amber was auric Charles Muller Jeff here dink and Kate a rose due to join the patreon

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are you guys excited for another big franchise here on the kill count we're going to be hanging out with Chucky all the way until

October and the kill count for Colton will come out three days after its release that dope I am thankful off for watching guys

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