Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Coke Studio 2020 | Promo | Na Tutteya Ve

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is particular gaane men In this particular song

ek aurat ke perspective se equality ki baat ho rahi hai The concept of equality is being discussed from a female perspective

punjaabi shaairi ki taur pe wuh saari baat ki gayi hai That entire concept has been presented in the form of Punjabi poetry

aur bohat pyaare tareeqe se And this has been done in a very lovely manner

bilkul aggression naheen hai With no hint of aggression whatsoever

khoob-soorat ik message hai jo diya ja raha hai ek aurat ki taraf se It is a beautiful message being delivered by a woman

kih jis ko allaah ne rahmat kaha hai God has described women as a divine blessing

us se bai izzat aur kya ho sakti hai What greater honour can there be than this?

is ko agar main bohat simply kahoon If I were to put it very simply

awaami female anthem hai yih I would say that this is a female anthem for the masses

kaafi khawaateen is se relate karen gi A lot of women would be able to relate to this

( ) par main wi tera kumbah waan But I am also your family

( ) eh dhyaan toon rakhna This, you should remember

( ) kih dil mera uda u nah uiya ve That my heart suffers greatly, but does not break

( ) kih dil mera That my heart

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