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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: When Teru Gets Angry... - Teru and Drew - International Couple - Japanese and American

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alright everyone hello we are back Teru

is joining me again and we've been will

I guess you wanted to say thanks for

more comments that people were people

really do like a lot of comments a lot

of things to say a lot of specifically

comments about you guys look like a very

cute couple you think we're cute couple

I hope so you hope so your friends tell

you that the work you can people saying

so that i don't know but she does she

does get angry at me sometimes and I

thought that was just interesting i know

a lot of maybe channels on youtube or

just videos of people especially on TV

you want to show always the best side of

things but I think for learning English

especially it's important to see all

sides of people and how relationships

are and sometimes there is trouble in


this is a great expression for people

like to say that maybe sometimes you

have problems and she can get angry she

can be scary you want to show them that

like the kind of frog face or not when I

alright thanks yeah yeah good yeah it's

a it's it's subtle and this just means

it's like a slight thing like she

doesn't she doesn't get like why I mean

you do sometimes I guess maybe if she's

really angry about something but she

does is a weird thing was she closes her

eyes and she starts looking like looking


what are you looking we're looking for

and look at the universe

she's searching the universe for answers

i suppose but yeah so so we do i'm happy

people think we are cute couple i try

try to be a good husband and friend and

partner to my wife but anyway thank you

for the fantastic comments another

question we got was how was your English

before we met mm how was it

why didn't know I didn't know you I

think when we when we just met your

English was fantastic

so I told in the previous video about

how we met it was just me on the video

telling the story of that how you came

to the restaurant and I was talking with

you for a little bit and I was impressed

with her English anyway English was

great and I got to speak with her for a

little bit i think it's gotten better

for sure since we've been together

that's been a long time but do you want

to tell people how you were improving

before we met I was as bad a english in

phillipines manila philippines

yeah for a year and went to the longest

go out there after school I tried to

hung up hung out with 40 students

actually non-japanese yeah we had

japanese students but of course they are

my friends also but I tried to hang out

with 40 students more often than them so

what that helps me a lot

I i think it absolutely is helpful

that's why i recommend the same thing

for everybody watching it's comfortable

obviously to spend time with people that

speak your native language but the more

you get out of that how do you thank you

you made the decision to do that are you

thinking about that you thought it was a

good idea it's a yeah i was really i

really wanted to its funny sorry but

sorry but I wanted to be a native

English speaker

I mean you know speaking like yeah by a

lingo so it was not shot to me to do

that and I just kidding

yeah i have worked well it seems to be

working just fine we communicate well

and like we were mentioning in a

previous video about making mistakes

sometimes we do sometimes she'll make a

mistake or I make a mistake in Japanese

so I'm happy that these are English

videos and I could speak some Japanese

but if I make a mistake

yeah we definitely she definitely helps

me would you say I'm bilingual mi yeah

yeah I guess I don't really know how I

mean I'm certainly fluid i can speak

with confidence and I don't have a have

a problem I'm not nervous at all about

speaking actually get nervous around you

think you can talk like a better

Japanese in public but not know

yeah to me i can stand in front of a

group of people they speak Japanese

better than when I'm to me my wife

yeah but i think because I'm still like

that shy guy and I saw you like a WoW

very very excited but yeah you're

frightening me a little bit i'm a little

bit intimidated i suppose but I'm

getting better so but I know now my

motivation is I have to have my Japanese

be better than our daughter because i

don't want to be embarrassed by her

speaking Japanese better than I

convenient so anyway speaking of wanting

to speak if you like my help with

hopefully developing the fluency habits

that you need to speak

you can tell me about your biggest

fluency frustration by clicking on the

link in the description below this video

and I look forward to helping about

other than that

let's finish the video we got the train

going by so we've got say bye-bye anyway

but we'll see in the next video and if

you have questions just put them down

below and we'll get you to buy

The Description of When Teru Gets Angry... - Teru and Drew - International Couple - Japanese and American