Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Sqorpio1980 - The Real Jesus ~ CHRIST Yeshua Yahushua Esu Part 2

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life well life what can we say about

that besides we're in it and it's

corrupting us well we got warned at the

beginning of man but did we listen no we

did not from heaven came the prophecy

that was the whole point of Jesus to

fulfill the prophecy Jesus was one smart

man and he lived he understood the

corruption that was taking place the

order and rule the man the human race

wanted over the earth he came to tell us

that God rules over the earth and gives

us what we need freely so freely we

should give free water free clothing

free food not tyrannical government

beast crap it only drags us to the grave

which is hell Sheol which is where

everybody is going to go well you pagans

out there a living in the past you zeit

geist's are living in a revolution that

they're trying to summon in the new

Aquarian age and the new Messiah well

there's only one Messiah and that

Messiah if we listen to him will save us


oaths oaths oaths oaths well why take them

yes yes no no hello Satan took an oath

he couldn't fulfill it do you want to go

down his path speak as if you were

speaking in front of the Father would

you lie to God what about this new world

order well there's only one person who

can save us from it whether it be in the

flesh in the spirit or by his word

there's only one person that's prepared

the whole entire world for the

corruption that's been going on since

the world was created wake up have a

look around what did Jesus state he told

us where it would lead what was the

whole point of the fruit of knowledge

well we weren't supposed to eat it

where has it led us to right now have a

look around technology knowledge cancer

of the earth and we have to be cleansed

and no God isn't going to cleanse us

with water like everybody states don't

you remember God made a pact with Noah

he said he will never cleanse the world

with water again he made another pact

with Jesus and he stated he will cleanse the

earth with fire purest form of cleansing

because that's what it's going to need

by now you should understand that the

prophecy of the Sun Sirius Orion's belt

and the Southern Cross was the prophecy

it has been fulfilled our job is to not

bow down to tyrants but to live our

lives like we are supposed to live our

lives like common sense tells us to live

our lives freely under the watchful

maker whom dwells with us in our hearts

the fabrication of Jesus that all you

people worship at churches is one big

bullshit scam created by the Beast

government's of the world the Antichrist

that says he's Pope and sits on the

throne and wears purple and scarlet and

thinks that he is Jesus Christ's

representative on earth is no more than

scum of Satan the Beliar Satanail the

prince of this earth okay all churches

out there expect you to have to be part of

them you have to have joined the church

for them to say that you've got the

right now to go to heaven because they

think the church is the Bride they think

the church is the kingdom wake up

the 144,000 of God's chosen will not be

corrupted by churches for they will not

go to them at all

they will not go to church God's chosen

will know that the churches out there

are full of crap wake up defiled by

women a woman is a church in symbology

they will be virgins to them they will

not go at all don't go to church why cause God

doesn't dwell in them hello read your

Bible wake up dwells inside of us

doesn't dwell in a church churches have

got no answers they've got bloody light

that blinds people we have been walked

all over by snakes

knowledge people don't worship it but

know it the Bible is many books of God

and also many books of Satan Satan is

knowledge we ate the fruit of the tree

of knowledge we don't worship knowledge

but we have to seek knowledge for the

Spirit to awaken us to the truth of it

not blind ourselves with knowledge and

run around enlightened thinking we've

got all these answers that we don't we

have to awaken be awakened through the

knowledge we corrupt ourselves with

knowledge and God purifies us of that

corruption he tells us what knowledge is

true and what knowledge is false through

our heart the Bible is a book of God and

of Satan sure we have to corrupt

ourselves with knowledge but not worship

it knowledge is what's got us here

God is a simple God he's a great God his

the creator of everything that we

destroy life is simple we make it hard

so awaken awake awakenment read Ezekiel

chapter 8 know it's talking about the

present awaken to the fact that Jesus

is our Prince not Satanail we have to

all come to terms with the fact of what

is going on around us we have to all

wake up and preach to the people the

truth of the word not the Enlightenment

that Satan has covered the churches and

the world with enlightenment is not

God's awakenment is God's God will

awaken you to the truth enlightenment

blind's you blinds you with too much truth's

blinds your mind scatters your brain

like a moth to the flame wake up start

thinking with your heart here's a

little joke for yous all what did the

Gentile's say when they heard a man died

on the cross for them? jeez us he died for


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