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hey guys it's your favorite female

youtuber oh my god is andy sixx blog not

no it's not

guess I'm not your favorite emoji

cheaper then create a video i thought i

would do something pretty interesting

I've never really done anything close to

this and I'm really really bad photoshop

so I thought this was like a really

really great idea so i asked you guys on

Twitter here's my Twitter home promo i

asked you guys on Twitter to send me

photos of people that have interesting

hair like photoshop myself having so

pretty much I'm gonna put my face on

their body I'm gonna see how i look with

their hair shouting jacksFilms in pd


they're very small youtubers you

probably have never heard of them but

they need something kind of similar to

that I don't think I've ever done this

with hair but I thought it would be cool

so i shall see you guys are going to

show me look very person someone wants

me to turn myself into is dahvie vanity

from the band blanca dance well i don't

think i would look very great with

doggies hair is very easy here's my

attempt at looking all fucking out what

the hell is that I even tried to put on

the makeup that is not what the fuck I

mean God this next one if some guys

glasses and some I i think that's really

his hair I don't know what that is this

one looks really good honestly like this

is a way that i can see me wearing this

I can see me doing my hair like this

hot damn like that looks good that's a

lot of hair I don't know that hair that

looks like a to me but it looks good i

like this is jarred way from NPR I

honestly can't look as good at him i

know that but here's my attempt at

looking at a fucking house Alex was like

why does my face look so stretch I don't

know how to use photoshop you can see

why MCR 19 anymore is because I try to

look like jarred way and they just

didn't want that to happen so i thought

i would try to see if we have like the

same face so this is andy biersack from

Blackpool bride

what the fuck I just fuck that i can

make up on it that looks like what is

the line only see I'm gonna have to say

I don't look anything like him

looks way better than me i don't know

what the fuck what what is probably the

worst person at Photoshop this is just

really really tricky

next we're going to do is Donald Trump I

know you guys hold of him

probably not but he is our president

that's interesting so there's Donald

Trump and all of his the Trump penis has

anybody actually thought about the word

Trump the fuck does that mean this is


like a really interesting last name

Trump be Trump could be like a really

cool phone not Trump Trump Trump Trump

Trump and here's me with my face

overhead Wow

like honestly this one actually looks a

lot better if you guys wanted me to put

my face over and Sharon there is a

design his hair looks very interesting

in this photo which is fine it happens I

have had some really really interesting

hair days so i thought i'd put my face

over and Sharons and oh my jesus telling

the fucking troll dolls have a little

bit of facial hair that kind of night

I've never had a facial hair before not

to give this point to a shared because I

feel like he pulled it off the lot

better than i do and this is a really

small youtuber I name is justin bieber I

don't think a lot of people never react

like a fucking giraffe my neck looks so

when I have like no chin for the final

photo i thought i would do Alex oh here

she is she's beautiful you know she's

looking really good alright so there's

my face i thought i would do something

really special i really like that

sharing photos and i thought i would try

to recreate his hairstyle with my hair

she's not too bad ok so here is like

flying like this way i think i need to

get some hairspray I look like a fucking

anime character oh there it is that's me

trying to look like and share into my

photo actually don't mind it kind of

looks like I'm like an anime character

my eyebrows coming back

oh my eyebrows coming back today's video

comment down below the waist person you

thought looked the best with my face on

the heart which edited photo you thought

was the best because why can't I can't

stand my hair like this only tonight and

I'll take one of you guys to win a shout

out for the next video

out goes the pan coin on twitter thanks

so much for between my video you guys

wanna shout all you need to do is

comment which photo you thought like the

bed I'm gonna give another shout-out to

someone who retweet my tweet on Twitter

to go to my Twitter john gilbert and

check that out let's try to get this

video's to 12,000 32like forgetting to

twelve thousand and thirty-two like that

i will make one where I just do it to

youtubers thank you so much for watching

add me on snapchat follow me on

instagram johnny gilbert and johnny

gilbert wine maybe I so much for


they have not crappy the road

oh thank you tonight

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