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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: La diferencia entre ME & I en inglés

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OK everybody, quiet down!

Open your books! We're going to start by checking last week's homework.

So, uhm, number 1.

Does anybody have the answer?



Shhh! Shut up!

Siempre que quieras usar YO, usa I.

Y siempre que quieras usar MI, usa ME.

Y lo único si cuando estás en clase digasYo, yo, yo, yo, yo lo sé!".


In that case you say "Me, me! I know the answer, I know the answer!".

If they ask "Who knows the answer?",

you could say "I do, I do!".

Yes, "I do".

But if you don't use the verb then you cannot just say "I".


As you what? "I!"

Ok, so let's look at some examples.

Look at these two sentences.

She's taking Paul and me to the party.

And she's taking Paul and I to the party.

Which one is correct?


I think the first one is correct

because "she" is the SUBJECT.

"I" would be the OBJECT, so yeah, i'ts correct, ¿no?

She's taking Paul and me (Yeah.) to the party

And how do you translate that sentence?

Ella nos lleva a Paul y a mi a la fiesta.

Yeah, es igual, es igual que el español.

Right here, very often, Paul and me are taking English lessons, for example.


Eso no, no me suena mal.

Lo usamos muy a menudo y eso es totalmente incorrecto.

Yes, yes, even native speakers sometimes say

Paul and me are going to the pub tonight.

Yeah, el problema creo que es cuando hay diferentes sujetos y objetos en una misma frase.


Lo traducimos mal.

Let's see some examples so that is clearer.

OK, which one is correct?

So "Phillip and I went out for dinner"

or "Phillip and me went out for dinner"?

The first one yeah porque "Phillip and I" ¿no? they are both SUBJECT.

Yes, OK, and what about these two sentences?

"Both my father and I are blond" or "both my father and me are blond"?

Which one is correct?

In this case?

In this case, yeah, the first one?

Yes, that's right.

OK, and these two sentences, which one is correct?

"A strange man followed Jane and me last night" or "a strange man followed Jane and I last night"?

Oh my god.

Oh we'd better go! Better go!

There's a really strange man behind us, come on back!

The SUBJECT in these sentences is "strange man".

Yes, exactly.

So we need "me" in the second half the sentence, yeah.

(OK, so...) OK thanks for watching this video.

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¡Hasta lueguito, chau, chau! (Bye!)

Vamos a hacer los dos movimiento de pelo, espérate.

One, two...

Dad, I think you really need a haircut.

Right, ok? Ah yes,...

Peter and ME went to the beach.

No, wrong.

Why though...

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