Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The savoir-faire of pictorial patchwork

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For this collection,

Kim worked with an artist from Ghana, Amoako Boafo,

who paints a lot of silhouettes.

The idea was to create a trompe loeil.

The design team worked out the placement on a coat,

then we developed a paper pattern for the various cut-outs.

These patches are known as inlays.

We inlaid the face

and outlined it with passementerie,

using a trim.

Im working with pins

to better accommodate the curvature.

Once its done, I will turn it over and press it.

Theres a storm flap,

a trench coat hook-and-eye fastener

and an adjustable tab

with trim detailing.

Of course, once the coat is buttoned

the face becomes visible.

The Description of The savoir-faire of pictorial patchwork