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here is the new Audi a3; she is under your eyes no it's not a restyling

this is really the new audi a3 and we will go around the

owner together to see a little bit

what is changing about this news mount



so on this new mount clearly the jelly i wash them is

unfair for you to see a little little this little beauty i take some

step back to really appreciate the lines she is really superb and I

think was going very well we will start with the part I want

that I really like this part pretty rabelais rear pick up sporty

and yet the cures on a version if I can say a diesel version

we are on 1.35 tdi a version one rather s line finish and I can you

guarantee that every time I go move outlines of this car you

go see there was a real work of done on the design it is on the part

back here so here we have unfortunately false releases

exhaust elsewhere we will see a little closer I told you we have

false exhaust outlets here has at left but also right

unfortunately we have a kind of fake air extractors then this is there is a

pretend future remains king or rs 3 but unfortunately there are pot

exhaust is just the double outlet exhaust to go hide this time

here some will be able to say in any case actually there are big

resembling saint leusiens was the first to adopt this new

grille with three small entrances of air which today characterizes a

little bit the audi brand precisely on these single frame grille is then

then we also have this body look the more i go and the more we see

work on the bodywork in particular on this part on the bottom of the doors

yesterday where it highlights once again the sporty side

in any case in terms of design the more you you work in quotes

dent on the body and more you give dynamism actually enough

cars and watch the more we go and the more we see the work done on the

back part some that are really reworked look at these lines the at

sun we see it's a it's beautiful it's well carved in the bodywork

so friends what are you prefer in the compact category

warn you prefer this new and pretty audi a3 sportback or

well its direct competitor the mercedes class who we will not lie to

right now at the level of sales volumes and worse

last one also just arrived the bmw series one which ultimately loses its

propulsion side for its traction side who always bet on the pleasure of

driving so do you bet rather on classicism but the

sportiness anyway from this new audi a3 mercedes class a rather

bling bling and technological or the bmw these ruins for its fun side

conduct I would really like to hear your opinion

and know a little bit about the top 3 what is best for you of these

premium compacts by the way I forgot but there is also the little cousin

golf and he also comes to compete finally this new audi a3 ago

dosiere tunes and 6 look at me this before work and the myths we are

really on a healthy basis for develop the future and will in any case

we have lines that are going to be still over exaggerate on the rest king

frankly i can't wait to see what's going offer to 10 with the new rs3

but i think it will really hit strong error between the new grille

of this new audi a3 and the old generation and we can see a little bit

if we compare the two a little grille that there is still

change it's not there it's not in the eyes

but there is still a change between them the older generation

phase 2 and the new a3 then the front shield really took more than

muscles more shapely more entries air but unfortunately we will

come a little closer these are false air inlets and yes to want

make everything dummy finally there is that first impression of plastic

cheap lotir denotes a little bit with this premium spirit 1 of this audi a3 game

because you think about it here we're on a s line finish with a small

option I think additional is that we removed the chrome around the

grille already it already looks huge this grille plus the two additions

air inlet so radically sporty despite

the fact that it's a 1.35 tdi diesel but I assure you it is rather not

badly that we will see later in the test drive part

what it takes and ribbed again that's another detail that adds to

this sportsmanship Im not hiding from you that the majority of

sales to be done on lo dia str at 3 will be finished s line why everything

just because it's for me one of the best finishes give

really more volume to the body and it is true that it is a pity that I have

not the old audi a3 but when you compare this new audi a3 with

the old one honestly it has nothing left to see

here we have fires that are reworked a cd new led lights

and at night it's also pretty will you see it in another video but

it's also pretty good animation night games unfortunately it's

what i told you we are on a s-line version with fakes

extraction system info extractors air and unfortunately we have seven islands

plastic parts that really do cheap it's really a shame because

the spirit is there but it's true that on this matte plastic finish

it denotes a little bit so here we have a very very nice configuration I

despite the fact that we are the small 17 inch holes 1 that read

a little bit in design but on the other hand which are beneficial to comfort we will have

on French versions in finishing s line of 18 inch rims I you

reassure so that would give him a better look some compare it

we have the new audi a1 and it's true that there are more resemblance tunes

ultimately blatant since it is finally this audi a3 is a

big audi a1 in black like that five Corsican

to listen to the sound of diesel

so yes it remains a diesel there remains a little bit noisy outside but good

it's still quite suitable anyway helped as much as i can guarantee

that inside

in the end it is very little heard this diesel

here are the keys to the audi a3 so I pass on change it or not compared

in the old generation I die I remember more honestly but here's a

little lure so watch out for sidewalks when you park so it's ok

I'm lucky she is not great bass is not one and remains king well

obviously jogging photo I hope that I'm fine in May so I'm going to do

a little parenthesis you are a lot to ask me a little bit what

it means 35 teddy because there are full that immediately

shortcut troyer of 5 tdi then I reassure you

it's pain a diesel v6 not 35 tennis that actually means it's a range of

power which I believe from memory evolved between 140 horses and 164 horses then

under the hood what we find great we have a jack that is reassuring

it's not like at home in gan where they have saved have put just a

small rod to hold the hood here we stayed on you anyway

premium I assure you we have a worm blades 150 horsepower and almost develops

360 newtons of torque which is more than enough for this big baby a

which in terms of weight weighs roughly one thousand four hundred and fifty thousand four

one hundred and sixty kilos and we appreciate the two precisely for their low couple

diet here we are done on the presentation

the author I think we said everything so closing downpours enough to go we go

try to tickle the mode a little dynamic driving

ok it's a diesel but there is still 150 horses and ti announces us the 0

at 100 done in 8.4 seconds we will check that out right now a little

start off we start don't vote this part


I meant it's not an hour and 3 it's not an hour and 6 it's a diesel

honestly here you heard roar the diesel a little bit in the

turns around 3 to 4000 turns that's good it's not noble that motorization and that

I suspected 1 it's a diesel I knew very well that to leave jal is

not be ecstatic over a diesel but honestly what I'm going to tell you about

positive is that it's very very good raises in frankly the 360

cutting newtons we can already feel them act from low regimes so I find

that it's quite interesting look what i see in my retro

and have we tried it on the hbo chain rejected icahn

there it is that's good is that suddenly this latest audi a3 integrates

the latest technologies especially fear because play and android

because so please this is pretty cool in more to actually have the virtua cop

purpose of course the driving aids the security aids you have maintenance

in the voice you have semi driving autonomous one level 2 on the a13

unfortunately and on Friday evening you know very well it moves all the time

and so I'm quite impressed consumption I reached 4.9 300

large under the 5 liter bar and yet i'm with the s tronic box

7-speed so i thought i would consume more eri

finally released in eco mode anyway it consumes less than ultimately

this pretty m4 jourdan dunn who is at beautiful passage charge in the config

it is very very beautiful we propose alone audi rs6 and there I can guarantee you that

no it clearly messes up his rights it's below 3 seconds

almost three seconds Its true that it has nothing to do

do with this audi a3 finally diesel soon i hope the audi rs3 which

will surely present within a few months and there we will surely be a complexion of

milk over 400 horses that's for sure and good for now we will settle for

diesel 2 liters tdi 105 horses the advantage is that it almost consumes

nothing then I will note a small defect anyway on 7 to 3 I told you about

soundproofing where I told you that it was I did a lot of lodges eh

well i'm pretty disappointed because at 130 km 1 I have a breath of fresh air in the

retro who comes between sentry gun shoot this that I said before in the video where

it was really quiet and everything is there we have a little air noise anyway

on the retro so isn't it this pre-series version that does that

will be fixed on versions final but in any case noted that at 130

kilometers hour certainly it remains silent but a little

noise then we will do the hard test 81130 to these parties

so that's pretty good not lie it almost makes the 900

km that I ride with and I did 5 liters per hundred so to say I did

the departmental highway is the national at 80 and also from the city

the periphery in short a bit of everything so really is that mixed we are 5

liters per hundred and most importantly look in high the figure 1000 km of autonomy therefore

that's pretty good remind a little bit of the ancients

said the old tdi so there frankly extremely results

positive on board this audi a3 it takes highlight it is 1,150 horses

here is standard while ensuring a s line finish and two series we have

also the rear view camera practical with the sensors on the front which

let us know a little little we put the four so there what

that I see I see in my retro the old audi a3 phase 2 and then it

must say honestly that she was really successful in passing

the game phase because you think about it but still okay now she has

took a big shot of old again the compare with this new generation

from audi a3 pretty incredible consumption 1 3 10 8 to fifth

so I was good to have on the outer part

I hope that I will be a little bit on the inside before

come back i give you a little bit what that it gives

these beautiful seats so these are seats in extremely leather and fabric

comfortable i guarantee you i was even surprised one to be as comfortable

in an audi usually the seats are a little firm and this is not

the whole case we started with the doors in detail we have pretty

foamed plastics I reassure you about this upper part of the door we have

also a nice well worked design up to the door handle

here we aluminum and after that begins a little bit of spoiling so when do we have

even a little work on the topstitching we have a small aluminum button here

we also had on others generation of audi a3 and then after the

cèze discuss a little bit the fans of hard plastics are going to be delighted this is

a tone that we don't really like on premium cars this little hard plastic

which resonates a little bit in the bins of doors good I admit it to you

don't spend our time watching the lower part of the passenger compartment

so good go quickly forgiven here we have door sills s line we have

brake and accelerator pedals and please rest in

aluminum on year a saddlery specific s-line I told you a very

comfortable with good support here on the lateral side we have seats here

electric and ja we will turn on the contact we don't have a key we just have the

small start button here this is it I said the great revolution we already have

from a general point of view a new very futuristic dashboard with this

big touch screen here we're going to lower the its this way

we just have more physical buttons where you can increase

or lower the volume and then what I like is this

treatment of the part of this board plastic cash

aluminum so it's clearly plastic is not alu and

then we have its integrated aerators which extend with this little bar

here in aluminum which joins the second the second aerators we are far from

the spirit old generation of audi a3 which shock between quotation marks it is these two

small ears on both sides of the steering wheel

that's what will do a little bit ink on this new audi

a3 on this new cabin since it's true that we were quite used to

something very dynamic very clean which is here we have two aerators

who we are going to say gives this feeling little bit of airplane cockpit

ultimately is in fact everything is dedicated a little bit to the driver even the screen is

slightly tilted facing driver

much like its direct competitor the bm met with a lot of buttons

still physical so this is rather well i'm for me the buttons

physical rather than putting it all together a screen and finally we are no longer

attentive to what's going on in front of the hood but rather to look for

a little bit where we put our finger on the screen there is a touch screen that I

will tell you about it after the lower part it's plastic that's a bit

amazing even so far without that it shows a little bit on some

lower parts it was a little bit also the case on the hearing is by

against on the upper part we have here we we have a nice dashboard

slender well futuristic on its lines tense there especially the dashboard

maybe its aerators coming break the line a bit then some

are for some are against I know not what you think

there we also have materials in black lacquered so it's beautiful it gives

more depth my their attention I not tell you about fingerprints

it's pretty hellish to clean up I come back to the basics

of this a3 we are on a finish s line so two series don't worry

no you have this time the virtual cockpit where you can also put the

gps in short you have everything so this is rather

well and it's good that it's integrated on the new audi a3 it's a limit

a good base we have the wheel spain initials of the letter s

the small topstitching the steering wheel good finally clearly bill its audi so

it is very well made personally i'm not a big fan

of that kind of shifter that you take it at my fingertips i love

good really see the real word for speed

even if it's an auto gearbox but sequential mode and presto you pass your

speed but now it's true that it's been a bit empty

and above all they earn place but why because ultimately

there is no storage here we have a single USB socket on the front

and here is usbc the new connectors

all this to see a little bit in the interior detail from 7 to 3 we have here

hello you see me then i film with this channel g7 x mark iii lent nicely

parquet mone so here we have the sun visor driver and passenger side alike

with the small courtesy lights so ccoo then at the box

gloves some storage up can it good like glove box and a little bit of

felt I don't really like this material but it's true that it looks good and

it avoids noise So thats how we think like this

doors, door bins on can put a bottle without

problem but on the other hand there is no felt inside ok and then we

has a little storage here to put her cellphone

we have the electric parking brake we have also small storage to put

these goblets are gnawing problems mans for the keys here are the keys to

passage they are there then the armrest the little ones it's small you can store it

a mask but otherwise there is no usb socket or anything so that

it's a little disappointing and then here I think I did the

take a little tour with you the interior of the cabin

and then if we have a touch screen there no haptic feedback not on 7 to 3

but on the other hand the screen is ultra reagent

we can even change at will mood lighting but it will be in

another video driving aids they are

all there so you can turn them off or activate them you can also directly

managed the different driving modes in short there is very last question

what do you prefer in the compact category first in

interior terms this new audi a3 or the bm series one or the

famous mercedes class here we go we will turn off the car is

stayed in the vehicle so that's not bad you heard

like me live actually I left my phone in the car and actually

this nice audi a3 warns me just kindly that I have

left my laptop inside the car then it's very nice madam

audi a3 but i will come back do you don't worry it's the turn signals at

progressive scrolling and this is really there is almost almost audi

who knows how to do that then unfortunately unfortunately so wait i will

lets you see the inside a little bit so here we have and you will see it in a

next video treatment with the indoor atmosphere pack which has it's

pretty cool they are general pétain in the video I will also make another

indoor night video and here we go linger a little earlier on the

detail of the lights unfortunately in fact we don't have progressive scrolling at

the front so this may be an option I know nothing at all but in any case

here you have the little reminder here / wing mirror

nothing surprising to listen to it I will show you a little bit

inside here I will cut the turn signals and have a little bit what

that you can expect Thursday in troyes today in 2020 it's pretty cool

so here we are going to do a little test a suddenly decided to find a radio then

hop I assure you we do not promote

these videos is not sponsored per month in any case not played well

really good practice come on I cut the music because otherwise youtube in addition

acquired the rights go ciao ciao

so practice all know that market

that's good i will do the mano I have cheated

all that to tell you by the team of chest friends 380 liters volume of

chest that's a little bit of the average of the

premium compact category so if a class that or a bmw series

it will be practically the same volume as there is not really a detachment which

have known you have a small volume of trunk that is a cargo volume

additional so it's pretty good but it's

true that this new generation there there is no change in the volume of

trunk 1,380 liters and 1,200 liters of loading volume when you have them

rear seats folded down with a practically flat floor so that's it

it's handy if you want to large volumes in the trunk

we're going to go to the back and despite a few more centimeters

length and width unfortunately the rear seats

don't just take advantage of these few centimeters more on the other hand like

you see they had intelligence computer to dig the seats because I

see at the front so it's true that it's a little bit narrow yes I told you

this seat this front seat is big and the

comfortable it is well finished but for the rear passenger eventually they

obscure visibility a lot it ultimately reinforces this notion of

to be a little cramped at the back but otherwise I guarantee you

that the seats are comfortable and then that's more comfort hop

we put the small armrests against the transmission tunnel here

unfortunately will hamper 5th place and so it's a bit of a shame here we have two

usb plugs it's no longer usb be careful I must tell you

here third place it will be really difficult for a fifth passenger

that's the good news to say honestly it's the big revolution

actually put the facts technological

it's true that in terms of behavior road it is really behavior to

small onions either set it in comfort mode and

the skin clearly I rarely saw that is that the car is actually there

pilot damping system which makes that today the shock absorbers have

actually set the comfort and that's it plays on three levels the comfort of

suspensions with damping piloted optionally around around

1100 euros the comfort of the seats or the softness I

find lamu it's much more comfortable

and above all the soundproofing effect which was I find improved adds

just comfort and if you put the chassis in dynamic mode as if on

drive select you will see that in dynamic mode

even if we are in town the dynamic web will actually tighten the suspensions on

result is that here you have a much more precise direction more

incisor an accelerator pedal which is much more reactive and above all

shock absorbers which are much more suddenly we have a lot of savings

more dynamic in theory it remains one of the games friends

I hope this test of the new audi a3 you liked it anyway

not react below in comment to find out which is the best compact

premium tell you very soon and friends for many adventures on video

on the square station

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