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Here in beautiful Palm Springs at our Cahill golf Golf Schools. Today we are going to talk

about the very important topic of putting. After working and exploring the best putting

techniques over a period of 30 years both Mike Cahill and I come up with what we think

is the very best golf putting technique that any body has in the world. It is very very

simple pendulum point or one pivotal point. I you are right handed it might hold the putter

primarily in your right hand and if you are left handed you might primarily hold the putter

in your left hand. We are going to take six or seven golf balls and hold the putter in

our right hand only. So what we are going to do is ptt using our right hand only. I

will just get a feel for what seems to be working best for me.The what I am going to

do after hitting several of those putts with my right arm is switch over to holding the

golf putter in my left hand and hit several putts and make some putts. If i were doing

this with a student i would observe the golf shots and ask questions about which felt most

comfortable, what felt the most coordinated. I can tell immediately for me, although I

am putting quite well with my left. It seems alot clumsier putting with my left arm. Once

we have established which arm we are going to put with whether it is our left or right.

For instance I am going to hold the putter only in the palm of my right hand. I am going

to point my fingers down to the ground and place the golf putter right along my lifeline

the close my fingers up. It is a very simple grip. The palm of my hand is facing toward

the target. The back of my hand is pointing directly away from the target. That is very

very simple grip. There is really not much to this golf swing. We are just going to hit

golf putts with one arm and that grip. We are not doing anything beyond that at this

point we are only holding the putter in our right and and putting with our right arm.

We are going to get used to that idea first and what it feels like to hold the putter

in that way. Then we are just lining up the putt and swing from the central fulcrum point

which is our right shoulder. Thee is nothing more to it than that. Now that we have established

which arm I am going to putt with and which hand i am going to hold the putter with, and

it might be my right tor left and lets say for me it is my right and we have also talked

about how we are going to hold it in the palm of our hand, facing with our fingers wrapped

around very very simple. The advantage of putting this way is that there is one pivotal

point with no other moving parts. You may have noticed that tour players sometimes practice

a little bit with one arm just to get the feel. You will notice when I am doing this

there is only one thing that is moving or one point that the swing is moving from and

this is my right shoulder. I am not using my wrist and I am not using my elbow all i

am doing is going back and forth from this one pivotal point. Also notice something else

that when I do this little stroke I am not having my hips move or my shoulders move back

and forth at all. It is very much simplified. there is not much going on. All it is this

nice simple motion that is with my arm. Notice that my sternum is staying quiet,right here

this central point. This is a very simple stroke that is why it works so well.

The next thing i do with my students is we are going to hit several dozen golf putts.

Now we are going to pay attention to our sternum staying very very quiet. There is no rocking

motion. Nothing side to side. Our hips are also going to stay very quiet. We going to

only work on that one thing at this point. So we just line up and everything is going

to be quiet and the only thing that is happening is that my arm is swinging from that once

pivotal point. They might hit 20 putts. Once they get the putter head lined up correctly

they start to make putts.

Alot of times their is a misconception that when we a are putting whether it is from a

single fulcrum point or other method that we are taking the putter straight back and

straight forward along a line. That is not really accurate when we are hitting full golf

shots either. Because this club is at an angle and this angle is an inclined plane.When we

take the putter back it actually goes up this inclined plane which matches this shaft so

it is traveling al little inside the line on the ground. When it comes over to the forward

swing side it follow up the incline plane on the forward side of the putting stroke.

So it is not straight back and straight through. If you want to watch this awhile you are putting

with a line on the ground You will notice the putter traveling inside the line slightly

on the back swing and then inside slightly again of the forward swing. You are trying

to force the putter straight back or straight forward along that line. A little bit up the

inclined plane on each side of the stroke. That is just because you letting your arm

swing freely, smoothly, from the fulcrum point without forcing it and forcing it. And when

yo just allow your arm to swing it travels along the inclined plane on the way back and

the way forward.

One of the best ways to practice this is if you have a line on the ground you can visually

see it. In this case I have a stick on the ground but a chalk line would be even better.

You may have a practice aid stick. you will notice i can visually see as i go back a forward

the club head travels inside the line\ on both sides. a little over the stick on both

sides. You can actually see that as yo putt.

The next question that come up is should i just keep on putting with one hand the whole

time. Well you know you could do that and there are some very successful players who

have done just that exact same thing. All they have done is make all their putts with

one arm. Now if you are not comfortable you can take and put your other hand like you

are doing a high five. Now without grasping we are going to just lay it very gently, just

for stability, and what we have to do is have to leave our leading elbow very relaxed. it

is going to tuck in on the way forward so we are not moving our shoulders around. You

see how this right elbow just tucks in.Now i do not need to move my sternum.

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