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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Internet Marketing Retreat Center Part One

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Tom: Hi, Iím Tom Antion and weíre in the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center in

Virginia Beach, Virginia.

This is actually my home that I developed so that people from all over the world could

come in and study in a safe, luxurious and credible environment to learn how to use the

Internet for their own gain, for their own business. So they can tell their boss to,

ìTake this job and shove itGo on vacations when they want and all kinds of great things

that youíll see in the next few minutes.

What you can be sure of, youíre going to get credible training by somebody thatís

making millions of dollars on the Internet. Not some of these scammer artists that want

to tell you how to get rich but theyíre driving old broken down pintos. Youíll see that this

is the real thing. In fact as soon as you get here, youíll see our actual bank statements,

our actual deposits month by month by month over the past couple of years to show you

this is a real credible business opportunity. I canít wait to see you here in Virginia


Stephen Price: I think the best part of my visit to Tomís Retreat Center was just seeing

Tom, seeing his examples. I was able to, by being around him for three or four days, to

see everything thatís possible with this Internet marketing thing and how far you can

really take it.

Sally Trautner: Tom Antion is number one in my books when it comes to Internet marketing

and the information Iíve received in that arena, I believe, can help make the difference

between a great website that brings an incredible amount of money versus a great website that


Mary Jo Wagner: Iíd like to let other people know that the Retreat Center is a wonderful

place for learning everything you need to know about Internet marketing.

Tom: When you get ready to make your trip to the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center,

youíre going to be coming to the largest city in the State of Virginia. We have gorgeous

ocean access. Not right here from the house but weíre very close. Itís a beautiful low

crime city, low cost city. Itís a wonderful experience, fine dining and shopping. Anything

you want, you can find here.

When you get here, you land at the airport, weíre waiting there for you and we pick you

up in a limo. Luxury all the way when you come to the Retreat Center. We bring you in,

we pull up to the front door, we haul your stuff in and put you in a luxurious room.

Or you might get our funny room called the Techno Geek Room where we have a poster of

Bill Gates overlooking the room to make sure that you have a great experience when you

come here.

Sally Trautner: We were picked up first class by a beautiful limousine and treated like

we were absolute royalty.

Ellen Sohart: If we even mentioned one need, one of the staff members immediately was on

the case.

Stephen Price: If you asked for white chocolate chip cookies and thereís a bag of white chocolate

chips in your room. They think of every little thing.

Tom: Before you come here, we have you fill out a very personalized questionnaire and

it goes as far as what snacks you like to eat which will be waiting for you in your

room. But we want to know what your level of expertise is so that I can deliver information

to you thatís right where you need it. If youíre advanced, Iíll keep it to a high

level when Iím talking to you. If youíre a rank beginner, thatís okay. Itís safe

to come here. However, we do have you run through some homework before you get here

so that you can take advantage of the situation. Thereís nowhere else in the world where you

can attend and live in a house with a top level Internet marketer and pick his brain

which is me and my staff for a whole weekend.

Sally Trautner: He brings everything down to a level which anyone can understand it

and he cares about people. He cares about helping everyone ensure that their website

actually is successful and does make money. Thatís something really rare to find in this

day and age.

Tom: Once we get you settled in, we have a little mixer and mingle on Thursday night.

Then Friday morning, breakfast is sharp at 9 and I start laying it on you at 10. I take

you through everything that you need to know to automate your business, to reach hundreds

of thousands or millions of people right from your desktop.

Welcome to the first day of the Retreat. Iím here while everybodyís having breakfast getting

all the files ready that I want them to see so we can move along in a crisp pace, also

reviewing each personís individual file that Iíve looked at last week. We want to make

sure that everybody gets out of here with what they need.

This is where most of the training takes place, the formal training. I have a big screen on

the other side of the room here where everybody can see a representation or projection of

my screens. See all the little nuances that they would never see if they just had a quick

course on this. This is the real thing, the real kind of work that I do everyday to bring

in a fortune on the Internet.

See, thereís probably an order coming in. Remember, they donít all come in by the shopping

cart so Iíve got a staff of people to pick up the phone and take orders too.

Mary Jo Wagner: The best thing I learned I think was finding out the places where Iíve

been making mistakes. I had been making them over and over and over again. I think that

if I hadnít been here in person, I wouldnít have quite caught them or wouldnít have been

able to explain them over the telephone or ask a question on a teleseminar whoís actually

able to look at what I was doing and point out places that I wasnít doing it correctly.

I really appreciate that a lot.

Tom: Iíve got everything set. Pretty soon, Iíll start calling the herds in. I get on

my intercom and say, ìFive minutes to goAnd they start rolling in here. Weíre really

going to have a great weekend with them this weekend and we hope to see you here one of

these days too.

Ray DuGray: Iíve already saved myself probably hundreds of hours in grunt work that Tom has

introduced us to a couple concepts.

Maria Ngo: Being able to watch Tom over his shoulder, what he does on a daily basis and

his actual work that heís doing. You know, itís not, ìHereís a pseudo projectSo

I love that and I love the fact that heís so open. And when you ask him a question,

he doesnít hold back. He gives you all the secrets, all the tips, all the tricks that

heís currently doing.

Tom: One of my favorite things in life is creating things that never existed before.

Thatís what weíre doing right now. Nowhere else on earth can you come in and see a great

group of people like this and let them study right here in the Retreat Center. So Iím

just thrilled everybodyís having a great time and weíre going to really send them

off with a new lease on life with regards to their business efforts.

Ray DuGray: If we can save time, we translate that into dollars.

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