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(mild guitar music)

- Uh, this is Laris.

Laris studio out here in NOHO, North Hollywood.

Um, I think

it's like a secret

but there's like a lot of studios around here.

I know Kendrick's studio is here

and like Derek Ollie's around here, but I love it.

It's my safe, safe place.

(mild guitar music)

(upbeat music)

A lot of

Run River North's first album had to do

with embracing our Korean identity, as Americans.

The band's first single "Monsters Calling Homeless",

was basically about our parents.

You know, they came from foreign land to America.

In hopes to create a better life for their children.

And my dad and Alex's dad.

I think they were both engineers.

My dad worked a liquor store for 20 years.

He started back at zero.

Alex's dad I think he started a shoe shop.

Yeah. And it was rough usually in rough neighborhoods,

So that we could go to school. And um, they weren't angels.

You know, that that's a very hard thing to do.

It's a hard pill to swallow. It's a lot of ego death.

And um,

for us,

as Run River North

who's going to them after all that sacrifice and saying

I'm going to do music.

(mild guitar music)

When I told them I'm quitting my like, white collar job

to pursue music, that was

not a fun conversation.

I was helping out at the house financially.

And this would just mean zero stability.

They're very aware of the risks

of pursuing something that pays out when you tour

when you're out and about.

And I have to do this. I have to do this.

I was in bands like, throughout all my teens.

And I know how hard like, I remember trying so hard

as like, a 17 year old playing bass

like, it's impossible to make it.

Like, how can you get like, somebody from the label

to come out? And so when Run River like,

its early success started to happen

I was like, I, I would regret this more if I didn't take

up the opportunity. And uh, it completely changed my life

(mild guitar music)

I wake up happy every day to uh, know that I get to

create music.

(mild guitar music)


(mild guitar music)

Flash forward to 2021.

Um, We just been through hell and we're coming out of it.

But I think I really do see light at the end of the tunnel.

I think real change is happening.

And I think people are interested in, in stories from people

of color.

I guess people assume every Asians experience

is the same in America. That is not true, obviously.

But, because our stories are starting to be told

there's different versions of that.

You know, during this month I've been blown away

by the love just random people have thrown my way

and the band's way. And um, just random friends.

Like, they'll get a compliment out nowhere.

It is cool to see that people recognize Asians

as normal people. Which is a crazy concept, you know

um, it's really cool that Asian artists are being celebrated

not just in America, but you know, throughout the world

Everyone's a person and has value.

You know, that doesn't make me better

or it doesn't make me worse, either.

I have hope that, that story continues to be told.

(mild guitar music)

All anybody deserves is a shot.

And I think that's starting to happen.

(strumming guitar)

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