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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 2020 State of the County - Pontiac

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Look what's happening around us. We are on a trajectory now for Pontiac when

people used to say the heydays of Pontiac were back when we were

bustling automotive town. I say to them no you haven't seen anything yet and we

are now beautifying our neighborhoods, restoring the pride by getting rid of

the blight. We are now a safer place. We are very happy to have an active and

thriving downtown and people are rediscovering that in great ways. They're

coming back to Pontiac. And finding Pontiac an attractive and efficient place to do

business. One of the benefits that have occurred because of this

Renaissance is the development that's come in. All of those things have made

Pontiac not only a place of destination but have shown investment in this

community means not only opportunity but prosperity. Over the last 25 years this

one group, Greater Pontiac Community Coalition and Committee of 50 we've been

able to develop a working relationship with new businesses to come in,

entrepreneurs to come in, the Oakland University Pontiac partnership that's

helped us to bring about what we call a positive and sustainable change.

Oakland University and Pontiac share of vision and a future. It's a partnership that is

beneficial to both the residents of Pontiac as well as Oakland University.

You have our faculty and our staff that are engaged in service-learning projects

that impact the quality of life of the citizens of Pontiac. These businesses

that are coming into the city are going to require talent. And so we just want to

make sure that our residents of Pontiac are educated and are ready to take

advantage of those jobs. And we're very happy for the number of jobs that have

come in with all the different businesses that we've indicated. Jobs of

all types. Peninsula Plastics is an example of those kinds of businesses

that find Pontiac attractive place to grow.

Peninsula Plastics is a returnable packaging provider for various industries,

automotive, textile and retail. All our products we make are 100% recyclable and

reusable. In total we've invested about eight million dollars into this facility

in Pontiac. We're planning to contribute to Pontiac's future growth by continuing

to hire more individuals. We have an apprenticeship program and look forward

to expanding our operation here. My hope is that when people talk of Michigan,

they will talk of the great, livable conditions in the city of Pontiac. A great

place to raise the family, a great place to enjoy the Arts, a great place to see

history unfold. My hope is that when people say Pontiac they're saying place to be.

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