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- Ew!

Popcorn is such a good thing.

It tastes delicious, but when you look at this thing

I don't think you wanna eat it.

(electronic dance music)

Welcome back to What's Inside,

I'm Lincoln and this is Dan, and today I'm going

to let you say what we're cutting open,

because I'm going to eat some of this popcorn.

- Well, you've seen the title,

"What's Inside of Microwaveable Popcorn."

I know, don't leave us those comments,

I know you're already going for it:

there's popcorn inside of microwaveable popcorn,

But, no, I'm really curious to see what's inside of it

when you cut it open before you've microwaved it.

- Yup, it's really interesting.

I haven't seen what's inside of popcorn.

- Made with non-GMO corn, natural colors, no preservatives,

no high fructose corn syrup, no sugar added.

- I don't even know what most of those things mean.

That's weird

But we're gonna see what's inside of it!

- This looks really sponsored right now

with all these brands: Pop Secret,

Orville Redenbacher, Skinnygirl.

I don't even know if that's microwaveable.

This one right here is movie theater butter,

so they try to make it really sound really, really healthy.

(dog barks) Dog.

It's saying all the right things that you look at

on the shelf, and you're like, yeah this is a healthy treat.

- This is a tasty--

- Treat.

- It's healthy

- But there's butter in there, so--

- It can't be that healthy.

- What can it look like?

(acoustic guitar music)

- Alright, so all of the good stuff is right here

in this little pouch in the middle, so we need a knife.

Let's go with Mr. Orville.

Wait, is Orville the same guy as the KFC guy?

He looks a lot like him, - He looks older.

- I think they're brothers.

- Maybe.

- Let us know in the comments.

What's the story with that?

(ominous music)

- Oh, what is that?

- Oh my gosh, whoa.

- Ew!

That looks disgusting.

- It does look gross.

- I don't know if I wanna eat popcorn again.

It's like wax.

- I didn't think that's what it would look like in there.

PopSecret, this is the secret.

What's the secret?

(both exclaim)

Oh, man!

It's kind of like a wasps' nest.


This one right here is much more orange and earwaxy.

Orville definitely appears to have more of the gooey stuff.

It looks kind of like mac and cheese.

- [Lincoln] Popcorn is such a good thing.

It tastes delicious.

But when you look at this thing,

I don't think you want to eat it.

- [Dan] Wanna lick it?

- Not really.

Oh you're, no, no.

- Okay, that's gross.

That's like, straight nasty wax.

This one, oh!

- [Lincoln] (laughs) I just, like--

- Just seeing if it tastes salty.

- You're eating it!

Why are you eating it?

- It doesn't taste salty, I don't know!

This is the same exact stuff right here.

This is the same stuff, what the heck?

How is this healthy?

Like they tell you all the stuff on the side

but this is what you're eating when you down an entire bag?

Like, I've eaten a lot of popcorn.

When you go to the movie theater, we eat way more than this.

- I have giant tubs of it!

- This is going straight to right here in my belly.

- I like your little bubble belly.

- I've gotta see the comparison, 'cause this is Skinnygirl.

If you're gonna be skinny, you probably

shouldn't be eating all of this, right?

- I am afraid to touch it, it looks so gross.

- Oh, created by our friends at Orville Redenbacher.

These are the same people that made this.

"You'll love this lighter twist on the classic butter blend.

"We've added addictive sea salt."

If a girl's gonna eat popcorn,

she's gonna choose this one over the extra movie butter.

So the bag is smaller, that right there

makes you feel skinnier.

Instead of having the two flaps that open,

it's this and it's small.

Maybe the skinny just means it has less calories

because it's a smaller portion.

- Oh, what is all that white stuff?

- Why's it white? - Why?

- It's not as much, though.

You gotta give them credit for that.

Butter, it's gotta be just butter.

Regular Orville Redenbacher looks more like

macaroni and cheese, this one just

looks like half a stick of butter.

- Why do you eat them all?

It's so nasty!

- It tastes salty.

- Don't do that.

It's so gross.

It is really just, ugh, nasty butter.

- It's supposed to be cooked.

If I eat popcorn you gotta pop it

before you corn it, then you eat the corn.

Is there actually corn in there?

It's popcorn!

Why would it be called popcorn?

Oh, I see.

- It's corn. Did you know that this is what corn looks like?

Before it's popped?

- Oh yeah, because they have, like, little little tiny bits

and sometimes at the movie at the very bottom,

then you like reach in and you shove it in your mouth--

- Okay, now you remember.

I think we've seen what's inside of it.

- Now we need to pop it!

We need popcorn poppin' on the apricot machine.

- It's gonna make a mess in our microwave.

- We should totally do it.

- Where's Mom at?

- She's upstairs.

(dramatic note)

So we have a very fancy vase today.

- I think the vase is probably the way to go,

just because it'll contain some of the splashing,

possibly, of the butter. - Possibly.

- Should we put all three in at once?

- No, just the two, those two.

The movie popcorn.

- Okay.

- Oh, just.

- We'll have to get a new vase.

Momma won't mind.

Oh, it's already popping, how's it already popping?

- [Lincoln] What's going on in there?

- [Dan] Ooh, alright, we're taking a pause.

Let's look at it.

- [Lincoln] Ooh!

Get that away from me.

It looks like SpaghettiOs.

- [Dan] This is where we're at, right here.

- [Lincoln] That looks like SpaghettiOs.

(playful music)

(Lincoln exclaims)

- [Lincoln] It's like jumping beans!

(playful music)

(popcorn crackles)

- [Lincoln] Is that hot?

- Yes.

It's amazing to me that all of that butter and gooey stuff

is actually seeped into every little kernel that's in here.

And so there's not much of a liquid-y residue left over.

Hey, this should be a new cooking series.

(funky guitar music)

- [Lincoln] It just looks nasty!

- [Dan] It's just a ton of the orange,

macaroni-and-cheese-style, gooey, cheesy oil.

(record scratches)

That one was really yellow.

- Much more gross than I thought.

I didn't really understand the butter.

- Well, what did you think butter looked like?

- I still love popcorn, but I don't know

if I'm gonna eat as much of it because now I know

what's inside of it and it's kind of gross.

- You could still eat it!

Popcorn is yummy, in moderation.

Moderation in all things is good.

Do you know what moderation means?

- Polished?

- Mods in all things.

No, let Lincoln know in the comments

what the word moderation means.

- Thanks!

Ew, yucky.

It's so gross.

Is there actually corn in there?

I didn't really understand the butter.

Ew, why are you--

- It tastes salty, I don't know!

- It's healthy.

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