Practice English Speaking&Listening with: AH Animated - Ryan's Culling Trolling

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Ryan: I... don't know how these work

Ryan: (spit)

Michael: Ryan, you probably hold it and shoot it Jack: I think this is going well

Jack: I think you just swallowed the poison dart

Ryan: (throwing up)

Jack: He inhaled

Ryan: Aw, now I'm blind

Michael: All right. This is not good Ryan: Nope, this is real bad

Michael: This is not good. I just--

Jack: Awwww Michael: Awwww

Gavin: Oh whale!

Ryan: There's two of 'em here!

Michael: Are they teaming up on you? No they're not!

Michael: Oh shit, they are fighting! Just run!

Gavin: Run away! Ryan: I can't see! Michael: Just pick a direction and run!

Michael: Just run in a direction!

Ryan: Ahhhhhhhhh....

Michael: You are not poisoned, you have five health

Michael: If they are fighting Ryan: Eeeeeeeeee.....

Michael: You may actually be able to get away

Gavin: Maybe he threw his knife at a fence

Michael: I like how your escape noise was "Eeeeeeee..."

Michael: I would hide up against that one, Ryan

Gavin: You can mush yourself,

Gavin: against the side of it Jack: Look at them fighting over there!

Michael: That's pretty fucking funny to watch in the background

Jack: They're breakdance fighting!

Father Michael: Go for it! Go for it!

Momma Jack: Alright, Ryan? For the love of God, don't throw your knife

Ryan: Shut up!

*Geoff dying in the background*

Ryan: Alright, one of them's dead Gavin: Oh! There's a thing on the floor!

Gavin: Get the thing!

Michael: Oh, yes... Oh, get-- aw, damn!

Jack: You went right into it Michael: Damn

Got Flippered

Jack: Oohhhhhh (Gavin and Jack laughing)

Jack: You just clubbed him!

Jack: Yeah, get the man tracker! Ryan: Shut up!

Michael: Chop him! Chop! Chop somebody!

Jack: Grab that man tracker!

Jack: Don't-- yeah, don't-- don't bother fighting them!

Ryan: Shut up!

Ryan: For the love of God!

Jack: Get real close to 'em but don't do anything!

Ryan: You're the loudest, dumbest man! Jack: Man tracker! No, no, no bring out the man tracker

Ryan: SHUT UP!!!

[Geoff laughing in background]

Michael: God...

Jack: Throw it! Yeah! There you go! Michael: Nice!

Michael: Right in the head! Jack: There you--

Jack: And he picked it up, and he picked it up

Jack: You threw it-- and he PICKED up your fucking knife! Ryan: I hit him!

Ryan: I hit him with it! Gavin: "The loudest, dumbest man..."

Ryan: I had no chance!

Michael: Hey, well, thanks for watching The Culling...

Jack: "Hey! You guys-- you need a knife? Here's a knife!"

Ryan: Do you want to hear---

Jack: Alright, cool

Ryan: Do you want to hear the dumbest advice any human--

Ryan: --has ever given another? Jack: You threw your knife--

Ryan: Invite Jack Patillo over! Jack: --he picked it up, and used it to kill you!

Ryan: He's just gonna shout stupid things!

Jack: He killed you with your own knife, Ryan *Geoff still dying in the background*

Ryan: "HURGH! ERGH! Just do something! Oh no, you're holding the wrong thing! ERGH!"

Ryan: "I'm so much better! AAAHH!"

Ryan: "Remember that time I just choked to death on poison and killed myself 3 seconds into a Let's Play?"


Jack: Alright, let's stop!

Ryan: Only it's fatter!

[Michael and Jack laughing]

The Description of AH Animated - Ryan's Culling Trolling