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So the concept to bring a violin player and was there

So that I put out the word night was auditioning violin players, and I was petrified

I was scared to death when they started coming down


nobody could play

I mean there was these guys that these folks that could like shred and play really fast and do all this stuff

But none of them had really good intonation

or really understood the nuances of making a piece of music sounded like music and

I started I started to think that my expectations were unrealistic

But then Alex DePue showed up, and when he started playing I

[remember] falling to my knees, and thank you. God

This guy just he nailed it. I mean some people are just gifted in and

When ice when he started to play and I heard his intonation. I heard his ability to

hear what I was doing and respond and his ability to play extremely difficult things with ease and

Also, play, you know light stuff. I mean, we

I offered this audition piece shadows and sparks

which is from

the new Record and it's a big long violin Cadenza you know and

it's difficult not because it's fast, but because the you know there's there's

particular ways that it has to be


Approached and articulated. It's very specific and

There's a lot of double stops which are two notes at the same time that are very difficult on the violin

Especially like fits that are changing in thirds and pizza, and you know it's they need to be in tune

and you know it's so easy to practice scales till you're blue in the face, but

try to play parallel fifths and thirds on the violin into even slowly and nobody can do it and

But alex just nailed it and made it not only couldn't play this stuff, but he made it sound like music

So I thought okay now my expectations are a little more realistic

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