Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Interview: Elinor Olisa, Degree Art

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We are one of the UK's first online art galleries.

We represent student and graduate artists

by providing a platform that links the artist as they

graduate with the art buying public.

Our Nesta R&D grant is going to be

used for a project called Artelite.

Artelite is going to be seeking to future-proof

the relationship between artists, galleries,

arts organisations, and buyers online.

The value that I believe this research and technology is

going to have for arts organisations and galleries.

The initial one is paperwork takes a long time.

You can't rush lawyers.

The second thing that I've learned

is to be responsive to your research results.

They probably won't actually turn out

what you expected them to 100%, and you

need to be able to react to that.

And the third thing is if you do hit a hold up or something

changes along the way, be able-- be

adaptable-- to be able to change your focus onto another element

of the project because things very quickly pile up

and you want to make sure you've been

responsive to what you need to do.

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