Practice English Speaking&Listening with: El secreto de los "7 segundos" para lograr una Venta Cápsula #7

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The vast majority of

security companies have based the

Education and training of their

consultants through or focused

the negotiation lasts

years ended to use

convincing arguments to convince

its customers

that this is definitely necessary but

not enough

Smart & Smart has come to

change the rules of the game because it has

learned with the latest developments in the

neurosciences and especially in a

new trend called the

neurovegetative in this sense, it has been

shown that at a meeting in a

negotiation at the end your client

will only remember three things. Is going to

remember how you started

How you informed and the perception of

time between the first and the


Take note it's interesting that

normally we have prepared

for only the

arguments which is why i ask that from

now in every negotiation please

prepare for the things

that are fundamental first that

will impact not only that it is


good day, how are you, but something that

will get there attention and change there

mood and you give all there


second get ready to have the best

First impression possible, remember that

70% of the first impression is

generated in the first seven seconds

What can we do in only 7

seconds because let me tell you many

things to prepare your best handshake,

the best location, look your best

your best laughter but

all this must be genuine


prepare well for these first

seven seconds

prepare yourself, for it to be a

memorable moment so that people may

remember your subsequent arguments

smart and smart comes to change

the game because it's not only

focused on selling products and

its profits it is focused on

generating the well being for our

consultants and well being for their clients

through innovative products

extraordinary services and with a

continuous plan of improvement that will make

a great and successful consultant

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