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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Intuition prior to Name -Brixton March2008 Part2

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Who Am I? Part 2

The Intuition prior to Name


This is the power of the mind

you may say, when believed in.

Who believes in the mind?

The beingness believes in the mind.

What is this beingness?

The intuition, the natural feeling, 'I am'.

That intuition also holds

the impression of the name Patricia.


That intuition, that sense,

that beingness itself,

you see,

is the watcher of the mind itself.

It is the original witness, it's the witness.

It's the witnessing.

It's that dynamic witnessing.

But that witnessing, okay,

that witnessing;

it's not the Absolute witness!

Because when you go to deep sleep

you cannot witness anything.

You cannot witness any story.

You could go to bed with your

freshly married husband

and you cannot take him

into that state with you.

You cannot take even God

in this state with you

the remembering.

You cannot even take 'I'

in that state with you;

and you love deep sleep!

You spend good money

to buy a good bed

to get into the state where you forget everything

including yourself,

and you love it!

You love to be 'I' less.

Nobody buys a bed for dreaming.

Dreaming is a second class ticket.


You buy a bed to forget everything

completely, including your own existence

and in that space you are refreshed.

Your beingness, your body,

mind, and all your faculties

are refreshed

in total liquidation.

Why you're not afraid of that?

I'll tell you why you're not afraid of that,

because you have the promise inside yourself;

you have the sense that you'll come out of it;

that tomorrow will be another day.

Nobody signed this agreement with you

but you took it.

Suppose it was not given to you

that tomorrow would come,

would you not sleep tonight?

Probably not.


So something is aware

even of the sense,

the intuition, 'I am'.

'I am.'

The highest knowledge

is that intuition, 'I am',

which is synonymous with the original seer,

the original witness, so to speak,

which functions when consciousness is available

either in the form of the waking state

or the dreaming state.

But that consciousness,

that witnesses existence,

is not there in deep sleep state;

and yet something enjoys deep sleep.

I wonder what it is?

Something enjoys deep sleep.

If you wake up in the morning

and your night is full of dream

then you look a bit ragged and grumpy.

When you go into total annihilation

of any perception,

you come into real rest.

You wake up refreshed.

Then the feeling 'I am' is there again,

and then the me comes,

and then job,

and all behind, something is there

that sees without eyes.


It has no job, it has no tomorrow,

it has no yesterday,

has no intention,

has no work to complete,

it has no followers,

it has no religion.

Perfect you see.

You are that, you are there,

and you are that and there

here and now.

Not as a gift,

not as a consequence;



beyond any variation,

you're here.

This existence is for

celebrating yourself.

When you forget yourself

you bring in a taste of what you call suffering;

then you convert your 'I' into an orphan.

When you remember yourself,

best thing you can say,

you can say,

you are the child of God.

When you witness this 'I am-ness' state

you are beyond all.

There are no words there.

You cannot describe there.

There's no night or day there.

There's no life or death there.

It's not stagnant or sterile;

it's not a vacuum or a void.

It simply is

the womb of existence itself.

Existence itself

is taking its birth in you.

You may think that these words are very lofty,

maybe poetic even,

but if you analyze them,

contemplate them,

they're only confirming yourself.

They're only mirrors to your own being.


March 29, 2008 Brixton, London

The Description of The Intuition prior to Name -Brixton March2008 Part2