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ok here we are with other episodes good afternoon everyone welcome home

welcome to a gray winter day and depressing outside but hey we're a

a little hurried because we are being ending the day today is friday and you

we had promised that tomorrow would be this video

the dog hooked me to go to the park I just came with him and I enjoyed it outside

veron but well let's do so first of all in this video

we wanted to send a couple of greetings there a boy who writes us about mexico and

He tells us that his grandfather is a super channel fan and has become

fan seems to be all that is Argentinian from food to

stories wants to know more and asked us if we can send you greetings so

we are going to do it now andres herrera

of querétaro so andrés herrera a big greeting to you thank you for

follow the channel and be interested in everything that is Argentine today

there is a day we go through Mexico what we are going to visit and there is also a

couple of grandparents from Argentina who are channel fans and asked us for their

granddaughter or her daughter to see if we can make a mention and they are monica

Martin and Daniel Acosta and Canada Greetings for them also from canada and since

We are also sending a little greeting to consolations aldana she is from tijuana that

also always go and comment and well these three no more because if we don't

Reach the video are years of greetings to your aunts who also always look

buenos aires that the family resigned we always remember them and we always

look at the cousins ​​and everything they are on that good side then now

we continue with the subject the subject where we were on the subject with

the topic p in the last video did you talk a little about how they started

a work a construction the hotel construction but you

they were still living in montreal if it wasn't already the issue is that many people are

commenting I read them in the last no come to Argentina to invest money

don't even think about it is crazy but I I'm telling you something that happened in the

year we start in year 84 so it's late, boy, it's over

did and many will also ask how being in canada in such a country

cute so unstable is so different it it happens to them to go there in the

Argentina but well this all depends we already came with a

a good trailing back our tired and it was a decision that was not taken to the

light saw we walked in canada looking to see the other business that

we could do being bankrupt was little and the sums of money that

they needed were sidereal we had figured out for example to put a

McDonald's and talking to the people of McDonald tells us if there is no problem

to put a concession a strip is who call him here and tell us but

you have to have a minimum of a million dollars and not in

property is good car good in cash money that's the investment that

you have to put in order to have a mcdonald's concession and in that

time where it was enough we are talking about that one at the beginning of

1900s of the 80s that is, they later built everything

the place and they gave him the concession and they had an area

where no other mcdonald restaurant is could finally build you know

how does it work later we also look a cafeteria called the bank

those asked for like 175 thousand dollars we were finding out franchise is from

pizzeria finally something but there was no way no no you couldn't it was it was too much

money then the time came that we are in the

dilemma of not between the sword and the wall that makes very choose we stay

here in canada working and we try to do something else in some other country like

I already tell you at that time Canada to the US economy was dead

did not move were dead ducks in the water and interestingly the

phenomenon that latin america with that awakening of democracy over all

the countries began to leave the dictatorships and fall into democracy and

began to grow we listened here for example growths mexico a

growth that Argentina grew in short all countries

they grew and we were here fried they saw so

we don't feel at that moment like when julius caesar met they saw

in front of the rubicon and I had to decide if he crossed with his legions or if

it didn't cross and we were in the same situation we stay in canada or

we take a chance and send ourselves the quixotized and we try to do something for

down there and see if it goes well this one was very undeserved because the

quality of life could have been always very superior maybe not so much in

tranquility instability because you already know how our countries

all of mexico down are always convulsed scrambled this

politically intertwined that is it was already known that it was

and maybe it's always the same but such the quality of life i mean having another

quality of life what do I know about living in a weather more

11 could enjoy more maybe have a type of activity that should not be

Massacre 16 16 hours per day without practically enjoy life is not

true more than work work work here in north america that seems to be like

that life one I compare it remembers at that time when they were still using

the horses to make this deliveries in the cities that shared with horses

with cars and the horse they put a what the winters were called here and for

that the horse could not look for sides and nothing but forward

they saw good here it seems that in these first world countries life

as well as one puts you in one of those

I don't know what they are called and you can only look forward and forward one goes

they saw another one sitting in the car and with a long stick with a thread and a carrot

hanging and tells you give if more fast the reached put it hurry up more

that you can get it I always trying to nibble the

carrot and in the meantime you pass the life so good

what we did was also say as he said july caesar latin alea iacta est gain

that means the dice have rolled or in other words the die is cast

once we take the address the luck is cast and we are not going to

go back so well that's for explain more or less my brother

Then I was already in Argentina with me mom we had already started the

construction in the previous video already them I explained the problems we had

had and if I worked in Montreal with my wife

and we sent silver was a a voracity for money that had that

project because it was big in a thousand meters building squares part of

hotel but also had to spare some old houses that were the ones

my dad had built on the property and required it required money so it

worked and worked and sent money for the concert and another problem

great to be presented to us was that the Canadian dollar in that

moment began to devalue and each time more and I had to my brother

send US dollars no canadian dollars nobody wanted them the

robert canadian so they weren't no they were negotiable as who says and then

I remember that I passed by there in montreal there was a house that was

a exchange house and the blackboard of outside also when the dollar was

American and every day a penny minus one cent less one cent less

to the Canadian dollar yen and came to fall up to 48% pay the dollar

use i needed almost a dollar fifty Canadians to buy a

American dollar and that felt because they were sums that

that in size made a difference but we couldn't do anything we were

had turned the tortilla when we get to nothing the dollar

Canadian was taller than the dollar American for every Canadian dollar

they gave you 1 point almost 1.10 dollars seriously we arrived in canada with a

Canadian dollar stronger than the most strong and the US dollar and now

that we are with this project theme the Canadian dollar had already lost 50

percent of its value in relation to American dollar

so we continued and the issue was that we were trying to get the work done

largest part the most important and we had decided not to travel

immediately to Argentina but this is going to be a long term project

at least 10 years then if in the meantime we had

decided that we also want to form the family with my wife and we wanted that

the boys were born in canada that were to express that they can have the

citizenship if they are born in other countries but we didn't want to go through all that

paperwork problem and apart we wanted have the theme that here medicine

it is all covered by the state born here there is no cost to

give birth or have a child in a hospital and well, that was the thing

the first one that came in the present here next to me they left us

some photos and today we can't do the computer theme because there was no

time to scan all this so I'm going to look at them and then go

putting on the screen is already look there I'm with Audrey what when

when she was born how many months will that be

two months three months because she he was born prematurely one day

agreement that we were walking with your mom we had gone for a walk what

we know she exercises all the afternoons we had already been giving a

long walk around the neighborhood and that night he says to me and it seems to me that I feel that

I have to go to the hospital so I had not yet dawned I raised it to

I took her to the hospital and she arrived at hospital and the doctor said less badly that

he came because he was already head almost outside you loved each other until you arrived

early you arrive early veron and So he was born but there was still time

for you to be born and then how was born premature on him they said well he will have

to stay in an incubator and you were like two weeks i think two or three weeks

in the incubator and of course my wife went home and we had to

go to visit every day we pass much more than anything my wife because

I worked but work always happened there we

we got together and had to feed him and there was no way you didn't want to eat

we give you some little bottles like that and they put it in your mouth and hit two

you suck ready and stop and you had left asleep and the disease did not say

grab her in the hair here and pulled neele a little like that to wake her up and

keep taking us and if it was difficult for having put in those machines of

glass an incubator and they had put you I think a probe that in the in the

head to give you I don't know serum I don't know what and they had put a special light on you

because you were born with a digital like when they are born yellowish

they need a light and for them to go all that so good came home and

she was the first one is not true and later it arrived

so the second one has already met her also you where you have the channel

Christian who is living one hour away here came ashley

yes with ashley it was difficult because she was born with a problem of seconds

the doctor said that his system digestive was not yet formed the

100% so this baby is crying day and night it didn't stop it was a cry

as in pain and we went to see a specialist and tell us they gave us a

to fill out a form tell us with a blue pen when she is awake

with red when he cries and when we came back to the doctor and it takes love is like a

puddle like like a graph was no and when we take it he says you guys

they were wrong in the said that with blue when it feels good and with red when

cries because the red graph pleasing they saw says how can this be we are

practically 24 hours and we say yes me now and does not stop and in pain the

we put up the machine the clothes dryer in a bassinet and

we turned on the machine to see if the vibration helped him we succeeded

aniseed that they said helped with gas I took her for a ride in the car

in the back seat of the back seat and as it was a diesel and did a little

there from noise and moved to see if the vibration there was no way were

like four months is one thing desperate I couldn't sleep I don't know

could rest the mother was liquidated because you had to attend to it and there were

hours so the neighbors who want to be complained

the two neighbors because we lived in a apartment and there were two neighbors that

they lived next door and of course they didn't touch the walls are

cardboard walls is that they lived constantly hitting the walls

of the creatures wept and what can we do us so the fourth month

I think it was overnight just as he had started that short and

never had problems of any kind are those guys who call them colic

seen the colic and didn't publish me later the third one appeared here are three

together on the floor in the carpet the of medium

ariel she arrived too and already good they were the formalist family at

same time we were going on vacation worked but of course we

we took vacations more than anything the winter months to cut a

bit that brutality of winter in montreal

and we go here we have pictures of when we were first with you were not

none of the others and we had gone to Guadalupe to a French island in the

Caribbean and we left two weeks to take vacations here we are is

bathing with your dad

a beautiful sea the caribbean sea saw there French was spoken because of course

is one is a dependency of france here also in the afternoon walking

by the beach she was still wearing diaper and as soon as we got to the beach it was called

the beach where we were going called the beach of racing clair on the beach of las

clear roots then because the name and as soon as she reached the beach what

the first thing he did was attack he ends diaper and slowly he was walking to

the water to go into the sea no solo voice I took it out and when I left later there

more photos we already show more when you went out they grabbed me my teaser

mine my shirt and I put it on but It was so long that it touched to the feet

it was a dress it seemed and so he liked it to look when we went to the supermarket

we had rented an apartment and we we cook by color with luxury

with the baby we said a hotel is more that is, we take every afternoon to

buy the supermarket and here she is carrying a baguette one of those breads

that the French eat at long flutes and look at the baguette is folded but

highest of bosnia

and also this one and let's go to Cuba we went several times to cuba island as already

I told them that we had for him family maternal grandfather's side that

the family was divided and some were for the side of Cuba

Cayetano's grandfather went to Argentina but there were others that went to Cuba and

they had settled in the area of Santiago de Cuba so we

We were in Cuba at the time that Cubans were forbidden to own

US dollars saw and we had arrived with the two girls and

every time we went to the restaurant to eat

the first days as they didn't know us a little there was a little bit

confidence but once they grabbed trust and we started talking this one

I came not even grabbed you girls the waitresses and they took them to

walk around and there the others began to come employees and our wife were encouraged

and me to the table and they put us tickets American dollars well below the

dishes and they told us because in each you there was a store called I think

it was incorporated something something with tour and they were businesses that could only enter

foreigners and had to pay with US dollars but in there

everyone had cocacola beer budweiser argentinian wines bulls

Spanish smoked clothes shampoo everything that you could find in a

normal and capitalist society was already inside but the Cuban could not enter

buy then they asked us look girls that debit that has come the

perfume the soap and he and the shampoo you can buy me and

we of course got up from the table and we go to the store we bought we brought and

there came another girl look has been seen that some stockings have arrived for

my daughter's girls my daughter we we spent the holidays doing that and

meanwhile the other employees they walked the girls so that we

we are free or they took you in the cart all over the hotel now and there them

they carried their arm because she was a baby practically newborn and if there is

also photos on the beach where you they made friends with these Cuban boys

anyway I don't want to talk about politics they saw but

we really broke our soul see that because we were at the beach

were their little friends who had done without joking and cuba with

the mother and the vendors of pizza with a basket two girls

dressed in a white shirt a blue skirt pizza pizza pizza and you're

girls said mom mom miss how much Ok, the pizza was asked and

girls this one chose her girl but you you know this is not for you

this only for tourists or that the Cuban was on the beach where

it was that he was looking like the tourist had access to everything and they didn't

they could acquire nothing the same with ice cream once we were on the beach of

he got some ice cream let's all go over there and the ladies tell me no

we can leave later as we can go no we don't

they are not going to serve us because the ice creams that are dispensed like this on the beach

only for the tourist and now it has changed a bit because the

Cuban may have US currency teapot is extracted but at that time

that everything was well closed to I got it

a surprise and a very big dislike because in fact unlike here there are

another I am with you at sea and so then the subject of the

of the work continued and the time came in that the part was already finished

great the heavy of the work had dated they had put all

enclosures doors windows and so on et cetera and then we decided that my

brother also return to canada and help yourself a little to generate funds to

finish because I was already busted like who says of the hours

working at the same time I started to have column problems so much

so much effort is not true I remember that started a whole day i got home

in the afternoon and in the evening almost at night I'm going to get out of the car and I couldn't

getting out of the car had looked like

a hinge without heron oil I went down as I could and we lived

on a first floor and to climb the I had to climb the stairs like crawling

the four legs could not straighten and the because of the lumbar problem they saw

this so good doctors pills anti-inflammatory muscle relaxants

the whole process but what happened it was a disk problem and they had

spent the disks and there were the vertebrae already touching bones with bone and

the doctor tells me look at the activity that you make sitting all day

it's the worst thing you can do for this kind of true condition so it's going to

have to start looking for another activity and again so good

continued to continue working I did not give many balls good and every time

attacks those lumbar were more followed and the problem was that every time I

they threw the bed for longer first time it was a week I got up

I could continue to settle down with two and three weeks and the last time I had

almost a month and a half in bed prostrate I couldn't get up to the bathroom

what had happened to him ever knows about what I speak and well my brother had

returned also then we decided that I kept working during the day and he

I worked during the night so it was 24 hours generating or trying

to generate money for for this topic the only day that more or

least we started taking free was the Sunday and I remember that the car that

we had us was with diesel engine so in winter in

Montreal with those cold diesel engine is a problem to make it boot if not

they pay it and during the week there was problem because I finished working

takes him to look for my brother at his house he took me to my house and went with him

car and tata tata ta ta ta but the Sunday thickened the

problem that all night autonomy outside

yes but plugging it in and everything was was there are times that cost him I remember that

one time I couldn't tear it out had been parked there we were

outside but the house had a parking and I had to fill the

hot tub with some 20 liter buckets

the engine to the engine boiling water up of the engine they saw until a group of

beings to boot and after that I say no because if you have to do bring a

crane and taken to freeze you they have to change the oil that 13 comes out

more expensive than I say let's do another thing the days that the car in the winter

they don't work I'm going to leave everything the night remember to give it to another in

march on the sidewalk the stonework was very little girl I don't realize and then what

what he was doing was letting him go, putting the heating to a minimum closed four

doors and I was going to sleep all night and there are times when I woke up at two o'clock

three in the morning and looked we had a large window a balcony window and

I looked out and of course those days of Montreal winter at that time

they saw the wind and snow flying white and the car looked at him I was a

volkswagen iniesta but in Argentina in

South America do not know him with that name I don't know if fox or golf or something like that and

when the gusts of wind come what he lifted from behind the seduction car what

he would lift like that from behind the car he said it both his grandson where he is going to fly and

go so wrong for corner and the engine all night to load the

road like a lady like a machine of sewing and of course at night it cost me

four dollars of fuel have it in march and if it didn't tear me away and I had to

call a crane and the whole process here so I liked 250 dollars

that I said I don't let it go and so I was moving up to what

well here we have some pictures of the part of the other we are as we were

building we had a property that it was a field and this we had a waterfall

of English water there we will agree we could with the Comboni yesi and me

the sheepmen did them there nothing was like a little lake a waterfall of water a

beautiful little lagoon formed and there He wore the sheep to be stuck

the bathrooms certain beautiful place this photo here all these flowers that

come in sandals and each of these the plant with bulbs dahlias do

as a kind of roots are all tubers and when one takes it out and

separates them and plants each one of those bulbs there comes a new plant or

whatever is where these photos of flowers is the view from our hotel

from asia to the mountain This is the view we have

This is another view of the area near where are we we don't recognize that

I'm there you were eating the other time when we went they recognized this queue

so if you see these photos and compare

with those photos that we have demonstrated from those snow days

that gray that which is what that is, this voice is here with your

little sister coming down the stairs from which our house that looks at the flowers

parties and daisies are surrounded by hydrangea of

daisies and these big ones here that I don't know what's his name and an explosion in the

summer exploding but nature a beauty a thing of not creating it but

This is the entrance to our property here you see the road is a winter day

and those pines that see back are the ones planted my dad in 1941

cypress is cedars et cetera et cetera et cetera we have a

entrance but a beauty when I was all parquizado was an earthly paradise

this place here is the water tank that we built to give water to the hotel now

entire property entire complex this tank what we did with

my brother was that when he arrived in the winter months to canada we grab 45

weeks we stopped everything and in the summer what we agreed sorry in the

summer winter because we arrived at the Argentina and it was winter and in one of the

trips we went to build the tank of water and we built it between my brother

a mason and a helper and I all the irons cut the rods to

make the beams the columns the formwork the wells we had to

dig to make them down here there are two meters deep the shoe of each

column in one of these we found a giant quartz stone that doesn't

we could break up with nothing and we had it to take out of the well with some planks

we had put the we are with a rope we brought a horse thing they saw but of

titanic in which we had to do that this stone that was there in the

three years that the stone that falls there the rays for a day were

waiting how it was I don't remember you had gone to the town well we

they left with anna yes but we were walking running and outside it was raining and

we went into the dining room and right and here of honest but I thought it was on

from the palm tree in front of the door because we saw the light in front of us

frightened me waiting because what is quartz attracts the

electric shock of lightning and that it was a mound where this was built

water tank and down is a quarry of quartz and there they hit always fall is a

amazing thing how lightning strikes we always did this pond for 45

thousand liters of water and I am all that I know go we did the wall of

brick is back here that built it with these two saw without knowing anything about

Masonry saw the claw of a day I said but with how difficult it can be

be build a brick wall brick arrangement the truck mix the

mix and pum I lifted it all one says has a record look when you live in that

zone I had to become mechanic because he fixed the cars

own plumber electrician veterinarian because we had we had

brought that there were little animals in a farm there was everything i said

we have good horses sheep goats rabbits geese ducks

hens dogs cats exact everything and I remember when I brought the puppies

sheepdog this was a guy who had been occupying a property that

we had in town no longer the we have and had left a light bill

with the cooperative but huge then when I go to the cooperative I tell him

but look it wasn't me it was the person who was there already your properties

you are responsible and I find out that this guy had a bitch that was

had given had had puppies and I I was looking for you remember that I was

looking for dogs in the field are needed good dogs and tell me if the bitch

He had a baby because he is trying to sell them and I say well this I'm going to

collect the light with two dogs and when arrive directs them follow quite

good 80 percent breed I say well let's go to one thing a corn

luxury and I'm going to take two puppies of these yes yes no problem

two tells me but it still lacks like two weeks or three until waking up

from mom and I go long to a friend I was a veterinarian, I tell you

knowing those dogs tells me yes yes they are good dogs a breed dog says but

they sell them to you at any time because the vet came to

offer it so I tell you and how do I do if three weeks left with mom

still the vet tells me no matter

take the puppies now and when you arrive at your house and you will feed him

make sure you beat two eggs you put three or four tablespoons of cream

of that of the cake and you put half a few calcium supplements and I don't know what and I

he says apart from the food you give him always give one of these

and that were two balls like that of wool they saw german shepherd black

and I took him home and started giving him that we agreed had posts of

granaditas had the round so with the cream and then smoothie and everything

that and the vet took it and I says for enough because

they are going to burst don't give them more so they did quite a lot already grown up and

you had to vaccinate them and one day I'm going to night

they don't like to get in the car you saw are valid means I have to vaccinate me

says well tell me the vaccine veterinarian wolves tells me leo but I'm not going to

vaccinate me yes yes and tell me I teach you those are the things that they have in our

Latin America that could not here get not even at all saw a

veterinarian all for what the law says and I

He says how I say something and he says look at me here are two syringes with the

vaccines tells me to grab it on the skin put the syringe like this and raise the skin

on a little bit and fit the injection good

it seems easy I'm going to the property of agree I grabbed the first one that the

puppy I injected the syringe the I made it like that and chad vaccinated it

rather grab and second I put it in the same way but what happened I gave him a lot

force the chord and the needle step of the bullet

in the air because the jet went out for the other side doesn't hurt them is a

prick in the puppy neither moved nor he realized so I say

the vaccine is wasted by that was everything like that all my life against of course I went to

buy another he gave her look it didn't happen like that he tells me not to be careful not to give him very

strong the chick because it has to stay the needle between leather and leather not

it's true like a leather double that they do so and well that received it well

so veterinarian once the geese filled me because

the place where we bought the food for geese it seems that they used and

what is this called to kill the weathered well without pesticides is a

gamexane I think they tell you to kill them to weevils I don't know what is in

grains and mice i don't know what and it seems that the food that came out of

that place was quite poisoned and the geese poisoned everything and I go to

veterinarian what I do more had six geese

we had created them as a kid says are this are poisoned the

you're going to have to try and also Thigh injections and some pills

and I saved him so how do you see the country man has to be

willing good water tank was finished

I told her in other videos that we have a well remember in

the discount video of the little engine that you had to start it with a

video handle that's the pie long ago and sing until tender

since I could break your arm we would have exploded engine and it was

the one who operated the pump and it was watering for the tower of

one of the concert houses then what what we did now was put a bomb on

fondo del pozo uno de sus cilindros y cancelamos todos los sistemas que le

daban agua previamente a las dos casas y le empezamos a dar agua todo desde el

tanque este acierto era mire

kilómetros de cable parecía que uno tenía que comprar porque el pilar de

entrada de luz está como a cuántos metros ahora de la casa la entrada de la

propiedad 200 metros 200 metros y así ha faltado ese cable azul trifásico que es

el que se entierra dieron carísimo era no me acuerdo cuando tomaría el maestro

eran dos e irán cuatro dólares con 50 el metro de calle o sea que cada paso era

tener que comprar en cantidades prácticamente industriales ya y de la

entrada y los cables iban hasta aquí abajo del tanque de agua y de aquí del

tanque de agua hasta el pozo que eran otros 200 metros así que qué sé yo 500

metros de cable viene un subterráneo lo mismo con los caños plásticos de esos

caños de 2 pulgadas de pulgada y media para traer el agua

era una era una cosa pero importante sería era un proyecto grande masivo y

bueno aquí hay una foto que le muestro esto está visto desde atrás que estoy

preparando la bajada supuestamente por donde tenían que bajar los automóviles y

ahí donde estoy parado en esta foto había una tremenda piedra no la tratamos

de sacar a fuerza de más aire pico y luego forma entonces le digo el que me

traiga la carne y todo esto el carnicero te acordás que

traía la carne a caballo venía tal se vaya y le digo él me podía

conseguir cartuchos de dinamita le digo necesito un cartucho porque

tengo que volar una tremenda piedra que está ahí justo en la bajada hacia donde

estamos abriendo para el hotel o si no hay problemas me dicen y me trajo

también el barreño para hacer el agujero y lo presto y si le hice el agujero a la

piedra vieron le puse el cartucho fulminante la mecha todos le ate un hilo

porcino reventaba para poder sacarlo avilesina arrimarme a la piedra porque

es el peligro más grande cuando nos revienta un cartucho y me acuerdo qué

y le metí fuego a la mecha

tengo una explosión que saltaron piedras pero para todos lados viste ya les había

avisado a todos cuidado que voy a prender un cartucho de dinamita a los

que andaban por ahí y quedó el pozo eso que se ve es el pozo que quedó que lo

estoy nivelando para que se pueda caminar ahí y bajar sin problema no

quedó nada la ley son pelotas esta es una foto de una de las habitaciones

cuando estaban amueblada las lindas ya for

todas compañías privados dieron así que y aquí hay dos fotos de cuando llegó mi

papá y compro esa propiedad fíjense en la desolación que había en esa zona

de lado la tierra era pelada no había nada no había un árbol no había

pero absolutamente nada una desolación total

y esta bueno esta es la foto del bosquejo del hotel fotos del hotel

todavía no les voy a mostrar de la fachada y todo eso vieron más adelante

le vamos a mostrar este pero esto fue lo que se construyó básicamente y


so estas las vamos a

a este canal escaneando y mostrando las son las

20 para las 6 de la tarde y queremos que esto salga mañana al mediodía

le quería decir seguíamos trabajando yo cada vez estaba peor y bueno llegó un

momento que ya no pude más que quedé la última vez que me dio el lumbago ese

me dejó pero maltrecho todo tipo de exámenes médico y el resultado era

siempre el mismo lo que usted tiene no tiene cura no es no hay tratamiento para

eso digamos porque el problema era que se habían gastado lo que yo tenía era

algo que se llama degeneración de disco o sea que los discos se habían ido

gastando y ya empezaban a tocar los huesos con los huesos y eso hacía que

agarrara en el nervio el nervio ciático y todo lo que anda por ahí vieron y lo

inflamaba y ahí es donde se largaba la el ataque se decía aquí de ciática verón

de lumbago ciática no sé cómo lo llaman en español los músculos de la espalda y

al detectar la inflamación que es lo que hacen se contraen y tratan de alejar la

columna de donde está el foco de inflamación y cuando te quedas que no te

pueden mover porque lo la fuerza que tienen los músculos de la espalda en un

ser humano en una cosa increíble mire parece que fuera

cables tensados no músculos el dolor y el dolor era imposible o sea que seguir

trabajando así era buscarse terminar en una silla de ruedas la situación había

quedado de que el plan había sido lo que venía mi hermano a montreal y me iba yo

con mi familia a continuar el proyecto ahora cambiábamos los roles digamos no

es cierto él venía aquí trabajaba generaba mandaba para allá y yo allá iba

haciendo las terminaciones lo habíamos dejado a mi mamá a cargo nosotros

demandábamos también dinero a ella para que ella siguiese contratando y haciendo

los trabajos pero como como puedo decir me normal una persona muy difícil de

controlar vieron ella se le metió en la cabeza y vuelve decía mira mamá acá te

mando dinero para que les pagues a los ceramistas y ella por ahí se le ocurría

a viste tu abuela decía le saltaba a cualquier otra cosa interesante en el

camino y se metía a ser otra cosa y no podíamos seguir así no

podíamos seguir así porque era una era common

tres pasos para adelante y cuatro pasos para atrás porque nos encontrábamos con

problemas que descargaba el proyecto si se quiere se se iba por la tangente y

bueno el proyecto quedó parado en un momento que eso quedó parado que no no

se iba ni para atrás ni para adelante los chicos aquí en canadá del momento

que nacieron los chicos es en este país es como una bomba atómica viste en un

matrimonio que los dos están trabajando generando que la cosa va sobre rieles y

bien engrasadas porque el problema que hay aquí aunque había en aquella época

hoy en día no lo sé muy bien cómo funciona desde aquella época el de iker

o en español como vendría a ser cuando una persona trabaja y tiene que dejar en

un lugar que les cuide los chicos es karim era carísimo

cuando ya tuvimos las dos primeras nenas lo que ganaba mi mujer se lo llevaba

prácticamente al 100% los lakers el watch out

son como maternales vieron nido no sé cómo lo llaman en español donde la gente

que trabaja lleva a sus hijos los deja ahí todo el día para que se los cuiden y

el cual trabajo los pasan a buscar antes de que empiecen de que tengan edad

escolar o sea que son todos niñitos menores de cinco años los que están ahí

y voy a empezar con otra gorda

estaba cerca de casa

y sino una obra teatral que te habían puesto una bandana

ya me acuerdo porque no sabía que estaba pasando y creo que ni siquiera bailes y

creo que no hablaban en inglés o en francés o en inglés eran francés en

francés y cuando nos encontramos de lo que mi esposa ganaba pagar el baker o

sea las guarderías necesitaba un vehículo para ir a trabajar porque donde

ella trabajaba en un área industrial y había muy poco medio de transporte o sea

que necesitaba el vehículo como unai era secretaria ejecutiva o sea que

necesitaba vestirse acorde a al trabajo y lo que hacía los almuerzos

salían a comer que hoy el cumpleaños de este que mañana festejamos acá que vamos

al restaurante o sea que no de ese salario no quedaba nada y entonces

tomamos la decisión de que ella se quedaba en casa a criar a las tres y las

dos a las tres o sea que ahí se cortó un salario de mi


y se puso la cosa bastante complicada y bueno entonces decidimos que aparte

estas criaturas vivían enfermas una vez que empezaron la maternidad el vieron y

los chicos van a ir el invierno los famosos los virus que la garganta que el

oído que esto que el otro vivían con fiebre vivían tomando antibióticos uno

abría la ladera en mi casa y había los antibióticos para niños son todos con

sabor de fruta es como una especie de jarabe con sabor de fruta y había de

banana había de uva había de frambuesa de los colores ahí deplorable porque si

no estaba enferma una está enferma la otra y empezaba el contagio en casa

porque se habían puesto flaquita como como pajaritos y qué

los vómitos y la sierra de orejas pero es una de las razones por las cuales

también a nosotros nos obligó ya a tener que tomar una decisión porque llegó el

momento de vos comía dos fideos lo vomitaba

y estuviste internada en una noche tuvimos que llevar de urgencias huertas

en acordadas así que dijimos bueno si nos quedamos aquí para hacerla corta

esto no van a sobrevivir porque de la forma en que vamos están siempre

enfermos y de se están criando debiluchos y no están disfrutando

viviríamos encerrados en el invierno se pasaban mirándote acordarlo en aquello

que estaban las videocaseteras los vhs íbamos a la librería pública de la

biblioteca pública y traíamos los lost the world business se lo vieron todo se

pasaban horas ahí delante del televisor así acostada en la alfombra mirando

entonces tomamos la decisión de que había que terminar el proyecto y

decidimos que con mi esposa y mis hijas nos íbamos a la argentina va a terminar

todo aquello y supuestamente mi hermano me iba a seguir mandando fondos para que

yo pudiese lograrlo y y bueno terminamos aquí

ya hemos llegado a una hora así que el próximo paso les voy a contar cómo fue

el de la mudanza de canadá a la argentina a la otra cuenta del mundo no

solo la otra punta del mundo sino que todo lo que sucedió en el proceso vieron

que también es para pensarlo y es para que la gente se dé cuenta también de más

o menos lo que es no sólo argentina sino nuestra américa latina pero a veces se

pone interesante ahí y si el próximo fin de semana va a salir el otro cuando

quien así que los dejamos con esta y ya ya los mantenemos al corriente de de lo

exigente que hay así que los dejamos por ahora y vamos a tomar un cafecito aunque

para tratados

The Description of Comenzando la FAMILIA en CANADÁ + Continuando la CONSTRUCCIÓN DE UN HOTEL en Argentina