Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Pumpkin Picking With AM 2018

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Where are we Brad? The most popular venue in Kent evidently! We thought we'd just do a

bit of casual pumpkin picking. Turns out the rest of Kent thought that as well. Everyone else though they would do that too.

All I need to do is find Nick and Alex, and we can start our family day out AM pumpkin picking.

Oh my gosh, are you ready? No, not at all.

I wasn't expecting this. I'm getting a bit anxious. Pumpkin anxiety? Classic Halloween.

I love these manky looking ones. It's like it's got warts! Oh my gosh!

I don't to pick too early. It's a big decision.

Maybe put it in the wheelbarrow, and then and then if you find one better you can swap. It's quite round, well formed.

Oh I like that one, that's nice! Cute and warty. Brad what you doing

I'm trying to find some Halloween music. Be proactive, oh that is proactive. Yeah I thought you

were just looking at Pokemon but you are doing well.

I've never seen so many pumpkins in my entire life. Where's the team?

Battling through. There's so many pumpkings. I don't know what to pick!

That's a good selection, I particularly like Sarah's warty one. Good haul team!

Good haul! Yeah! Good job.

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