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Hey. I'm Kim from

In this video I fit the PE-100 inset screen.

The method of installation depends on the type of frame.

Plastic, wood or aluminium.

I show all three ways and then give some tips.

The box contains a ready-made screen frame

and a Dutch-language step-by-step guide.

With a plastic tilt and turn window, place the inset screen on the lower frame.

Then push the insect screen out through the opening.

The clips of the inset screen hook snap fixed to the top frame.

The insect screen is in place and you can now close the window or turn it to the tilt position.

With a wooden tilt and turn window, place the insect screen in the same way

unless the frame at the bottom has an aluminium edge that is not in between but in front of the outside frame.

In that case, place the thin edge of the inset screen on top of the aluminium frame edge.

If there is a gap between the aluminium frame edge and the outside frame

it is best to fill the gap a bit

so that the thin edge of the screen does not sink into the gap.

With an aluminium frame, the insert screen is fitted in a different way.

An insert screen for an aluminium frame is equipped with a crossbar as standard.

Grasp the insect screen by the crossbar and push the entire screen out.

Hook the upper clips around the frame edge.

Then push the insect screen upwards.

Lower the screen again.

The clips hook around the lower frame.

The screen is in place.

And now a few tips.

It is possible that the handle does not go all the way down when the inset screen is inserted.

The window can still close.

In that case, your frame supplier will know whether the window can be adjusted to be somewhat looser.

This is possible with many tilt and turn windows.

If the screen is too loose or does not lock properly

pull the fitting clips up until the screen clasps better.

This is also possible with a screwdriver.

The insert screen can remain fitted throughout the year

but you can also easily remove the insect screen from the opening.

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