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figure this one out

figure this one out sound check

well maybe not here sanjay


yes i have one of these these will be

toastmaster which is happening today

hello puppy love hello that's not really

oh not said that's real name but it's

really it's kind of hard to remember so

i don't really put it here

it's so fun we got to keep going on with

this stuff

okay so don't forget

don't forget you be the judge

tourism relaunch it's going to relaunch

relaunch like a rocket relaunch october

15th right

so on that note with october 15th

i'm going to try to see if i can just

make a

like a fool of myself in a short amount

of time

thank god i went to texas and

before that montana

and i can do those accents and you know

i was just it was me it was just

affecting me affecting

affecting me okay here's today's



man because these are kind of important

a framework of reopening

more drama ah

ended up saying how i feel and post it

up post edit never okay okay you know

what i'm gonna try to do i think

the thing is way over there so not to

worry too much about pringley papers

oh gosh

worry about knocking over stuff i'll

just do this major

uh headliner and then maybe some loose

letters to the editor yeah

that sounds good it's good to be


because it's going to be in the now stay

in the now today

is wednesday september 23rd

this is our headline reopening the


see this is the the guy one of the guys

uh mayor caldwell okay

now he's calling some shots in honolulu

which has the most city

per people or most people per city okay

anyways honolulu is just overpopulated

good morning hello how are you doing

may god bless your birthday

okay so the framework october 15th

just before today everyone is saying oh

how are we going to do that

how are we going to do that because they

want to open terribly

but they know if they open without a

good plan

then the

the end result there the consequential


most likely would be that the infection

spreads faster

then they have to reshut down which


cost them more in the long run i would


so because your opening shot opening

shut opening shut

then waiting until you really got it

done and then opening up

more of a duration it's more beneficial


cost effectiveness for a business to


so this is seriously back to

dollars over dead bodies

and it could be you no i hate to be just

pessimistic but we'll just get right

down to that you know

there's a percentage of deaths to this

so keep that in mind when

oh boy that businesses are asking you to

take a risk

okay but not to be fearful and hide

inside the shell

like my pet tardis but he's born with


that's a condition okay so

number of new cases 63 yeah still going

good so that's three days in a row of

double digits instead of triple digits

and that's where this framework starts

to operate on it's it's

hinge pin or lynch pin or

um turning point or it's access

to its ally it spins around

the globe



if the infection rate increases

it gets dialed back if the infection

rate stays down low

like maybe double digits after a week or


it goes up tier two it's

yes it's in stages the levels i should


levels so just like there's a smog alert

and if there's more smog they give you

higher alert

if there's more infections you get less


and if there's less infections you get

you get to

achieve the higher tier

why does this sound so weird

you know i worked at a bad boy school a

school for

behavioral modification for emotionally

challenged uh boys and girls i had to

work with the boys

so there's like teenage basically kids

that were

one foot in um really bad boys bad

you know crime they would be oh

they wouldn't listen to their parents

and they wouldn't listen to the teachers

now they're not listening to the police


and they're semi-criminal

but if they lead if they're that on

their own devices

they will become criminal so they pay

lots of money to stick them in this


behavioral modification it's kind of

like a

and it's kind of militant kind of boot

campish i'm not

totally boot camp anyways blah blah try

to make it short

tick-tock oh yeah good for you guys

dick thought great uh

the the thing is that's the thing

it's like messing my time missing my

game up to the thing is about that

school in the middle of the woods in

montana literally ran away there would

be lions and tigers and bears

because yes they had bears and yes they

have mountain lions

and you go too far there's a cliff

there'd go 200 feet into an icy cold

river that if you fell into that river

it's cold enough where you would die

just like something

but yet they'd run away you have to hide

their shoes

point being the severity of it the other

point being is that it was

done by points and there was categories

of points and if you did something like

tilting your chair that might be a

category four

cat four and they would subtract

points because they would earn points

and if they had a certain amount of

points they graduate

and this is what you got here you have a

baby or modification system

but let's just say it works it's a

carrot mistake

i've mentioned that before so he

announces his strategy and plans

allowing gatherings of up to

five starting thursday which is

midnight tonight because today is

wednesday that's right me hearties

and it should keep talking away what the

heck man

where's my freaking count okay

good morning all right

so and that's that

so thursday we're gonna be tier one

tier one so be getting happy about that

now movies it's 50 opening

for movie theaters i don't know what

that means it's a 50

opening for church which means you can

kind of go but you can't sing this

opening but with restrictions the

beaches and the parks will be open

hooray for many people but uh i think

you can only go up to five people

restrictions there's no indoor gym


but no bars and nightclubs for sure the

bars and nightclubs are at the

bottom you have to get max points

you're not gonna you're gonna be up to

tier four

until bars in um nightclubs

maybe to be announced

maybe open run tier one

tomorrow thursday

and that's not even in the picture


gyms you can you can go there if you


to lift outside

to only five people or more less

tony orlando and dawn no i don't know

those songs are stuck in my head

permanently because i listened to him

when i was in like

sixth and seventh grade okay thank you

now we're not gonna go too far with this

corpse coming of age death toll we've

already passed 2 thousand dollars that

wasn't my prediction it was predicted

and it happened

200 000 deaths in the u.s from this


so yeah i mean you know people come up

to me

thinking it's enough

oh you know hey conspiracy theory

this is where this is the kind of thing

don't listen

make up your own mind candy makers

feel squeezed to pay off vendors

up invoices oh here's our little tier


um pools are allowed by people archery

range golf cases phase two

certain real estate five people five

people five people five people five

people five people five people is

basically the rule here

um our kids five people five people

fight people

hair and nails nail salons allowed oh

thank god

so it's one of those witch activities so

and yes i do mean which i mean as

in double satan's worshiping something

if she doesn't have her actual

little rituals going on where she's

actually doing

all she's missing is the freaking

pentagram and black

jokingly i say that but for real

that's how wickedly mean the npd one is

okay that's

i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry

that's fruit that's for um

the other thing but that affects that

and that might get the hell out of here

which is a good thing

indoor malls allowed

pet services allowed

pools allowed indoor malls

okay okay

now um the positivity rate

of five percent

over five percent positivity testing

that's tier one okay there we go

all right now i'm gonna keep doing this

i gotta be economically

okay so now we'll do lettuce to the

editor or maybe

maybe we can do some of these

oh i can welcome weary mainlanders

that's what they want who face it

tourist dollars and their

that's their business was um

their foundation of the business is the

tourist dollars

homeless must leave streets to get help

also for instance

let's check out our menu we went for


gop exercises power over principles


each restriction okay let's take these


not three times on your head if you're

still in bed

i am definitely damn cynical nowadays

that's a combination of things it's the

it's the heliand of the trans uh

trifecta of weird uh social and outside


and pirates life is is getting harder


that's right puppy live give yourself

it's good enough homeless

must leave streets to get help

in response to melissa lorett lorraine


useless tv ticket

i agree oh good for you gene moore

of chinatown i agree

we and they need a better resolution

not solution resolution they must be

taken off the street

not only because of covet 19.

period we must not leave them to slowly

rot and die in the streets

why not they chose to rot and die

we have to rot and die via governmental


i don't like any governments just a

democracy as a pirate land and i be your

own judge

they must be protected their money back

to i mean they must be protected and

followed into appropriate programs and


to address their individual needs

and the rest of us need to be protected

as well from them

i am disabled and use an electric

scooter oh god

i am tired of having to try to negotiate

my way around filthy

belligerent people blocking the


right now now i'm loving it gene

it's right she's right there with your


dirty belligerent things

got in my way i'm tired of having you to

go here i have been threatened by people

who demanding that i

that i get off the sidewalk and go onto

the street

to go around them if i roll off the curb

and scan sheet my scooter would tip over

also i am tired of sanctimonious people

who attempt to make me the villain for

wanting these people

apparently suffer from either mental

illness or addictions or both

mostly both off the streets

is it too much to ask our government for

safe streets it seems like it

that's right gene you give him help

it too much to ask and she answers the

question it seems like

it that's making a point you just won't

be hanging the question

all right one more get off the high


gop exercises power

over principle for court the process of

filing the supreme court of vacancy left

by the death of justice ruth vader


god restores more has been become a

political flashpoint

and that's the idiocy senate majority

leader mitch o'connell


conveniently invented in

2016 a new principle

that an in an election year should i say


in an election year in america

new york unique

the incumbent president's nominee should


the outcome of the election later that


which is like a few months he used

this reasoning to deny

a vote on a nomination from president


now that is so true now if you remember

it happened when barack barry when

president barry was happening

and there is an opening because

was that guy scalia passed away

well there's an opening in the supreme

court and these are lifetime positions

of course

there's an opening and it was blocked

from him nominating somebody

they should wait to elixir gear and it

he just makes that

up now they're just making it like

completely reversed

now he ignores his previous position

and has announced plans to expediate

the forthcoming donald trump nominee so

his real message is that

might makes right which is fascism

since the president and senate majority

are on the same side this time

the idea that power should prevail over

principle is the one characteristic of

off the

authoritarian rather than the democratic


let me try that the idea

that the power should prevail over


is the one characteristics of


rather than democratic ideals

is one of the characteristics rod lowe

waianae why ylai newey why lightning

rod low

what's your porn name rod low

low now um yeah we gotta get

it's time to get going it's time to keep


yeah they're being totally hypocritical


that's the senate man they rule it's the

ascent with the senate rules men

it's the rule we're in power screw you

that's basically what they're doing and

that's how it is

that's what it is that's what it is

that's where it goes

it's my football and i'll play when i

want to play

and um

what is mongoose max

hey siri what is mongoose max

here's what i found

can you read what you found

hey siri read your results

for mongoose max there's nothing to read

yes he sounds australian that's on


don't get infected and

one more thing is very important i must

tell you hang loose

mongoose aloha


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