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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Crazy Free Stuff On Craigslist (GAME) ft. Ben Schwartz

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nothing in life is free unless it comes

from Craigslist let's talk about that


good mythical morning and happy Labor

Day and laboring with us today is one of

the stars of the new film Blue Iguana

Ben Schwartz welcome thank you thank you

so much for clapping I appreciate it

you're welcome

they love to clap here no they do it

sporadically and with semi emotional

levels of enjoyment does your audience

clap whilst watching your videos or no

it's a great course I would like to


stuff real quick

now speaking of FBI stuff in clandestine

stuff happening in your movie so you

play an ex-con I do you go to London to

still a rare Jim hmm that's called the

Blue Iguana right yeah but you didn't

know that you don't have to travel all

the way to London to get a rare Jim

that's true you can find those on

Craigslist I know what idiots are we

were so the movie makes no sit literally

right now grass stop it comes out on the

24th if this is coming out after it I

guess just erase it if you've already

bought it

erase it I'm so glad that you're you're

so with this yeah I am I'm ready for the

and instead you could replace the movie

with just taking items from Craigslist

that could be free yes and those are the


and I've just heard about this and it

makes me very excited and then you can

determine what's this free or did

somebody pay for it and then hand it to

me mm-hmm-hmm

that's the game we're about that's

exactly what we're going to do it's time


all right so here's what happened like I

said our crew has collected items from

all over the Los Angeles area that have

been listed on Craigslist now we have

not seen any of these no you haven't

either no I have not I'm not cheated

some of them were free some of them

required legal tender they were

purchased and we have to guess if it was

free or not if we get it right we each

get a point we're competing against each

other I love it now if it is revealed

that the item actually cost money we

have the opportunity to guess exactly

how much it cost whoever's closest will

receive a bonus point for that round and

then whoever guesses the most right in

the end gets a prize and that prize is

actually taking one of these Craigslist

items home is that true round one all

right Stevie what do we have first our

first item is a horse head the

description states ceramic horse head

wall art from 1950 excellent condition

well was this item free or did we pay

for it

well with that thing increasing value

from zero to zero that is an excellent

horse head I mean it's got like vane

articulation on the snout this is gonna

be harder than I thought it was I

thought it would be just like a piece of

actual like trash okay

I think can I write that you're showing

the people is his bad side it's like you

don't wanna I'm showing myself because

I'm playing the game okay


all right and let's reveal in three two


freebies I said money both of you guys

disagreed with me thinking NSYNC it

Oh what try okay dude this and try to

spell a word looking at that screen it

is Nair impossible ready just try to

write bad boy for those of you don't

know there's a screen down here that bin

can't stop looking out we're all amazing

it's incredible that's his bad boys he

was right you're you're excited about

this horse we paid for it in order to

get that bonus point I need you to write

down what you think this is great guys

I'm really happy we did this

yeah I'm really confident about this

really like a special connection to that

I know though okay definitely what I'm

picking I'm gonna I'm gonna say how much

we paid and then we can see you guys

that sounds great okay buddy that's

great we paid $20 also well let's review

what would you guys think man you win

this Superman well also the person who

gave this to us was three hours late to

the agreed-upon meetup time and to make

up for it she threw in a free box of

unopened tops hockey cards from the 90s

that's we paid $20 though sir - all

right Stevie what do we have now

this next item was listed as a red heart

according to creator this is a handmade

art mushroom stool was this item free or

did you pay for it is a heart but then

on the side its barked is it actual work

man this is heavy

crud what on you guys oh it's a real

thing no one ever sat on this this was

made this is new there's there there's

absolutely nowhere on this at all know

that heart has not been touched that is

a fresh heart the game is misleading now

I'm trying to play the game because

surely this would cost money look at it

it's a gorgeous beautiful piece of art

but it's the person who would make heart

art is the kind of person that might

just give it away for like this you know

love I love the deep dives we do on our

product it's big what are you gonna do

with it get rid of it I'm playing the

game not my heart I'm playing the game

and not my heart okay okay he's in it to

win it as they say let's see in three

two one

it was free guys this is free we all

agree it is free set your heart free you

guys are all right it was free the

person who we got this from says that

she typically charges $15 for these

tools but quote due to it not being

perfectly made this one is free there

are no imperfections this is it because

it's a broken this next item was simply

listed as bottle caps with this item

free or did we pay for it then you want

to do the honors yeah let's see what we

got in there right now we have a ton of

Guinness we have a couple seller they're

all they're all beer bottle tops but

this is free but it's it's so money like

I'm listening you have my attention

just like cartoon money and also there's

the machines around town you can just go

in just drop these in and coins come out

for bottle caps yeah right I just don't

get it

someone someone put this on Craigslist

as a joke by the way if there's

largeness replay you caught that so

beautifully and you act like it wasn't a

big deal happens all the time I'm very


Wow sorry okay ready three two one $3.00

in 47 I think I think you're I think you

may be playing the game incorrectly I'm

just getting on with it

we got these for free the person to us

was only gonna give us half of them the

other half they wanted to sell to us but

when we told them we're using them for a

fine art project they give it to us for


oh okay now what are we gonna do with

them impress Bennigan's this next item

was listed as healthy broccoli chicken

dinner according to the contains chicken

yams raw broccoli steak and potatoes and

it was quote made on Tuesday it's about

a week old on Craigslist is this like a

blue apron situation is Craigslist this

is blowing my mind this is this is like

homemade blue apron red apron you can't

you can't you can't you can't

and it's good I mean this is good stuff

this is holy you're gonna lose money and

we're asking for what all three of these

together are yeah let's go let's play

links rules from the last round so if

you think it cost something why don't

you go ahead and write down how much you

think it costs all right well let's go

one at a time then link freak no way

yeah it's I think it's to help people

who need food and we shouldn't have

taken it yeah I think someone's being a

good Samaritan

and we took advantage of it for the sake

of entertainment okay Ben

I say 1250 is that per month he made too

much food and he was leaving town he

didn't like to waste food so that's

that's so nice what a great guy didn't

think about that particular angle

drowned by next we have a sports squad

FX 48 foosball table oh yeah the post

reads used but assembled thought the

kids would play more but they don't so

it's just taking up space still in

pretty good condition one soccer ball


sports squad you know what the last

thing I got off Craigslist was a

foosball table and you know how many

times that thing's been places it's been

in my house three over the past few

years I thing's only been used three

times oh I should put it back for ibly

large item that no one has a use for but

everyone thinks I'm yes use it and was

incredibly fun we just had a great time

I'm glad you're saying that because

we're gonna have to repost this thing

yeah how are we getting rid of all this


because I'm taking this one home when I

win the food the food okay all right

we're ready all right Rhett free Ben

okay you know what i lured you guys in


this thing costs $23 whoa

yes that's a mind game yeah it was just

$20 cuz 23 things yeah Wow yeah come

back that's right fun fact the person

who sold it to us was a background actor

in the movie Avatar

whoa all right

Rhett you're two points down I'm not win

I can only tie you cannot even tie no I

would have to say that it was a price

and also be the closest to it and the

reason why I like coming on the show is

that airtight logic for how points are

scored how games are played and chained

at the drop of it I love it yeah it's

very flying in Willy Wonka's factory

let's see the last one okay he's a melee

buddy can't wait we have an item that

was listed as curiosities of the natural

world in all caps vile wet specimens the

owner of the vials told us he spent 40


collecting them this item free or did we

pay for it what is it they're all

different things are all buzzin a P and

it smells like the Pirates of the

Caribbean ride oh my gosh look at this

this one says February 15th 1977 this is

February 1977 boy that week in February

77 February 3rd oh we don't know we're

touching that's the other thing we've no

idea what we're touching right now have

you read it take me back this one's got

a this one's got it I was in the world

this is a spider with the like big XS

yeah this is the sky was in an excess

February kid 1977 okay this is crazy I

think this is like a an estate situation

there's like a dead guy who collected

all this stems you're playing hmm and do

you think that he would charge money for

it the granddaughter just wants to get

rid of it young daughters named Rachel

Tina she wants to get rid of a classic

Tina ready yep free also set free which

meant we're tiny no matter what whoa

31:22 if he gets it exactly correct I

think Paul would know if it's money I

automatically win I tie a four-way tie

you get two points can't be a boy toy

there's only three of them oh do we lose

points we get our own yes we do now that

we do okay because I'll be right for

saying and then not be pleased how much

how much did it cost two dollars what

somebody's life work for $22 wonder how

he got to he or she got to that all

right so it's a three-way tie Ben you're

our guest so you get to choose what you

want to take home please take all of it

I would not absolutely will not take all

of it I will take the the baseball or

the hockey cards which would be


oh there's mint condition the one thing

that wasn't supposed to be anything and

we're giving to you for free your life

could be about to change man I'm 1994-95

man this is great

rip it open on your own time thanks for

liking commenting and subscribing so you

know what time it is you know what time

it is

and I'm Todd and we're in a glass

bathroom in Sulphur Springs Texas it's

time to spin the wheel of mythicality

Oh what get our tickets this sofas my

goodness thanks Abed for joining us

today hey make sure to check him out in

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