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hello and welcome back to real English with real teachers today we're

going to be learning your language aren't we yeah we think it's a bit unfair we're

English teachers we're English people we never learn languages but today we're

going to learn yours possibly possibly yours yes we're going to learn

three each because as Harry said British people aren't very good at learning

languages so we're gonna put it to the test and see if we come out winning or

losing yeah we should be all right because we're English teachers so we

should be able to do it to some extent fingers crossed you're watching Real English

With Real Teachers real teachers alright so we're gonna be using the language

learning platform italki for this one because we've used them many many times

we started on there as teachers you can still book a lesson with us on there as

tutors if they really want if you really want and we wanted to give it a full

review and compete against each other to see whether we can learn any languages

pick up any phrases in your language absolutely and they'll be completely unknown to us

but the great thing about italki is there are hundreds of different

languages and probably tens of thousands of teachers to choose from so we're

going to choose each other some students or some teachers rather that we've never

met and try to speak some languages that we've never ever spoken No so we're

gonna record this all within 24 hours more or less

so we've got to find six tutors to fit within our schedule and we think that

italki are up to this challenge because it is so convenient and

therefore convenient for you as well that's right so we're going to choose

each other three different teachers and we think that you should do the same

when you look for a teacher I've been learning Spanish on italki for a

while haven't I you have been yeah I can vouch for him

I really have nice expression to vouch for somebody yeah and what I always do is I

will take three different lessons at the beginning I'll have three trial lessons

with three different teachers and find the right one that I get on with and I

like their teaching style okay so have you found some that you click with more

than others yeah exactly some that I click with some that I really

don't like at all okay but that's normal yeah it's normal that we don't click

with everyone yeah yeah that's life so let's see if we click with any of our

upcoming teachers let's give it a go yeah well let's give it a whirl

are you gonna choose my lessons now get out yeah he can't be around I've got to

choose them in surprise in secret let me go get my laptop alright let's see who

we can find so immediately you have a variety of languages and tutors

available showing their schedule and showing their hourly rate how many

lessons they've had and the star rating you get out of five stars

so probably choose a five star or four and a half star tutor

and so I'm going to choose a language to begin with you can choose where they're

from you can choose whether they're advanced native and you could also choose

whether they speak any other languages so that it can help basic learners like

Harry and myself in this competition it's not competition or maybe it is all right I'm gonna

go for Russian there we go I want to choose an hourly rate okay so once you

click on a profile you go ahead and get their video [hi there how about learning some Russian]

about it yeah so I'm

gonna book a lesson and get Harry in class so she's available when I want all

right so that's booked now I'm going to wait for her to respond and confirm that

the lesson is ready to get going while I wait let's go get Harry and book my

first class right so charlie let's find you a teacher so I've been

thinking about languages that Charlie won't know any words in that's what I want

I want to put him in a really really uncomfortable situation where he sits

down with a teacher and he literally has no vocabulary no grammar no way to

communicate with this person I also want to choose somebody who hasn't got much

experience on italki because someone has got to book their to book a lesson

with this teacher they need experience so I want to give them that experience

with Charlie and we do have a quite a large following in Indonesia so I

thought it'd be really funny if we booked Charlie a lesson in Indonesian so

I'm gonna have a little look for students or for teachers who speak

Indonesian so I'm just gonna select Indonesian and

Charlie doesn't know any Indonesian so maybe I'll put it's important that they speak

English yeah so he doesn't suffer too much

I don't want Charlie to have a panic attack so let's have a look so Rara

Quinn wow extremely cheap $4.95 so she's had 30 lessons these teachers are

very very affordable my word wow Achyar this guy looks perfect he has only had 29

lessons so he's getting started he's making a name for himself here I like

this guy so we're gonna look at his his profile now maybe have a look at what

other students have said about him so I think that's important so when you're

booking your lesson on italki just go onto the profile maybe read his his

or her about me section have a look at their credentials and so he's said a bit

about himself there here are his rates and here are his thing about his history

so here we have the reviews Andrew thanks Achyar for forcing me to speak

it was really helpful for my learning lovely I think Charlie's gonna really

like this guy and so I think I'm gonna book a lesson for Charlie so let's have

a look at his schedule wow his schedule is wide open

so yeah I'm sold so that is Charlie's lesson booked I hope he enjoys that I

actually really hope he suffers through this but Achyar sounds like a

really nice guy and let's see how it goes

Hello Achyar

okay please use Indonesian okay first your name tell me about your name

Indonesian Indonesian okay

your name okay

nama saya

nama saya charlie

charlie Indonesian yeah Indonesian Charlie

Charlie okay okay my is saya it means saya

what is thank you Terima kasih Terima kasih

Terima kasih

okay if you say education education it means pendidikan okay

pendidikan nama saya charlie

saya berasal dari London yeah okay and then next

pendidikan terakhir terakhir, terakhir, terakhir

okay Terima kasih Terima kasih bye-bye

well I'm fluent

okay so I'm ready for my first lesson in a language I've never spoken before and I am pretty

pretty excited / scared her name is Anya Golubeva

and I don't know what her location is but that name sounds very Russian

Charlie hello um no my name is Harry

Harri Oh

harri harri but in Russian Harri Harri or Garri


Garri mm-hmm I am Anya okay Anya

I am Anya I am Anya you are Garri

you are Anya I am Garry yes you are Garri I am Anya

yes Garri are you an artists

artist no

no I'm not an artist

I am not an artist are you a dentist

no I am not a dentist, are you a dentist? no I am not a dentist you're not an actress

Are you a basketball player no I'm not a basketball player

let's look at this greeting to say hi mmm-hmm and that is privet

mmm-hmm so I'm gonna move my cursor and have a look how I pronounce p so this

is letter p which denotes the sound p and then this rolling r

and I heard you can do this this privet

mm-hmm so basically every letter denotes just one sound right mm-hmm

you just have to memorize that this is not P but rrr this guy here is not b but

v mm-hmm wow your v is a bit different it's v

v it's not v like in English but v your like using the back of the tongue

mm-hmm I'm not putting my lip behind my upper teeth like pronouncing in English

you say v Russian it's v

well thank you very much really really really enjoyed this lesson

thank you my pleasure my pleasure thank

you so much okay now I'm going to say bye in Russian bacca bacca

okay so all good students after doing a

lesson if they care about the teacher they care about their progress they should

write a little review for the teacher that they've done so that it adds to

their profile and more students know what to expect right exactly

yes so I had one with Achyar from Indonesia Indonesia and I need to go and

confirm first that the lesson went ahead and then I need to rate his class

how many stars [painful sigh]

bear in mind that he's not a professional teacher you know you

get what you pay for three dollars that was

three dollars okay I'll give him four stars yeah round him up

was he punctual?

no no, was he supportive

not majorly okay was he prepared

not really

was he not okay let's leave those bits and what would you write about him

come on give some feedback constructive feedback he had good English to help facilitate the

class okay considering I had zero Indonesian yeah and was passionate about his job

lovely alright so now I'm going to do mine I was very impressed by her well

she had a lot of classes under her belt and she did a lot of stars so you're giving

her five stars no doubt prepared supportive punctual she really was all

of those things I love the way she instantly got me to use the language now

we're going to try the instant tutoring feature because we're busy teachers

and we want our lessons right now if you go on to find a teacher and then you

click on the timing you will find that you can do now as an option and click on

instant tutoring so that allows you to book them right here right now I'm going

to see if there's any Chinese Mandarin for you oh yes because it's an

instant one they have ten minutes to respond

otherwise the credits get returned to you and you can pick another one okay

hopefully she'll respond soon and then I can add her on Skype I can add her on Skype

now actually okay so it's not totally instant by it's pretty quick within ten

minutes yeah within ten minutes ah she's accepted you're in I've got my

first Mandarin lesson first Mandarin alright get outta here boy

hi hello

hello [in Chinese]

hello [in Chinese]

yeah like hi how are you hello like that hello [in Chinese]

can I ask you yeah



hahaha lovely sounds so it sounds so beautiful so the next word is please


so could I ask could I say like how do you say tea

tea yeah that's good tea in second tone


tea please oh you want to say tea please like that


oh you need one more word like drink please drink tea

please drink tea

keep your tongue flat maybe not that high but

yep that's good

water and water

yeah that's good that's like yes

okay I'm gonna I'm gonna

offer you a tea now so welcome welcome hello do you want some tea

yeah remember it is the second tone yep

want a cup of tea?

very good

do you want one yeah sure

fantastic wow this is amazing I need to book a holiday to China soon

this is my friend who I do the YouTube channel with hello what's your name

is that right

what's your name [in Chinese]

it's too long right is it

yeah amazing you guys have a really amazing pronunciation why did you learn Chinese before

he's very good at Chinese I'm fluent in Mandarin actually yes

wait tell her the sentence that you know tell her the sentence

oh yes ma ma ma ma

it's been so fun yeah

so fun how do we say goodbye goodbye

goodbye goodbye

and on that note we're actually going to leave it there but don't worry we will

be back very soon with part 2 of the video where I get challenged with

Japanese can you read [Japanese words]

and you can even find out if Harry can speak Italian but in the

meantime if you think italki would be a good fit for you

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that's all for now see you next time on real English with real teachers

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