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*Unintelligible noises*


Oh my god...

*Unintelligible noises*

*Kugo laughing*

What the fuck?

*Unintelligible noises*

*Kugo laughing*

What the actual fu-

[Kugo] Mighty fam! Welcome back to another CS:GO, King Chronicles Solo Queue Adventure

We're gonna solo queue into a competitive match making game and were not gonna try and just win

We're gonna try to meet some interesting people and make some friends. So without fur-

[Random guy] Geof, Geof- *Those noises again...*

*Lil' gigglez frum Kugo :3*

Let's, uh, see how this one plays out

Freaking screw CS:GO (?)

[Kugo] And then you question the blood :>

*Pokemon sounds*

[Kugo] Oh gettem! Tackle, USE TACKLE!

*Pokemon sounds*

Dude, what the fuck is tackle?

[Kugo] Dude is that a Lapris?

No, its a NineTails.

[Kugo] Oh ;(

[Kugo] Don't run out of PP :>

Okay, I actually kind of hope that this last guy doesn't join because I have to go...

[Kugo] Watcha gotta do?

[Kugo] Got some chores to run? Shoppin' to do? Gotta eat some food?

[Kugo] Watcha doin ;>

Installing a spoiler on my car actually

Oh shit!

This guy is a Youtuber, I didn't even know that...

[Kugo] I've been had :/


(People talking over each other)

Uh, Geoff?

[Kugo] Whats up dude?

Yeah, uh, are you on youtube?


[Kugo] Yeah man I watch Youtube all the time.

Oh that's cool man, that's cool... ;(

[Kugo] I really like... um... H2H2?

[Kugo] What are you smacking man?

I'm smackin' duh meat

Spank spank spank spank spank spank ;>

[Kugo] Wow dude ;>

[Kugo] Sounds like some-

[Kugo] Some nice pepperoni ya got there

[Kugo] I'm gonna watch mid super late so I die :D


[Kugo] I DID IT

Alright, alright Geoff, you gotta start pullin' up your weight ;(

Gotta start pullin' your weight Geoff ;(

[Kugo] I'm trying ;(

[Kugo] Dad :D

[Kugo] One boosted

Who smoked that?

[Kugo] Boost guy's dead :D

[Kugo] The awper is ah down... ah...

I boost you now

[Kugo] Yes ah come to boost ah yes ah

[Kugo] Up and ah over

[Kugo] I got mid on lock, green

No you don't ;(

[Kugo] I'm lockin' it down :D

No your not!


All that you got locked down is this... Is this dick!

[Kugo] Got that dick on LOCKED :>

Don't worry guys, if they go A I got this!


[Kugo] YO YUGIOH... YO...

[Kugo] Here you wanna real gun, green?

[Kugo] You wanna real gun?

[Kugo] There ya go :D

Somebody go get the bomb!

What are you guys doing!

*Fart noises*

[Kugo] Oh okay, that's fine...


[Kugo] Wow

[Kugo] You have much... personality :D

If orange makes this a video, I'm gonna @&$^[email protected] (?) so I can edit this

[Kugo] How would you do that?

By sayin' a lotta... a lotta stupid shit?

[Kugo] What you think people don't do that already?


[Kugo] I'm coming!

[Kugo] R-run boost green!

[Kugo] Super run boost :D

[Kugo] Run boost onto the ladder!

Alright :D



[Kugo] Nice job :D

[Kugo] Jim :D

[Kugo] Well... your not Jim are you... Because you are saying you he's ded Jim, so who are you?

Thank you ;D Thank you, see ;D The one person that understands grammar ;D

[Kugo] So who are you O_o?

[Kugo] Tell me, the mysteries O_o

I-I am I'm... I'm a man behind a mask, alright?

[Kugo] Wow that's deep :O


[Kugo] I'll never be able to edit that out :>

[Kugo] Somebody close squeaky door, you will let a draft in :<

Edit these nuts out

[Kugo] I'm just gonna edit more nuts in ;)

[Kugo] What do you think about that?

[Kugo] How do you like that, EIGHT NUTS. EIGHT NUTS ON THE SCREEN :<


It's B you %^&*


[Kugo] Wow, dude you started that insult off really intelligent :O

[Kugo] Bubba show me your B-Hop scripts :O

Hold on >;(

What dah fu *weez*

[Kugo] Oh actually not bad dude :)

[Kugo] Anybody need a buy ;>

[Kugo] I didn't even pay attention to my money xD

Gimme shit!

[Kugo] I'm maxed out bro!

[Kugo] *Gasp*

[Kugo] OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'd be mad at that :>

[Kugo] Come on Cuda :>

Ready for this?

[Kugo] Yeah I'm ready, I'm watching!

We have no more flashes ;(

[Kugo] Oh man the tension :O

Freaking erect bro ;)


[Kugo] Cudo when's the cool thing gonna happen..?

So this is what I think of you

You get glocks ;(

[Kugo] Alright ;(

Many many... many glocks...

[Kugo] I'll only use glock this round for you ;)

[Kugo] We cleared B and bombs going A xD

Where the FUCK IS BOMB

You can't tell me what to do ;(

Suck my cock >:D

[Kugo] Dude you are a just, you are a lone ranger green

I'm an independent black women >:)

I don't need no man >:D

[Kugo] Alright I'll boost you :D


With a mac ten?

[Kugo] Yeah man :D

[Kugo] Go up there, and then I will throw you my weapon and we'll swap :D


Nice memes ;)

[Kugo] Geoff felt the nade and Geoff liked it ;)

Did you just like have a moment of depression cause like you wanted to kill that guy but then you found out he was dead? ;(

He's ded Jim ;(

*Sad music ;(*

[Kugo] I didn't even know you could kick yourself xD

[Kugo] *Gasp*

Your hacking bro

[Kugo] Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat :>

[Kugo] *Sigh* GG


Are we gonna be in a video Kugo?

[Kugo] Do you wanna be?

Yeah :D

[Kugo] So we could show our merms (Moms) :>

Dafuq is a "merm"?

What is a "merm"?

[Kugo] Ya know

[Kugo] Your dad and your merm :>

Dafuq xD?

[Kugo] Yer derd n' yer merm :>

[Kugo] Ther sr prd of yr

[Kugo] Wow so, we got to see a little bit of everything today didn't we

[Kugo] Weirdos (me), friendly people, people...

[Kugo] But we had a good time (7:47 minutes for you 3 hours for me...) non the less

[Kugo] Thank you so much for joining me for another Solo Queue Kind Chronicles video

[Kugo] It's been a pleasure having you here... I'm pleasured by your...

[Kugo] I have a video coming at you very very soon

[Kugo] Make sure you guys are taking deep breaths, smiling, and staying MIGHTY! :D

Thank you so much for reading these subtitles this was my first one and it took around 3-4 hours :D

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