Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Mohammed’s story #Shell #ما_تسوى: قصة محمد الشريف

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I'm sure that you know the rules and regulations better than I do

but don't just know them and ignore them, know them and implement them

"Not worth it"

I was with four other guys in a car

and I was sitting on the passenger side when a big car came crashing

into us

and the impact was where I was sitting

The other guys fortunately survived the accident with minor injures

because they had their seatbelts strapped on

However, I refused to buckle mine

because we were on a long empty road... which can be tiring

but of course, I would have buckled my seatbelt

had I known that it might cost my life

The disability came at a time when I was a young guy with a fulfilling life

I had a great job and a car

I had the fulfilling life that every young person seeks

and when I started mine, the accident happened

Sometimes I wished for my own death

People used to tell me that I was fine in order to raise my morale

How am I supposed to be fine when my body is all broken

Where is that one person that speaks the truth and admits that I'm not fine

I was seeking that person

and one day that person came

and he was injured as well

That moment was a new start for me

That person was injured but he was able to walk and had no wheelchair

and he told me: "Four years ago, I had a big accident"

"and I became paralyzed as a result"

"and my doctor told me that I won't bee able to move my whole life"

"and I will remain in a wheelchair until I die"

"but look at me now, after 4 years I was able to use my legs and walk"

That person truly changed me

What were your first steps?

I smiled

and I remember spending 3 to 4 years without a single smile

but when I smiled I felt that things were already improving

That was a new beginning for me

my emotional state had improved as well as my wheelchair skills

and thank God, the hospital's administration was impressed by my enthusiasm

and my will to help the others

Issa has changed me and now I want to change other patients

You're now working in the center and they are collaborating with you

I've heard a lot about you

Indeed, I am working to help other patients through my own experience

Whenever I see a person sitting in a car without a seatbelt

the memories of my accident come back to me

and I stop that person if I can

I am sure all of my messages are very well known

buckle your seatbelt, don't speed, take care of yourself

However, my message today is different

Don't wait for accidents to happen and then wake up

I am sure you know how important the seatbelt is

I am sure you know accidents happen at any time

I'm sure that you know the rules and regulations better than I do

but don't just know them and ignore them, know them and implement them.

The Description of Mohammed’s story #Shell #ما_تسوى: قصة محمد الشريف