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Narrator: Hey you!

Yes you!

Are you an airbnb owner? is this your home?

Nice house!

Hows business?

Are you full all year round?

Are you actually earning the maximum you could??

Well, if youre like most Airbnb owners, youre not.

You know why?

Because youre only on one channel!

Did you know that there are hundreds of other sites that you can list your property on to

get more bookings?

Did you know that by listing on multiple sites, you can more than DOUBLE your revenue?

Yes, more than DOUBLE!!

Whats the catch, youll ask...


Lets go to your computer, and Ill show you.


Lets say youre on many channels and you get a booking from Airbnb.

You immediately have to log on to the other channels and block those dates so you dont

get a double booking.

You dont want to do that by hand every time, do you?

Well then, youre in luck!

Theres a new service that does that for you, and its called Syncbnb.

In under 5 minutes, Syncbnb will have all your calendars synchronized, and you dont

even have to be awake!

Syncbnb can even help you list on more channels!

And keep them all in sync too!

Syncbnb can synchronize more than 200 channels, including any Property Management System you

might use AND your propertys website!

Dont lose any more bookings!

Sign up for the free 30 day trial now!


Double your bookings, double your revenue.

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