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Well, I was with the Miami Dolphins for a bit, and then got released, then came up to

Boston. Boston thats my home land, thats where Im from, where I was raised. I was

sitting in a diner just eating, and I turned and looked at the television in the collegiate

7s on NBC were playing. I looked and I saw the athleticism out there, the pace of the

game and just the athletes and was like this is what I want to play. Just recently came

up from playing football,playing football and I had talked to my agent about career

opportunities. He always brought in the subject of rugby, but I always brushed it off, like

nah, Im never playing rugby. But after seeing that collegiate 7s I really got interested

and was like this is what i want to do. so i contacted him and told him, who do I need

to speak to, and he got in touch with Al Caravelli And the rest is history. From there I played

with Caravelli through the summer. Summer 7s with Niak and then from there I got

selection camps and now Im in New Zealand witch is pretty surreal. I started playing

rugby in July of 2010, it was just a fast, fast pace introduction to the sport. Weekends

up at Caravellis house, one-on-one trainings, ball handling skills, and just really getting

comfortable with the sport,and all of the game, and just the rules of the game, pretty

much. and now youre playing for America? Yeah, and now Im playing for America which

is crazy. All my friends ask me, when did this happen? how did it happen? It just happened

in a diner, sitting in a diner. And the national broadcast with NBC marketed the sport very

well, and American athletes and little kids will learn hopefully and be inspired to play

the sport and love rugby as much as i do. Recently picked it up, but love every moment

of it , the brotherhood of the athletes, the coaches are really cool they helped me out,

really pieced this puzzle together. What have you heard of wellington 7s? I heard its crazy,

people dressing up in costumes, the parade is wild, the fans are wild as well, they just

love the sport. Coming to New Zealand, on Air New Zealand their video, the introduction

to the plane where they exits were and all that, they were all rugby players. Thats

when I knew New Zealand is crazy about rugby. Rugby is life; eat, sleep, breath. Looking

at the sports, just looking at the main difference is the padding. You dont wear any pads.

No shoulder pads, no pant pads, or helmet. But the biggest difference, Id say, is

the fitness level. Football is really start stop. I want to say its like 4 seconds

of focus at any given play. Whereas rugby 7, that 14 minutes of focus, 100%. I can relate

it to either a track meet or football 2 minute drill, but for 14 minutes. No huddle, fast

pace, and just really giving it your all, emptying the tank. Who hits harder? Who hits

harder? I want to say, I dont know because with rugby its more controlled hits because

your dont have padding, you dont have shoulder pads or helmet so your hits have

to be controlled. You cant just fly in. whereas football, your so padded up you feel

invincible. You can pretty much just fly, and chuck yourself at somebody. So I dont

know, I mean football hits are pretty hard, but rugby hits, you feel them as well. So

do you think you are going to be there for the Olympics on day? oh hopefully God willing,

my legs hold up and my body stays in shape, and I just continue to excel in the game and

do well. Hopefully I will have that opportunity to represent USA. Weve been telling everyone

that USA has to defend their honor. Yeah thats what Ive heard. What was it in 40.. 24.

I was going to say 42, hopefully we can bring one back. Do you have any time after the tournament

to get a look around New Zealand? Im not sure, because the tournaments Friday, Saturday.

Id love the opportunity to stay and you know, really look at all the tourist attractions,

and go to some museums. But I think we are shipping out Sunday. In between the week,

we get a chance with the courtesy of the liaisons; they take us around, they show us some of the cultural

stuff, and all that. We were welcomed pretty well at the airport; I want to say by the

Maori. Our welcoming, that was pretty cool. They danced, they sung, then the kiss on the

cheek and the tap on the nose. I want to say the nose kiss or touch. Best of luck to you.

Appreciate that. Thank you very much. No problem

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