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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 크리스 헴스워스 VS 스칼렛 요한슨, 영어발음 극과극 비교

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We learn American English in school, so lots of Korean people think American accents are standards.

But countries like the UK and Australia have difference accents.

They don't roll their tongues so much for an R sound like Americans.

But even in America, there are different R sounds depending on regions and people.

Some people have weaker R sounds, some have stronger R sounds.

Scarlett Johansson has a stronger R sounds, comparing Chris Hemsworth who is Aussie.

It's really different. So I made a video about it.

The video is about Scarlett Johansson and Chris Hemsworth insulting each other.

They seem like nice people and so cute.

Scarlett Johansson's R sound!

She really rolls her tongue with R sounds.

But Chris Hemsworth doesn't.

Let's listen to them together.

It is really different!

Pay attention to Scarlett Johansson's R sound.

Korean parents love accents like hers.

When Scarlett Johansson teased Chris Hemsworth with his cardigan

that's what she said.

When a number of something increases,

native speakers often say 'a growing number of'.

Growing number = increasing number.

Ann Taylor is women' s clothing brand in America.

Women between 30 and 50 wear them a lot.

Simple and neat, so grandmothers like it too.

What I'm wearing is also from Ann Taylor.

Chris Hemsworth's cardigan looks neat and comfortable.

Isn't Chris Hemsworth cute after he made fun of Scarlett Johansson's pants?

He looks mischievous.

Rolling my tongue for R is hard

Because I need to move my tongue more.

If my tongue was trained like that from the beginning, it would be natural, but it isn't.

I learned to speak English in Australia, so I can't pronounce r like Americans.

And I don't want to change it. Because I like it.

Not superrr powerrr

Supe(r) powe(r).

Australian way might be easier for Korean people.

Some trolls say I have a terrible accent.

But with my terrible accent, I say words with an R numerous times

I have no problem communicating with native speakers.

So, am I qualified to give you a tip?

Initial consonant R sound is very important.

Koreans thinkis similar to R

but it's closer to L, because your tongue touches the roof of your mouth.

Not exactly same though.

라이터, lghter.

However, if r is replaced by l, it becomes totally different. Lighter, righter.

Different meanings too.

Consonants are


used with vowels, a e i o u.

You can copy the sound of ra re ri with sounds in Korean.


But ro, ru, you can't.

When you say


Your tongue rolls without reaching the roof of your mouth.

Do it now.



Remember this and say ro ru.

ro ru

Like this.

If you can't do it well

go back to


and continue to ro ru.

This may be awkward at first.

When we learn to exercise, your forms are awkward, you have a hard time.

But as you get used to it, it becomes easier. Your tongue movement too.

You have to practice until you get used to it.

And you don't have to roll your tongue for the ending R sound. Like water.

It won't affect your communication.

That's how people in the UK and Australia pronounce.

Unless you want to have a standard American accent.

In Boston, USA

In Boston, people do r-dropping when r is at the end of a word.

Let's listen to an example.

Mark Wahlberg is from Boston, he used a Boston accent in The Departed.

You might think he sounds British if you only listen to the last sentence.

If you R sound is correct, but still have a problem communicating

your stress and rhythm may be the causes.

In Korean, every syllable has the same amount of stress.

When you say 'read'

even if you pronounce R correctly

but say the word

like Korean syllables, natives speakers won't understand.

rea has a stress

and d has a light sound.


In Naver English dictionary, there are speaker icons that you can click and listen.

For American and British accents. Listen and practice.

I am Jinger.

Plz click the bell and see you next time.


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