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- New in Mocha 2021,

the Python Script Editor is now available

in all versions of Mocha Pro.

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Previously this powerful module was only available

in the Standalone Mocha Pro application.

Now, the Mocha Pro plugin for Adobe, Avid

and OFX hosts also includes the ability

to build and run custom Python scripts.

The Python script editor enables developers

and technical artists to build new tools, automate processes

and integrate with external applications and pipelines.

The editor is found here under the View menu,

and you can also save this view to a workspace.

This new support also means you can now run and share

the same scripts across both the Mocha Pro plugin

and the Mocha Pro Standalone application.

Users can write or load scripts via the script editor

or by using the inner dot spine script

to initialize custom code per session.

The extensive API allows access

to most of the Mocha project parameters.

This also provides interfacing elements

for making custom interactive tools,

exporters and actions.

For example, you could create scripts

to help repetitive tasks

such as grading layer colors according to their stack order,

to prepare for depth matting,

fitting the surface corners

to the corners of a four point spine.

Making dialogues for adding text

to the front of selected layers for easier labeling,

or create floating panels

for quickly jumping to spaced frames over time.

You can also make more complex tools,

like this sculptor,

that wides the position of neighboring points

when making adjustments.

Users also have access to making new menus, Tuba Buttons,

and most of the Qt Widget functionality

available via PySide 2.

You can even make your own importers and exporters

for custom tweaks to existing formats.

Mocha Pro comes with Python 3.73

to match current VFX reference platform standards.

Here on the Boris FX documentation page,

we provide a full reference to the available Mocha API,

along with a Python guide to get you started.

So if you are more flexibility with Mocha's features,

the Mocha Python API

will help you make them go even further.

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