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Hi kids!

Guess who's here

Yes its me bob

Join me for learning street with bob

Hello Kids! I am Bob the Train, your DJ & Host.

Welcome to our Phonics show

Our participants in this show are the letters of the alphabet.

Isnt that cool? They will sing, dance and teach us sounds that start with the letters.

Now, lets say a big hello and welcome to our wonderful judges

Are you ready, judges?

Yes Bob!

Lets give a very warm welcome to the One and Only Miss. O

O O O O Im Miss O. I am O O O oval like an egg

Cmon all, lets shake a leg

What I find sour and sweet I always love to eat

Is an O O orange a tangy and tasty orange

Shhh! Can you hear that hoot? Ah, its an owl in a jumpsuit.

O O O O owl. A wise old owl

An owl stays up in the tree Hey, Do, you see what I see?

Its an O O otter A slow and sweet otter

Most birds can soar high But there is one bird that just cant fly.

An O O O ostrich a tall and lanky ostrich.

A sea creature with many an arm dont you worry, it wont do no harm

Meet Mr. O O O O octopus the eight -tentacle octopus

I have seen an ape so great you will see him, just you wait.

O O O O orangutan a big and cuddly Orangutan OR An over sized orangutan

Take some eggs in a bowl to beat. Whip and fry them, ready to eat.

An O O O O omelette, a nice and fluffy omelette

I love a yummy rainbow cake that I have learnt to bake

In an O O O O oven a hot little oven

I always get water in my eye yes, cutting this vegetable makes me cry.

Its called an O O O O onion a pink and pungent onion

So all those who love Miss O Please say Yo! Yo!

Yo! Yo!

Judges, can we have the score!



Outstanding Again!


Thank you Miss O, and you Awesome Judges.

We will be back soon with the sweet sound of other letters of the alphabet.

Till then Adios !

Hey kids!

Watch the video again and count the number of words

That start with the letter of the alphabet in this episode

Don't forget to put your answers in the comment section below

Thank You!

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