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hello youtube~

welcome to motomobi channel

we've been following this brand for a long time

Even since they received the first indent order

With proud,

In this video We discuss About Tesla

And We tried the fastest one


*laugh maniacally*

First impressions see this car with our own eyes is at

IMS 2017 (Indonesian Motorshow)

It feels like meeting your Idol

It doesn't disapoint us. We are so happy

First Impression review already done by our colleague

We don't had time to do one.

In the next few days, we attend an event in Sirkuit Sentul

And we found Tesla S P100D

Then we tried it

Om Mobi smile widely behind his mask :)

It feels like single for long time and suddenly had a girlfriend

Tesla S

Launched For the first time in 2012,

after 3 years waiting since their first prototype back in 2009

Tesla S is a luxury Sedan

Widely known in America

Famous because not using gas

Because this car's conjunction is electricity

Full Electric

They also made A spectacular breakthrough

Which is Autonomous Driving.

There are 12 Ultrasonic Sensors

which cover 360 degree,

That enable this car to drive itself

Which literally auto driving, but it's only in America

In Indonesia, just forget about it

Even the brake is non existent

Thank goodness there's importer who brave enough to import this car

Seeing this Tesla's Design,

Is Similar to Mazda

Because its designed by Franz Von Holtzhausen

Which previously working at Mazda

Not bad, but we quite disliked the first gen

With its front, especially with the grill

In Electric Cars, Grill just for cosmetic, its fake

Because there's no need for grill

No need for Radiator

Model S In America,

had higher sales than S-Class And BMW 7-Series

Wait, do you already watch our S-Class Vs 7 Series ?

If don't yet, please watch afterwards

In 2016 there's facelift

The front changed to this

similar to its X Series

In Indonesia is mandatory to have number plate in front.

Because if didn't, the front will look like this

Deadpool in Wolverine Version, without Mouth

In America there's variety of models

Model S 75, which means with battery of 75 Kilowatt

Which is the cheapest version of S Model

75 D, The "D" stands for Dual Motor, not diesel.

Then the 90D

And then 100D

Also the most expensive in the lineup, which is P100D

The "P" stands for Performance

Did you know that this card held an award for

Fastest accelerating Production car in the world

Thanks to its battery

Since the name is P100, that means 100 Kilo watt hour

Battery is the heaviest component in electronic parts

With its smart design, they put it in the bottom

The battery positioned under the cabin, makes the center of gravity at the bottom

It helps stabilize the car

This is what looks like inside of battery

Look how much E-cig's(vape) battery inside of this car

The battery send power to electric motor

Through its controller, up to 500 km

500 km is ...Far enough

compared to car that existing in indonesian market, from full to tank to empty.

Many people curious how this car can get through flood

This is footage of Tesla S cut through flooding.

As long the parts still closed tightly, it won't have a problem

If this is an ordinary car,

There's 2 hole that need to be cautious , which is Intake and exhaust

Electric motor in this car had power of 259 HP

with torque of 375 NM

Aah That's only for front motor.

It had more power than Golf GTi

The rear engine had 503 HP,

With torque of 712 NM.

Which is produced a standard bucket

This is so crazy ! if its all combined,

It will be 680 HP and 1072 NM

We Are Speechless

That electric motor only single ratio gear

So it will not change gear

it makes it more effecient

which had low energy loss

The most terrifying parts is

0-100 KM/hour only in 2.5 seconds

But its according to Tesla's Website.

But from the test, it can achieve 2.28 seconds

Amazing !

Today we are so happy to try out this car

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The key looks like this

With the shape of Cars. But why the car keys color is black even though the car is white ?

Press twice in front side to open the front hood

Wait, this is not engine hood ...

This is an additional Trunk

Tesla call it Frunk

Which means Front Trunk

This is the only place to put liquid in this car

Which is for wiper washer

This car is so dry without any liquid

According to rules in America,

A trunk must have switch/handle from the inside

And must glow in the dark

If kidnapped, could escape from the trunk.

*Too much watching hollywood movies*

But for the not-all-wheel-drive, there's lot of space in the front trunk.

Tesla had an apllication for both Android and iOS

And surprisingly comprehensive

Able to find the car location

Also able to horn and beam to make it easier to find where the car located.

Also can turn on AC,

Able to turn to remote the car out of parking lot

We move on to the rear trunk,

Can open directly or with keys

And this is so Spacious !

Plus the rear set can be flipped

There's Extra space for storage here

Aha, this is the charger cable for the car

Which attached to another converter to be used at home

And also in this trunk had optional space for kids

*Pity seems to small for kids while they face backwards*

This reminds us to old Mercedes 300

But usually kids had fun looking backwards

This is more like hatchback rather than sedan

Even it has neat handle

The handle will automaticly hidden when the cars locked

Just push it and the handle will come out

The handle doesn't pull by mechanical,

but by the electronic

So this handle serve purpose as switch for the door

Since it use large battery, all the stuff in this car using electric consumption

To Charge This car,

The Plug hidden here

To open it there's 2 Way:

Can be pushed by Finger or push through its jack which already attached to the wall

Also using electricity to open this

This is how to closed it

We move on to its tyres

Tesla is serious about this matter. It uses Michelin Pilot Super Sport.

This Michelin keep the grip very well.

Especially when already changed to Michelin Pilot Sport S

The performance from 0 - 100 and the braking could be much better.

Look at the interior

Very modern and minimalist

Button at the dashboard only to open compartment and turn on hazard

Coated with Leather and carbon Fibre

We Love these 2 materials.

Its weird in the door panel,

There's no place for storage in it

In the middle console there's huge space for storage

Which can be closed

there's also one in the rear, with jack for IPhone

Plug in Phone here feels like plugged into Power bank with 20 Million mAH

Please take a look at how big is your power bank capacity

There's an arm rest that can be slide backward, which had cupholder in it

Why the cupholder placed here ?

If place a cup here while driving,

Could be accidentally knocked over and make a mess

In Dashboard there's a big screen

To control lots of thing

We already research regarding this big screen,

which we previously think that this is an android based

Turns out, it used Linux x64

which using Nvidia For Processing

Almost all functionality in the car can be controlled through here,

including lock the cars, which sounds like "Tukang Bakso"

Also For Emergency brake,

excluding Wiper, Sign, and lamps

It placed in normal combination switch

Which is very similar to Mercedes Benz

This is also window switch and shifter that similar to Mercedes Benz

We suspicious the steering wheel might be the same

Tesla is an expensive car

Why they don't make their own switch

They seems to dislike physical switch

Even AC controlled through the screen

Which always in Auto Mode

Because to adjust the blower , we need to press custom auto

For audio volume can be adjusted from the screen or the steering wheel

Which also can be used to navigate through instruments cluster

Which Full LCD

Talking about Audio

Head Unit also combined into this screen

There's many option

There's Spotify,

TuneIn Radio

Sound system quality is good enough,

But we can't judge it fairly

oh wait, let us connect it to our Mobile Wifi

The sound quality fair enough for car this expensive

Also able to open our website

Can open Youtube Too,

For watching Motomobi

Why this says it doesn't supported ?

Turns out Tesla intentional to disable video streaming for safety reasons

The navigation is marvelous, using google maps,

Which also can see traffic jam

This screen is so big, if still get lost, better revoke the drving license

There's control button

To Enter several menu

For Example, Sunroof

Control the percentage of how open the sunroof

And also suspension

This is an air suspension car

Can adjusted how tall or short the height, and how comfortable it is

it can even set to automatic, adjusting in specific location

the gps can remember that.

There's also streering mode

There's traction control. There's Creep Mode

It means do you want to it behave like normal automatic car or not.

If the shifter in drive, when released, it will be drive slowly

This is interesting

There's Sport and ludicrous mode

We will test out this weird mode

Then we try the back seat

This car can't be compared to S-Class or 7-Series.

In the back feels like E-Class or 5-Series,

With Small Head Room,

Quite big leg room, but down there is so cramped. The foot barely fit in

Sit in the backseat quite not comfortable,

The seat feels small and low

Might be due to how big the battery in the bottom

The seat a bit thick and flat

Which quite not maintain the left and right side of pessenger

and there's no arm rest

But sit in the backseat could be more comfortable if there's 3 people

Because this is a big sedan

Also stereotypes of American's car which not comfortable in the backseat

There's USB port in the back

Which if there's 3 people , they must take turns

Then we move on to front seat,

Which is fair if its comfortable

Also added Sporty finish on it

And of course, electric seat. Even the door is electric

Turn on this car quite confusing

Because there's no start on & off engine button

Turns out, just need to sit and hit the brake.

Tesla will automatically turn on silently,

There's almost no sound

We are so glad could try out this car

We apologize if you are jealous

Look at Reverse Camera,

So pleased with Big Screen

Suspension is comfortable enough

Quite stiff sometimes, but we could tolerate that

Then we try how fast that is

We switch it to ludicrous mode

The plus one

*Must long pressed*

Look at it, just like jump to hyperspeed like space movie

We quite doubting since this is Mass Production car

A Standard sedan

How fast it can go ?

It must be just average speed

But we were wrong.

*sensors* *sensors* *Laugh Maniacally*

We never feel this before

The Last time we felt this kinda G-Force is in

Roller Coaster

Not feels like pushed by Jinn

No matter how much JInn, it suppose to be not this fast

This acceleration is like

Throwing car off cliff

This is madness ! how can it be this fast

We don't like this car,

That this car doesn't found its home to our garage

Tesla S P100D

We are not in love with its look

We doesn't fall in love with its advanced electricity technology

We are in love with the acceleration that could throw us our genitals left behind

We thinking carefully the reason not to pick this car

In America there's distributed in many area which called supercharger

In the form of Parking Area or rest area,

Which can charge Tesla for free

But there's none in Indonesia

But that wouldn't be a problem since it takes 500 km from Full tank to empty

Even in heavy traffic jam in Jakarta, might only drop to 300

And it's quite long distance

Won't Be A Problem without Supercharger

Backseat not comfortable

But we rarely sit in the back, since we usually drive the car by ourselves

In Indonesia there's no dealership

If there's service, change oil and other stuff we don't know where to locate one

Is it necessary at all to service this car ? After all this is electric car

Maintenance must be only from software updates that can downloaded from internet

This is seems to be most logical answer

Money to bought this car is non existent

We lost the hope to own the Tesla

You could own this easily if you had the money

Just contact the number in the description video

*Don't forget to mention that you got the number from Motomobi

Overall, we like this car very much

The Acceleration makes up for all the weaknessess

Even this car can beat the car with high speed

But this is Tesla, An Electric Car

Can't Do this

Or This

Or Even This

old Internal Combustion technology

Which can be more effecient

Which at the end lose to acceleration from Electric car

Might be the next generation kids won't even know what is Internal Combustion

Before that thing extinct

We'd like to discuss about how Internal Combustion Works

In the next few months

Hopefully the video could be done soon enough

This all come from my personal opinion,

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