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3 years ago we decided to build the new mBank headquarters in Łódź.

We had a big urge to modernize our office, our workplace and the way we work.

For us the biggest challenge was to eliminate the need

to communicate between two parts of our headquarters,

because as one of the banks we have our head-office located in two different cities.

One of the most important features of the system is the ability

to conduct a wireless presentation of data from any device.

We were able to implement that due to

fast and secure access to the net.

A perfect example of automation of organizing

and joining the meetings is the integration

of the video meetings with the Microsoft Exchange server.

Due to the integration, joining the meeting from the video terminal

takes place in one step by pressing the green button

on the control panel.

Additionally, we created separate networks

for employees and clients based on Cisco devices,

which guarantee the highest level of security.

During the project we have decided to change the video system of

the company completely,

including every branch of mBank in Poland.

The solution implemented by Sevenet is

one of the most modern systems and covers

over 300 mBank locations in Poland,

Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Reliability, ergonomics, the ability to integrate with other

manufacturers of communication solutions

and security were the basic requirements

set for this system.

All network devices - video terminals, laptops and

smartphones have been authorized by

the access control server Cisco Identity Services Engine,

thanks to which we are certain that unwanted

devices will not be connected to the mBank corporate network.

Thanks to this implementation, we managed to achieve

a quality of teleconferencing,

which is quite sufficient in most cases.

The result of the work of engineers from mBank, Sevenet and Cisco

is a coherent and intuitive to use communication

system that allows users to participate in

meetings, from any given place and device.

A big change in quality

compared to the videoconferencing system

we used earlier.

All this was done on time

and as we imagined it,

so we can not wish for anything more.

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