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i'm gonna make an amazing filipino food and i will use it as a filling for dumplings with this recipe

i will use the deep fryer let's put in some oil we need about 2.5 liters of oil because we're gonna

deep fry some pork i always like to try being creative you know with filipino dishes it's nice

to combine them with other foods diba? so i want to make a nice pork sisig and put it as a filling

you know so it's an amazing pinoy dish but we will use it in a gyoza or dumpling let's turn it on at

175 degrees celsius as you might have noticed i'm doing it on the floor today we're on the ground

it's a bit it's like a filipino style no it's always nice you know if you are in the nature

especially in the philippines of course if you cook outdoors

it's like you're feeling one with the nature no the the oil is getting hot we're gonna deep

fry some pork i have some nice pork here okay so we're gonna try and fry to make it

really crispy i'm gonna add one slice of pork for trial just to see how it goes there we go

i think the oil is hot enough see it's already frying i think i can add two at one time

sayang diba let me add one more goes a bit faster

now it's super mainit no super init i really hope that filipino food becomes well known

in the netherlands and of course also in other countries in europe

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look at that

look at how ganda these flowers are they're really beautiful no i think these are hibiscus

but i love this color let me know if you like flowers

i think you call this lechon kawali

so what we will do i'm going to chop it really fine a bit more fine than usual

it's getting really fine

i think this should be all right i will put the pork aside and i'm gonna chop

some sibuyas i'll use the same chopping board because i'm gonna mix the sibuyas

anyway so i use a white onion and red onion okay let's also chop this really fine

this would be an amazing dish to share with your friends and family you know

so my challenge for you please try to also make this recipe at home

and share it with your friends and family okay so you can watch the video and i will also put the

procedures in the description now the fun part i'm heating up this pen i have some butter here okay

you can use butter or margarine i guess so we'll add a little bit of butter

so first i will refry this pork i'm not sure if you do the same way but i like it like this

so the pork is really crispy so now i will add half of the onions

okay half of the sibuyas goes in

let's mix it a little bit

i turn the heat a little bit lower i'll add a little bit of black pepper okay so paminta

as well as some garlic powder okay just my own idea to add a little bit of garlic powder

i've been told that these uh cds are sobrang anghang so i'm gonna add still i'm gonna add

three of them because i like sisig has to be spicy you know so let's chop up the chilies a little bit

tiny pieces i really wish you could smell this dish

that smells so amazing i guess my neighbors are getting gutom as well

it's time to add konting lime juice or calamansi

a little bit of toyo this is a toyo with calamansi also

and some mayonnaise

so let's mix this all together and then we will add our final part of the sibuyas so

i will turn the heat off okay and then i'll add the remaining part of the sibuyas

and then it's pretty much done for the sisig pork sisig

now the video is about an amazing filipino filling right filipino food for a dumpling

like i said dumpling or gyoza so we have some gyoza skins here these are homemade

these are really good quality gyoza skins but you can use also the frozen type if you have

this is my own invention and the first time i'm making this i hope it will

turn out good guys i take a little bit of the filling put it on the gyoza skin okay not too much

maybe this is already a little bit too much i'm gonna try first put a little bit of water on the

okay just for half part like this and then we're gonna fold it okay to close the gyoza or dumpling

with the sisig filling just carefully press

next thing we're gonna do is fold the skin like this okay

just like this it requires a little bit of practice but once you tried it

it's very easy i'm sure you can do it just fold it a little bit okay

like that so let's try another one i'll use a little bit less filling this time

get a little bit of everything and then repeat as we did before and those are our gyoza see

what do you think this would be so nice to combine with the filipino ramen did

you see my filipino ramen before i'll put the link here okay you can watch the video

so we'll put them in a little bit of oil not too hot

you can coat them in the oil a little bit and then carefully flip them around and then what

you can do if they're not done yet you can cover them cover them so that the skin will also cook

these dumplings will be so delicious

these are so set up a little bit

very tasty looking forward to your comments i hope you try this please let me know how it

goes thanks a lot for watching maraming salamat po see you next time with more filipino food!

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