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My favorite Lita moment? Man,

there's so many.

WOMAN: Risk-taking and breathtaking.

MAN: She's the next step in the evolution

of women's wrestling.

LILIAN: And introducing North Carolina's own,



TRISH: She's probably best known for her time

with Team Xtreme.

MICHAEL COLE: The greatest high-flying diva

of all time.

JR: What a moonsault.

What a moonsault.

JERRY: This can't happen.

JR: I'm proud of Lita.

She showed no fear, no apprehension.

Lita came to fight.

MICHAEL: She's had some great RAW moments.

She married Kane.

I would just like to say how honored I am

to be a part of this blessed occasion.

TRISH: And we got the chance to main event RAW.

MICHAEL: A four-time women's champion.

KELLY: I'm in love with Lita.


JR: I can't believe the effort, the heart.

JERRY: Yeah, oh, my God.

Oh, my gosh.

I think Lita's gonna be primed and ready to go.

She was a source of encouragement, strength,

and inspiration to so many.

PHOENIX: The risk-takers of today,

there's the woman that wrote the book on high flying.

MICHAEL: Vintage Lita.

That just happened. How did I do all of that?

That's crazy.


CROWD: (CHANTING) Lita! Lita! Lita!

KELLY: Who's that lady at ringside?

Essa Rios and I debuted.

MICHAEL: Known as Lita.

KELLY: I'm in love with Lita.

Essa Rios won the Light Heavyweight title

from Gillberg. He did the finishing move.

MICHAEL: Moonsault. A beautiful moonsault.

Again, cover now.

New champion.

And then, I mimicked his finishing move.

MICHAEL: What's Lita doing?

What the what?



LITA: I was given a pretty impressive physical role

and it was more than I could have asked for.

I think at the beginning of the Attitude Era,

the women were very integral,

but it was kind of sexually driven.

I wasn't devoid of sexuality,

but it wasn't the focus.

JR: Lita, a crossbody from the top rope.


Some of the guys were like,

"Whoa, that was really great."

A fearless competitor, no matter her gender.

There's definitely a percentage of the guys

that were like, "Well, hey, now," like,

"That's not what women do.

"That's what we do. How about you leave it to us?"

Girls at the same time wouldn't get hot or jealous of her.

They'd say, "Oh, she's cool, she's tough.

"I wanna be able to do things she does."

MICHAEL: Off the top rope, hurricanrana.

JERRY: Yes. Whoo-hoo!

LITA: My strategy was just, "Look, I really wanna be here, too,

"and I really wanna work hard.

"Just, like, please give me this chance to do this."

JR: Up top for the moonsault.

There was a dawn of a really interesting era

where we had the intergender matches that led

to a lot of new possibilities that nobody had seen before on TV.

JR: The Rock catapulted The Game and ran into Trish.

Tornado DDT by Lita.

LITA: I knew I was given

this really unique opportunity to do

this really amazing thing that I wanted to do

more than anything.


MICHAEL: Well, we know this guy as Papi Chulo,

but we're getting word from our producers

that there's been a name change.


KEVIN KELLY: He wants to be called Essa Rios, we're being told.

And who's that lady at ringside?

MICHAEL: Known as Lita.

And there's the spear from Gillberg.

KELLY: I'm in love with Lita.

MICHAEL: Well, Lita at ringside looking on.

KELLY: Oh, my goodness.

MICHAEL: And what did you say, Asse Rios?

KELLY: Essa.

MICHAEL: Essa Rios?

Spinning heel kick to the face

by Essa Rios, knocking Gillberg down,

Light Heavyweight Championship on the line.

Challenge laid out by Gillberg.

And look at the hurricanrana from Essa Rios.

KELLY: Gillberg is yesterday's news.

He's so '90s.

MICHAEL: Look at this. Oh, what a hurricanrana again

by Essa Rios, setting him up.

And what's he doing here? Top rope moonsault.

KELLY: Oh, he got him.

MICHAEL: Beautiful moonsault.

Again. Cover now.

New champion.


MICHAEL: Essa Rios.

In record time.

KELLY: And wait,

what's Lita doing?

What the what?

KELLY: Oh, my.


Lita just mimicked Essa Rios.

We have a new Light Heavyweight Champion.

But I like what's accompanied him to ringside.

KEVIN KELLY: Be still my heart.

MICHAEL: Essa Rios impressive.

He's the new Light Heavyweight Champion.

We crowned a new champ

on Sunday Night Heat.

KELLY: The Gillberg Era is over.


JR: We're kicking it off with a six-person intergender

tag-team match-up.

And that means that Trish Stratus and Lita

will both be in action tonight officially.


FINKEL: The following contest

scheduled for one fall

is the six-person

intergender tag-team match.

In the ring,

the combination of Test and Albert, T&A,

and Trish Stratus.

JR: Certainly a great deal of fireworks

surrounding Trish Stratus and Lita.

Let's take a look at what brought these two ladies

to the dance.

MICHAEL: What a witch Trish Stratus is.

JERRY: Hot number Trish.


hot number Trish. The vindictive Trish Stratus.

JERRY: Why do you keep calling her a witch?


MICHAEL: And look out, look out.

Here comes Lita.

JERRY: What's this? Lita, what are you doing?

MICHAEL: Lita, from behind.

JERRY: Look at that.

MICHAEL: Oh, man.

Lita into Trish Stratus.

Well, Trish Stratus deserved everything she got and more from Lita.

JERRY: This is way too dangerous.


JR: Trish so proud of her actions.

MICHAEL: What courage by this woman.

JERRY: That bruise is from going through that table.

MICHAEL: The witch, Trish Stratus is.

JR: Look, Trish Stratus is still celebrating

over her recent actions

directed towards Lita.

JERRY: Oh, baby. Trish is about to be in action.

I'd give my right arm to be in action with Trish Stratus.


FINKEL: Their opponents,

the team of Matt and Jeff,

The Hardy Boyz,

and Lita.

JR: Lita,

still not a hundred percent, as you could tell

by the way she's making her way to the ring, King.


JR: And here we go.


JR: The Intergender Match is underway,

and the men in the ring,

and Lita making a bee line.

Lita was cut off by Test.

JERRY: Yeah, Lita,

you better think about your health there.

You don't wanna tangle with Test.

JR: One fall here in this early match-up

at Fully Loaded.

Matt Hardy and Albert, this Albert is a monstrous of a man.

6'8", 350 pounds.

JERRY: And go ahead, tell us about the Hardys,

they're daredevils, they're risk-takers.

They're idiots sometimes, JR.

JR: They'll take a chance, will Matt and Jeff Hardy.

From the great state of North Carolina,

they got to hit-and-run, they got to control the pace

and faster the better for the Hardys and Lita,

one would assume.

JERRY: Oh, you got that right.

Oh, look out.

JR: A lot of power by Albert.

JERRY: I'd like to see Trish do that to Lita.

JR: And that could happen.

That could happen, I don't know

how willing Trish is gonna be to get in the ring, quite frankly.

JERRY: I think Trish should be

more than willing to tie it up with Lita.

Lita, like you said, she's not a hundred percent

and she's got a grimace on her face right now.

JR: Wow.

Certainly the rivalry between Trish and Lita has escalated

in recent weeks.

We saw that footage from SmackDown.

Another near fall.

Severe bruising on the back of Lita, King.

And just six days ago, Lita went...

JERRY: Oh, look, look.

JR: Six days ago, Lita went right

through that table. We saw that on RAW.

Lita's lucky to even be walking right now.

JERRY: What is this?

JR: Nice leverage there by Matt Hardy,

using his and Albert's own momentum there to take Albert down.

Oh, he tried to land on his feet,

but I think his knee gave way,

and Matt Hardy, and he came right off

the apron here right in front of us.

JERRY: That's more of that risk-taking,

be the daredevil.

Risking life and limb may cost you a limb.

JR: Matt Hardy barely able to make it back

in the ring, but he does.

JERRY: Check out the outfit that Trish is wearing.

JR: I've checked it out.

JERRY: Oh, baby got back.

Glide down there, cameraman.

JR: Test got the tag.

He's in now with Matt Hardy.

Three main events tonight.

What a night this is gonna be.

We're glad you're with us wherever you may be around the world.

And nice shot right to the face by Matt Hardy.

JERRY: Yeah, Test.

JR: As Test coming in,

and Test,

throwing caution to the wind, if you will,

right back in the face of Matt Hardy.

And Matt Hardy again...

JERRY: There you go.

JR: to dodge a bullet,

so to speak.

JERRY: Man, got that drop shot.

JR: Right in the face of Test.

And now, Jeff Hardy gets a tag from his brother, Matt.

The Hardys, former WWF Tag Team Champions.

They'll innovate the offense as we go.

There's a lateral press and Test able to power out.

Big night for Trish.

Another man she represents, Val Venis'll defend

the Intercontinental Title tonight

inside a cage against Rikishi.

JERRY: The more Trish, the better.

She can come out here in every match if you ask me.

JR: A hard shot by Test,

who has stopped the momentum, the pace, if you will.

CROWD: (CHANTING) We want puppies.

JERRY: Look at this.

JR: Here we go.

JERRY: Oh, man.

JR: He's quicker than a hiccup right through

those ropes and a crossbody over the top.

JERRY: The people here in Dallas are pretty smart.

They're chanting "We want puppies" already.

JR: Nice high-risk move there by Jeff Hardy

that did connect, King.

Sometimes those chances'll pay off for you.

Sometimes obviously, they won't.

JERRY: Took a chance with his hair color.

His head looks like a bowl of Lucky Charms.

What's up with that, JR?

JR: I don't know.

That's a different era, King.

I can't relate to that haircut.

And the Hardys now double-teaming Test,

in the Hardys, corner. Lita and Trish yet to get in,

maybe that's a good omen for Trish,

or Lita, I should say, because Lita certainly,

as we documented, not a hundred percent here tonight.

JERRY: Oh, boy.

JR: Matt trying to suplex...

JERRY: Hey, he's got him.

JR: Cover, inside cradle,

and a... Oh, near fall.

Nice move there by Matt Hardy taking down Test.

Man, what a shot there by Test,

catching Matt Hardy right in the face

and Trish is very pleased with the actions of Test.

JERRY: She's so cute.

Look at Lita, though. She's hurting, JR.

You know she is.

Oh, here we go, baby.

JR: This is an intergender

tag match...

JERRY: Oh, wow.

And Matt was helpless.

And there's a roll-up. There's a roll-up.

Oh, Test just barely there in time.

JERRY: Get out of there, Trish.

JR: No way that Trish

would have been able to kick out.

JERRY: Matt Hardy's manhandling Trish.

JR, those are truly some buns of steel right there.

She is fit as a fiddle. Here we go.

Look out.

JR: Oh, Trish looking to

drive an elbow into Matt Hardy

and here comes Lita.

JERRY: Look out, Trish.

JR: And look at Trish,

running like a scolded dog to make sure

that she did not have to face Lita.

JERRY: No, no. Lita, you better tag him.

Lita's in big trouble now if she doesn't tag out.

JR: Lita's got to tag out here.

That's the smartest thing for her to do.

JERRY: No tag yet. She's still the legal...

JR: She needs to make a tag.

JERRY: You can't tag from out there.

JR: Lita, make the tag. Albert will break you in half.

I think the referee's gonna allow that tag

and now both the Hardys are in.

JERRY: Oh, my God.

JR: And the Hardys, Stratus kick.

The pace has quickened, as we can see.

JERRY: Trish.

JR: And now, more double-teaming.

JERRY: Oh, man.

JR: Double suplex by Matt and Jeff Hardy.

JERRY: Into Test. Uh-oh.

JR: And now Test...


JR: Trish is in.

Wait a minute. My God.

JERRY: What is this?

JR: It's a triple suplex.

Test and Trish up and over.

JERRY: Oh, my God. I've never seen that.

And I know Trish has never seen that.

JR: Matt and Jeff taking their shirts off and Lita

taking her shirt off, too.

JERRY: Whoo-hoo, puppies.

I like it.

I'll take my shirt off.

JR: Please don't.

Shot from the outside by Test, and look at Albert.

He certainly is a powerful man.

Look at the strength of Albert.

JERRY: Got a lot of hang time.

JR: Oh, on the outside. You'll fall as far

as the floor, then you have an abrupt stop.

JERRY: Man, oh, man.

JR: And look at the cheap shot on the outside now

by Test after Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy, excuse me,

going over the top all the way to the floor.

JERRY: That put a smile on the lovely face of Trish.

Get it up here, Test.

JR: Boy, the Hardys,

they've gotta rebound here.

Jeff needs to make a tag in the worse way.

Double arm suplex and now the cover,

the float-over and...

Two, two.

JERRY: Look at this shot, JR.

Jeff Hardy going right down to, well,

JR: South Texas.

JERRY: Yeah.

JR: And now Albert and Test

with some double team of their own.

JERRY: Oh, my God.

JR: Oh, God. What elevation.

JERRY: Did he land on his head or side or what?


JR: Hardy in another time zone

there for a moment, and there's another cover.

That's how it should be.

But it's not.

JERRY: How did Jeff Hardy kick out of that?

JR: I'll tell you what, these Hardys,

and specifically Jeff on this occasion,

so resilient.

How do they kick out, King?

How these Hardys keep coming back?

JERRY: I don't even know how they're alive right now, JR.

But somehow, they manage to hang in there.

JR: Jeff Hardy fighting for all he's got.

Needs to make a tag.

JERRY: Remember when Lita was put through that table

by Trish? I thought that was the end

of her career, but here she is. Oh.

JR: It certainly came close to ending Lita's career.

Nice roll-up.

There's a roll-up there.

JERRY: Watch it.

JR: And now Test, high-impact move.

That's what the Hardys have to avoid,

is the high impact of Test and Albert.

JERRY: Test and Albert are so strong.

They can pretty much just throw these Hardys around

if they get the opportunity.

JR: These two big men, Test and Albert,

as we said earlier, trying to slow the pace here,

dictate a slow, methodical pace.

JERRY: You got to admit,

that's good strategy. That's very smart,

putting that weight down on the Hardys.


JERRY: Look at the people. This Reunion Arena is going nuts.

JR: The sellout crowd here in Reunion Arena

in Dallas, Texas. (INDISTINCT)

Jeff Hardy, he ran right into that powerbomb.

That's got to be all right there.

JERRY: Got to be, but...

JR: And Test, I'm surprised,

did not go for the cover there, but in any event...

JERRY: He wants to put the exclamation point on. Here goes Test.

JR: This would be it right here, King.

JERRY: Test is famous for this.

JR: And Test, he's 275.

Looking for the elbow.

JERRY: Look out.

JR: But nobody there on the canvas.

JERRY: Trish is mad.

JR: Jeff Hardy dodged another bullet.

Jeff trying to make a tag.

He's close to his corner.

JERRY: Can't reach.

JR: Mule kick by Jeff Hardy.

JERRY: Right into the mouth of Test.

JR: And now, can Jeff? Yes, he does.

He makes the tag to his brother Matt.

JERRY: Test may have lost some teeth.

JR: Clothesline off the top.

JERRY: Oh, man.

JR: Stinging right hands, a trifecta of them.

JERRY: Take a look at this, kicked him right in the face.

Man, oh, man.

JR: What a great counter there by Jeff Hardy moments ago.

Modified bulldog headlock...

and look at the shot there.

JERRY: Watch out, Trish.

JR: Cheap shot on Albert.

JERRY: Matt would've have hit Trish

if he had the opportunity.

JR: Preparing the slam into the powerbomb.

More power, is that all?

One, two. Jeff off the top with the senton bomb

interrupted the three-count.

Now, it's Matt on top.

Matt's got the cover.

Boy, he came in with authority on that one.

JERRY: Uh-oh. This is not gonna be pretty.

JR: Albert handling Matt like a small child.

JERRY: Whoa. Did you see that?

JR: Big time offensive move by Matt Hardy.

JERRY: I think that's it for Albert.

He doesn't know where he's at.

He's got Trish. Rolling up.

JR: Here comes Lita.

Lita moving rather gingerly.

JERRY: Do your thing, Lita.

JR: Tornado DDT by Lita.

She only wishes it was Trish

on the receiving end.

JERRY: Now what?

Her back has gotta be killing her, JR.

How is she doing... Look out.

JR: Lita, the crossbody

from the top to the floor.

JERRY: She's crazy.

She'll do anything.

JR: Lita taking those chances just like the Hardys.

And now Lita back on top.

How is she doing it? She's gotta be ravaged.

Hurricanrana, hurricanrana by Lita.

Don't tell me she's gonna get the three.

It's over. No, it's not.

JERRY: I was gonna say Lita's just as crazy as the Hardys,

but I think she's crazier.

What's she gonna do next?

JR: Oh, she needs to make a tag.

Lita, don't get caught in there.

JERRY: Oh, man, right in the back.

JR: What a cheap shot right in the back by Albert.

That was low.

JERRY: Oh, my gosh.

JR: Powerbomb. My God, on that injured back.

JERRY: And look, you can still see the huge bruise.

Oh, Trish wants in.

JR: Trish almost demanding a tag.

JERRY: Trish wants to have some.

JR: The damage has been done to Lita.

JERRY: Oh, yes.

This is it.

JR: Trish got the cover.

And Lita kicked out. Lita with the shoulder up.

JERRY: Wait a minute, ref.

JR: Lita got her shoulder up,

which shocks T&A.

JERRY: She's gonna do the Trish Squeezer.


Oh, man.

JR: Trish with a bulldog.

She's been preparing for this matchup.



JR: Trish with the cover and another one.

Three. No, a near fall.

JERRY: Come on, Trish. Stay on her.

CROWD: (CHANTING) We want puppies.

JERRY: Oh, yes.

The people want puppies.

Oh, man.

JR: Irish whip to the corner

off T&A and Trish catching Lita coming in

with the elbow.

JERRY: I love this kind of action, JR.

A puppy may pop his little head up at any moment.

JR: Trish going on top.

JERRY: Look out, look out.

JR: Oh, look out here is right.

Lita hurt or not,

Trish is gonna try to get some retribution here,

but can she get it done?

JERRY: What in the world?

Oh, no.

JR: Oh, my God.

You got to be kidding me.

JERRY: No, Trish.

JR: Oh, no.

JERRY: No, Trish.

JR: It's not a superplex.

JERRY: That's gonna be over for Trish.

JR: For the love of God,

the superplex. These two women right off the top.

Can you imagine how Lita's body ravaged with pain

from going through the table last week on RAW?

JERRY: Oh, no, Trish.

JR: She gets the cover.

Lita with the cover. Oh, damn.

JERRY: What? Who are you for here?

You're supposed to be impartial, JR.

JR: Look at the superplex, King.

JERRY: Look at poor Trish.

JR: Unbelievable.

And the Hardys now trying to separate Test

and Albert from Trish here

and they're getting that job done.

JERRY: Uh-oh. Lita's back up.

Gonna do something else bad to Trish.

JR: Lita and Trish now have been

left one-on-one here.


JERRY: Uh-oh.

Now, you know what Lita's gonna do now, don't you?

JR: Yeah. Oh, no. Come on. Don't do this.

JERRY: Moonsault.

JR: Oh, no! Oh, my God.

What a moonsault. What a moonsault.

Lita's snapped it up.


JR: Lita and the Hardys are winners.

FINKEL: Here are your winners...


JERRY: This is just not fair.

I mean, Triple H has so much on his mind.

I mean, his wife just left him.

LILIAN: ...first,

it's Lita.

JERRY: Oh, look at this.

JR: Boy, Lita can't wait to get her hands on Trish.

These two ladies are building quite the history.

Trish and Lita, of course, I'm referring to.

JERRY: I can't wait to get my hands on Trish.

But that's another story.

But listen, Lita is like a trained professional.


LILIAN: And her tag team partner,

from Miami, Florida,

weighing in at 270 pounds,

he is the World Wrestling Federation Champion,

The Rock.

JERRY: JR, did you ever think that the roof

could come off at Georgia Dome?

JR: I've been in the Georgia Dome

for the very first football game ever played here

with the Falcons, the first Peach Bowl.

I don't think I've ever heard anything quite like this

25,000-plus on their feet

with this ovation for the WWF Champion.

But perhaps more importantly, as far as The Rock is concerned,

he's The People's Champion.

JERRY: This is just not right.

I mean...

I like The Rock and everything,

but poor Triple H is at a huge disadvantage in this match.

JR: You're breaking my heart.

You're just breaking my heart on that one.

JERRY: Oh, come on. You saw Triple H,

all night long, he's tried to do the right thing.

This was a huge misunderstanding that,

that idiot, Commissioner Mick Foley,

had put Triple H in this position.

JR: And we all know what Triple H and Rock

feel about each other.

There's a lot of history between these two magnificent young athletes.

JERRY: Oh, and I'd love to see them going at each other,

if Triple H's mind was, you know, in the right place.

JR: He'd better get his mind in the right place.

JERRY: Look at Triple H. He's handicapped.

JR: And here we go.


JR: The bell sounds.

JERRY: See? See what I said?

JERRY: He's handicapped.

JR: That's his problem, isn't it?

Not ours.

And The Rock looking to lay the smackdown,

on The Game, right hand by Triple H,

with his wife...

She's vacated the premises.


and look at The Game, I'm telling you.

JR: That's a neckbreaker by The Rock.

And what a night it has been.

Glad to report that Jeff Hardy's gonna be okay, got a hell of a headache.

But it looks like he's gonna be all right

with that double chair shot on earlier tonight.

JERRY: But is The Game gonna be okay?

He's in a handicap position here with Trish Stratus

as his partner, forced into that position.

JR: I guess this is injured intergender rules.

I mean, if Trish has now gotta...

Has got to lock up with The Rock.

JERRY: You gotta be kidding me.

JR: I don't know how...

JERRY: Speak to the hand.

JR: I don't think The Rock has any intentions

of squaring off with Trish.


JR: But Lita will. But Lita will.

JERRY: Look out, oh.

JR: Lita on a spear takedown.

JERRY: Well...

JR: And the right hands by Lita.

Lita now

has got Trish by the ears.

JERRY: Look out!

JR: And bouncing her head off the canvas like a basketball.

JERRY: Oh, my gosh. Look at the basketballs.

I think Lita's about to lose her pants.

Wouldn't be a bad thing.

JR: A restaurant-quality ass-whipping for Trish.

JERRY: What? What did you say?

Look out, look out. Oh, man.

JR: Another knockdown, Lita.

And just wearing Trish down.

JERRY: Oh, look at this.

JR: Oh, and Triple H

grabbing Lita by the hair.

JERRY: And The Rock...

JR: Oh, man. What a right hand by the WWF Champion.

Lita now.

JERRY: Just think,

that could be Stephanie...

JR: Oh, my God, can you believe...

Triple H almost beheaded Lita with a running clothesline.

While Hebner, the referee Earl Hebner,

put The Rock out of the ring.

JERRY: All's fair in love and war.

This is a little bit of both.

JR: That puts Lita at one hellacious disadvantage.

JERRY: Aw, you're breaking my heart.

You're breaking my heart.

JERRY: Beautiful move.

JR: Nice bulldog headlock by Trish.

JERRY: Trish, you are more than holding your own.

JR: And Trish now makes the exchange with Triple H.

JR: Triple H taking his time obviously.

In no danger here, with Lita.

Already a cheap shot by Triple H.

JERRY: You got to stay in the corner, then The Rock...

JR: Another cheap shot, this time on The Rock.

JERRY: Overthinking.

JR: That's not gonna bode very well

when the WWF... Wait a minute.


JR: He's got the Pedigree.

One, two... The Rock in.

JERRY: Came in like a rocket.

JR: The Rock knocking Triple H off the Pedigree.

Lita needs to make a tag big time here.

JERRY: Stop her. Stop her, Triple H.

JR: With the clothesline and bulldog,

and Lita's gotta be running on empty.


JERRY: Triple H trying to make a tag.

JR: Lita looking to make a tag.

She's very close, she's inches away.

Oh, man.

And Triple H.

JERRY: It's a game of inches.

JR: Pulling out Lita back in the corner.

Lita's in a bad way, and made the tag.

Where is your mind?

JERRY: I'm watching this match.

JR: Shot there by Lita.

JERRY: It's great.

JR: And down goes Trish again.

JERRY: The only thing, as I watched this,

I just can't help but think that could be Stephanie

in there right there.

JR: Triple H shouting instructions to Trish.

And both Trish and Lita obviously well-served to make a tag.

JERRY: If it were Stephanie, she'd be all over Lita right now.

JR: And there's the tag, Triple H in and The Rock in.

JERRY: Oh, no. Here we go.

JR: The Rock hand exploding on The Game.

JERRY: Business is picking up, JR.

Look at this.

JR: The Rock didn't lose much time.

A DDT, the leg is hooked.

And we've got three. No, we don't have three.

JERRY: Whoo, very, very close.

JR: What a near call that one was.

Triple H counters.

What a magnificent move by The Game countering

The Rock into the neckbreaker.

JERRY: He is that damn good, JR.

JR: Triple H with the advantage here.

We know that ultimately, Triple H wants to

become the WWF Champion again.

He had his problems with Chris Jericho,

who's on the shelf right now.

JERRY: Look at this referee trying to pull Triple H.

What are you doing?

JR: But nothing bigger

for Triple H than his marriage.

I don't know but nothing

more important right now with surviving The Rock.

JERRY: Come on, Triple H. I know you're frustrated

over this situation with Stephanie.

You take all of your frustrations

out on The Rock.

Anybody's gonna do.

JR: High knee, here we go, there's a cover

and we got... No, we don't. Another near fall, Triple H

about a half a count away from beating The Rock.

JERRY: I don't think Hebner can count to three,

but further, what an even matchup this is.

Even with Triple H, all that he's got on his mind,

the weight of the world on this man,

and he's still hanging with The Rock.

JR: Certainly the ladies, they do not have the skill

level, King, of The Game and The Rock.

JERRY: JR, you know you've been through this

hundreds of times with your marriages.

JR: Oh, which one?

JERRY: That's what I mean.

All of them.

JR: The Rock intimidating

with the right hand from Downtown Atlanta.

Snapping The Game's head back.

JERRY: Oh, my gosh.

JR: And The Rock lowers that facebuster.

The Game right back into the game.

JERRY: Oh, no!

JR: And The Rock, spinebuster time.


JERRY: No, it's not spinebuster time.

It's People's Elbow...

JR: Oh.

JERRY: Wait a minute.

JR: Trish just mounted

The Rock from behind and raked his eyes, I think.

JERRY: Look at those long fingernails.

She clawed The Rock.

JR: And Trish slipped the taste

right off The Rock's mouth. Here's a Pedigree.

The Game looking for the Pedigree.

JERRY: Uh-oh.

JR: The Rock countered.

JR: The Rock catapulted The Game right into Trish.

JERRY: Oh, no.

JR: Right hands, The Rock.

JERRY: Trish is hurt.

Look out! Look out!

JR: Just like a smack down on The Game.

Spinebuster on Trish.

JERRY: Oh, my God,

did you see that?

JR: The Rock reacted

instinctively with the spinebuster.

JERRY: Trish is out cold!

JR: The Rock.

Trish is not moving,

but The Rock made the tag to Lita.

The Game pulled The Rock outside.

JERRY: Oh, my gosh.

What is Lita gonna do?

JR: Can Lita reach Trish is in the middle of the ring?


JR: What a moonsault. What a moonsault.

JERRY: This can't happen.



JERRY: Triple H, can you believe it?

LILIAN: Here are your winners,

Lita and The Rock.



JR: We gotta wonder what kind of state

Lita's gonna be in.

And look at this capacity crowd.

They're on their feet in the Cajundome

for the challenger, Lita.

JERRY: I think Lita's is gonna be primed

and ready to go, even after the steps of the table.

LILIAN: The following contest is scheduled for one fall,

and it's for the World Wrestling Federation Women's Championship.

Introducing the challenger,



LILIAN: Her opponent, she is accompanied

by Kurt Angle and Triple H,

she is the World Wrestling Federation Women's Champion,

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

JERRY: Ordinarily, I would've liked Lita's chances in this match,

but since the crash course

from two great champions that Stephanie just underwent,

I think Stephanie's gonna wrestle the pants off of Lita.

And that could literally happen.

JR: I don't know if she's gonna wrestle the pants off of her,

but with Kurt Angle and The Game at her side,

how could you like Lita's chances?

JERRY: You got to admit, Lita's pants

are just barely up there anyway.

JR: Look at Triple H now.

He's gonna be a tough guy, try to intimidate Lita.

Lita has been screwed out of that women's title

at least once, maybe twice.

JERRY: Listen, you're gonna be a worthy contender

or worthy champion, you got to be fighting

for the intimidation factor.

Look at Stephanie, how confident is she.

JERRY: She should be confident.


JERRY: Now, I don't know if she should.

JR: She may not be as confident now.

LILIAN: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome

your special guest referee,

the World Wrestling Federation Champion,

The Rock.

JR: The Rock says "just bring it."

He'll bring the WWF title, to SummerSlam

on Sunday on pay-per-view.

And the three men of that Triple Threat Match are here.

The champion, The Rock, the challengers,

The Game and Kurt Angle.

JERRY: And look at this, The Rock is in charge.

He brought it out here, and he's telling Kurt

and Triple H to hit the road.

JR: I was thinking...

JERRY: Wait, he's not throwing them out.

They get to stay at ringside, don't they, Rock?

JR: I know Rock used the "candy ass"

in a sentence again to those two guys.

Kurt Angle and The Game.


One of those men could very easily

be the WWF...

JERRY: Oh, Stephanie, look out! Stephanie!

JR: Oh, here we go. The WWF Champion,

and the women's title on the line.

JERRY: Oh, my gosh.

JR: Lita and Stephanie, folks,

this may not last long. I don't care

how much training Stephanie has had,

Lita's got a lot more experience.

And a hell of a lot of motivation.

JERRY: Yeah, come on, Stephanie, remember that...

JR: Oh, my God. What a hard...

JERRY: What was that Kurt was showing Stephanie?

A full nelson, full nelson.

JR: Nice move by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

JERRY: I think Triple H showed her that.

Remember the Olympic full nelson.

JR: And she's good, oh. Nice hiplock takeover.

A lot of elevation there by Lita.

JERRY: That could've bruised Stephanie.

No, you kidding me.

JR: Oh. The hurricanrana.

Lita looking for the hurricanrana.

It's gotta be over right there here, Rock.

Stephanie kicked out.

JERRY: Oh, I knew Stephanie had it in her, she's a gamer.

JR: Kurt Angle on the apron.

JERRY: There's The Game

and Stephanie's is a gamer.

JR: And on the top,

Triple H just took down Lita

and Lita bounced face first right off the canvas.

JERRY: I didn't see it. I missed it.


JR: And there's The Hardys.

JERRY: What?

JR: Matt and Jeff Hardy.

They're trying to protect Lita,

assaulting The Game.

Now, the playing field, King, is getting a little bit more,

more level.

JERRY: And look at Kurt Angle

coming to the aid of Triple H.

That shows team unity.


JR: The sensitive Kurt Angle.

JERRY: That was integrity.

JR: Oh, Lita found nothing but turnbuckle in that exchange.

JERRY: Come on, Stephanie.

JR: And now Lita

after being taken down by The Game...

JERRY: Look at those good high kicks.

Oh, look at those forearms.

Here's where the Hardys came out on the apron.

JERRY: And... Oh! Triple H! Did you see that?

JR: Right there, did you see that?

JERRY: I saw it, JR, I saw it, JR.

Look, a monkey flip, beautiful.

That's an Olympic monkey flip.

JR: Very nice monkey flip. There's no monkey flips

in the Olympics.

JERRY: There's not?

JR: No crying in baseball.

JERRY: Look at this.

JR: DDT, big time DDT by the Women's Champion,

that's got to be all, The Rock is counting.

They got a near fall there.

JERRY: Boy, Stephanie is so impressive.

JR: Lita able to kick out.

Lita wants this WWF Women's title.

JERRY: Come on now, Rock.

JR: So badly

she can taste it.

JERRY: Rock, I think

Stephanie thought that was a...

JERRY: Uh-oh, talk to the hand.

He said that was a two-count,

that's all it was, but it was a little slow. Oh.

JR: That slap right to the face.

Lita not raised in the opulent lifestyle that

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was raised in.

Lita comes from almost an impoverished background.

JERRY: Yeah, she was probably slapped

when she was a child...

JR: Aw, quit that.

...but Stephanie certainly never was.

JR: Maybe she should've been to the woodshed

a time or two.

JERRY: Look at this.

JR: Oh, look at Lita, my God. What a counter.

JERRY: Stephanie, I can't believe it.

JR: The headscissor takeover by Lita, taking down Stephanie McMahon.

JERRY: How tough is Stephanie?

You got to give her all the credit in the world.

What a great Women's Champion.

JR: She is a McMahon, you got to give her that.

JERRY: Right, a fighting McMahon.


JR: What a knockdown by Lita

and the WWF women's Champion is in trouble here.

The Rock, the WWF Champion with his first ever referee assignment.

JERRY: Look at this! Oh, no.

JR: Lita looking for that modified bulldog headlock.

JERRY: Stephanie, are you all right?

JR: Could be all right there, one...

And Stephanie kicked out, I mean,

barely as the hand was coming down.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley's shoulders were coming up.

JERRY: I can't believe this.

This is too much.

It's more than my expectations from Stephanie.

JR: Suplex nicely done by Lita.

JERRY: She's dished out punishment,

but she's received a lot, but she's still in there.

JR: Could be the moonsault. And wait a minute,

Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle just shoved Lita right off

the turnbuckle.

JERRY: Hey, look at this.

JR: And now the Hardys come to give them some.

Angle and Triple H on the outside.

JERRY: Calm down, you guys.

JR: It was a hellacious fight on the outside.

JERRY: You got a women's title match going on.

JR: Oh, look at Matt Hardy face first

into the ring steps and Jeff Hardy

hung out to dry by both Angle and Triple H.

JERRY: So much for the Hardys. Hey, look at Kurt.

He's reminding Stephanie what this match is all about.

It's this important, it's for the title.

Wait a minute, Rock, he's just trying to explain.

JR: Angle brought in the ring by The Rock.

JERRY: What are you doing, Rock? What's Rock doing?

JR: The Rock's laying the smackdown on Kurt Angle.

JERRY: This is not right.

JR: And Triple H almost beheaded

The Rock from behind.

The Game now with a right hand.

More right hands on The Rock,

who's trying to referee this match.

JERRY: Rock, you never should've done that.

What? He hit Triple H.

Kurt, what have you done?

JR: Kurt Angle made a big mistake.

He just nailed The Game with the title belt.

Rock Bottom, Rock Bottom, Rock Bottom.

JERRY: Triple H is out, so is Kurt.

JR: And then there's Stephanie.

JERRY: What are you doing?

JR: What's she thinking?

Oh, spinebuster.

JERRY: Stephanie was gonna hit The Rock.

JR: Look at The Rock, he just told Lita

to go upstairs.

JERRY: No, wait.

Wait a minute.

JR: The Game is down,

Angle is down, Stephanie is down, Lita is up.

JERRY: Rock did the damage.

JR: And the moonsault, the moonsault.

JERRY: You can't be serious.



JR: Lita's done it.

Lita has done it.

LILIAN: Here's your winner...

JERRY: It's a tainted victory.

LILIAN: ...and the new World Wrestling Federation

Women's Champion, Lita.

JERRY: It's a tainted victory, JR.

JR: Lita has become the WWF Women's Champion.

But it damn sure looks to me

that Triple H and Kurt Angle

are not on the same page.

They're not even reading the same book.

JERRY: Oh, Kurt, I can't believe that just happened.

Stephanie's lost her Women's Championship.


So when I switched my look up,

moving from being with Essa Rios

and Team Xtreme, if you think of

the Lita character, like, that's what you think of.

Baggy pants, thong out, half shirt, you know,

kind of, like, the sexy tomboy look.

I think that the fans were so drawn to me

because, like, I'm a normal girl

in this crazy world,

like this crazy, larger-than-life world

and people are, like, "Man, you do the sickest thing, it's so crazy."

JR: And Lita, oh my God.

Hurricanrana off the ladder by Lita.

LITA: Yeah, I'm like, "I'm there with you.

"I know it's crazy."

There was a time in particular,

it was a big 10-man main event,

and I don't remember everybody that was in it,

but I do remember there was Triple H in it,

there was Undertaker, the Hardys were in it,

there was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

The 10 top guys of the Attitude Era were in that match.

And they were chanting "Lita."

And I hadn't done anything and I remember

instead of being, like, "Oh, yeah, that's rad,"

I was, like, "Man, I'm gonna be in trouble

"when I come back to the curtain."

CROWD: (CHANTING) Lita! Lita! Lita!

It is funny for me to talk about

my initial impression of Trish.

JR: These two women have had a love-hate relationship

since they first crossed paths in 2000.

I remember I was hired,

I was under a developmental deal

and I wasn't brought up to TV yet, and, like, within weeks,

they had hired her and all I saw was a picture

of Trish. And I was like, "Great.

"I'm never getting on TV. Look at this girl,"

she's, like, the most beautiful woman

I've ever seen. And then the flip side of that

is she was like, "There's this girl.

"She's doing flips, she's all over the place,

"like, I'm never gonna get on TV."

So it's funny, but we were both thinking it

at the same time.

Just bring it...

It was always really great working together

because we knew we could just throw ideas at each other.

JR: No Man's Land on the top of that ladder, superplex.

Oh, my God, Trish just sent Lita through the table.

LITA: We could just bring a raw idea and be, like,

"What about this? What about this?"

And also trust each other to not sabotage each other.

It was like, we just wanna make this thing

as entertaining as possible.

Wanting to be the best we can be

and pushing each other to do that is always mutually beneficial for both of us.



LILIAN: The following

tag-team contest is scheduled for one fall.

Introducing first, Gail Kim.

JR: Gail Kim, making her first pay-per-view

appearance here in this tag-team matchup.


LILIAN: Introducing her tag team partner,

from Forest Lake, Minnesota,

she is the WWE Women's Champion,

Molly Holly.

JR: Molly Holly, the former powerlifter in high school,

the reigning WWE Women's Champion

on a night where we've already got a new

Tag Team Champions crowned,

The Dudleys.

Randy Orton with a big upset.

It's been quite a night.

Scott Steiner now the property of Test,

we retain Stacy's services as well.

LILIAN: And making her way to the ring,

from Toronto, Canada, Trish Stratus.

JERRY: I'd like to retain Trish Status' services.

JR: What services would you assume

that she would give you?

JERRY: Let me just say her, me, whipped cream,


any questions?

JR: She is tied with The Fabulous Moolah,

they're the only women who are four-time Women's Champions

and, man, this is special, folks.

Here is a special young woman.

LILIAN: And introducing her tag-team partner,


JR: April 30th, 2002,

she had major spinal surgery

from a broken neck.

She shocked the world last week on RAW,

returning to RAW to come to Trish's aid.

Stone Cold made this tag team matchup,


Lita has been in no matches

for over one year,

and you got to wonder, King,

is she ready?

Is her neck ready?

Is she physically able to compete

and we're gonna find out


sooner than later, it looks like.

JERRY: This may once again be one of those cases

of more guts than brains, JR.

I know Lita wants and she's been out of action for a year,

and wants to get back into the thick of things,

but you might have taken a warm-up match or two

before you jump right into this fray.

JR: This is only the third Divas match

in Unforgiven history.

And look at the nice teamwork here coming up.

JERRY: Yo, hey, yeah.

JR: With Trish and Lita together.

And the Women's Champion and her other jealous Jezebel.

Oh, a pair of baseball slides.

JERRY: What a tag team that is, JR.

Did you ever think that you would see

Trish Stratus teaming with Lita

here in the WWE again?

JR: No, I didn't.

It's a first.

I'm excited about this.

And Trish and Lita, I just didn't know...

Nice arm drag takedown by Lita.

I didn't know whether Lita, because of the severity

of her broken neck and all the surgery

and the rehabilitation,

and over a year of being away of what she loves.

You always wonder, will she come back

with the same fire?

Will she come back to do everything?

JERRY: I think she's answering a lot of those questions right now.

JR: I think you're exactly right, there's the tag,

and here comes Trish.

JERRY: Lita showed me that scar, right?

JR: Mounting Gail Kim.

JERRY: Then I tried to show her my vasectomy scar, but she didn't...

JR: Okay.

It's probably healed over by now. A knife-edge chop on Gail Kim.

Both these young ladies from the great city of Toronto.

I don't know how proud Toronto is of Gail. The cover.

But we know what they think of Trish.

JERRY: Look at Molly, "Stay in there,

"you're doing fine."

JR: She's got a hot new home DVD out

that I know she's very proud of.

JERRY: And what a night this has been, huh, JR?

JR: Awesome night. There's a cover.

Hook of the leg.

Dudleys the World Tag Team Champions again,

for a record, unprecedented.

We've got Test defeating Scott Steiner.

Steiner is now Test's property, as is Stacy Keibler.

JERRY: Oh, look out, look out.

JR: We saw Randy Orton upset Shawn Michaels

with the use of brass knucks and Ric Flair.

REFEREE: You get back in the corner, now.

You get back in the corner.

LITA: You see that?

JERRY: We saw La Resistance

get put through some tables

and we got new tag team champions.

JR: And we're just about halfway through here

and a lot of big business to transact.

Business is still gonna pick up here tonight.

Jericho, Christian, and RVD

for the Intercontinental Title.

Nice move by Molly Holly on Trish,

punishing Molly.

Molly and Gail

made the bond together.

They could end Trish's career

and run her out

of the WWE, all because of jealousy.

JERRY: That was before Lita returned on the scene.

So maybe their plans have changed now.

But it doesn't look like it. It looks like they're still targeting Trish.

I love to see Trish do those Matrix moves

and she's been a little too far right now.

That's got to hurt.

JR: That is a painful maneuver

perfectly applied by Gail Kim.

JERRY: Hey. Come on.

Look at Trish climbing. Look at that.

JR: Trish, oh, what a great counter that was,

using the ropes and her own ingenuity.

JERRY: I bet it takes some of the steam

out of Trish as well.

JR: Trish looking to make the tag.


JR: What a cheap shot

by Molly just as Trish got within a couple

of feet over her partner.

Molly Holly with the cheap shot

taking Lita off the apron

that prevents the tag and allows Trish

to be isolated even more

and brought back into the corner.

JERRY: Yeah. Look at Molly Holly,

sneaking behind our cameraman here,

grabbing Lita right... Pulling Lita's feet out from under her,

driving her right on her face that ring apron.

JR: That face, driving that neck back

and again over that.

JERRY: JR, you got to take notes here.

I mean, because those type

of cheap shot tactics are exactly what you and I

can expect from Al Snow and Coach tonight.

JR: Tag, I think, one tag.

The referee didn't apparently see the tag.

JERRY: Oh, look, I think Lita's mouth is bleeding.

Her face bounced right off of that mat a while ago,

thanks to Molly.

JR: And the double-team

by Gail Kim and Molly Holly. That may... They may do... It may be...

Oh, no, Trish.

JERRY: Lita's lip is busted.

JR: Oh, man. That is not good.

JERRY: This is certainly not the way she wanted to return.

JR: She may have lost a tooth or two there too.

Backbreaker by Molly Holly and again, Trish,

showing that will to compete,

which has just been one of her trademarks in my view.

JERRY: You think I should go down and check on Lita?

I minored in oral surgery.

JR: Just stay right here with your oral surgery.

JERRY: Look at this.

JR: Oh, look at this.

Trish, oh, my.

Double team by Trish,

here looking to make the tag and, boy, almost beheaded there, by...

Hard clothesline.

JERRY: Oh, no, man.

JR: Poor Lita's bleeding.

Got her mouth all busted open thanks to Molly Holly.

Here she comes back, first pay-per-view in over a year.

She has neck surgery, comes off, tries to heal

from a broken neck, and now her mouth is all busted up,

thanks to our women's champion.

And Gail Kim...

JERRY: Speaking of busted up.

JR: Going for a high-risk move there.

JERRY: Oh, she busted her butt.

JR: That'll crack your backside.

And Trish again getting closer again

and Lita, bloody or not,

makes the tag.

JERRY: Here we go.

JR: Lita makes the tag,

hammering Molly.

JERRY: Look at that dropkick.

JR: Breast kick right to the chest of Gail Kim.

JERRY: Monkey flip.

JR: A nice monkey flip

over to that mount position

and Lita with right hands

on the Women's Champion.

Bloody or not,

Lita has given us everything she has.

JERRY: Oh, here we go.

JR: Nice headscissor takeover.

Molly Holly in a daze.

Gail Kim coming in illegally, I think.

I don't think she's legal.

JERRY: Hey, are we gonna see it?

Look at Lita.


JR: A Litabomb

on Gail Kim with authority, but from behind,

right in that neck.

REFEREE: Come on.

JR: Molly Holly with a shot

right to the neck and Lita holding her neck.

And I think it's uncomfortable.

Yeah, and that's now what's... What's disturbing to me.

JERRY: What's Molly Holly gonna do?

Oh, I'll tell you what she's gonna do, wind up on her head.

JR: What leg strength.

Wait. What's this?

A reverse Twist of Fate

on Molly Holly.

JERRY: How long has it been since we saw this from Lita?

JR: Lita, is she gonna...


JR: She's fearless.

Lita with a Litasault.


JR: Just pinned the Women's Champion.

LILIAN: Here are your winners,

Trish Stratus and Lita.

JERRY: And that sign said it, "Welcome back, Lita."

JR: I'm proud of Lita.

She showed no fear, no apprehension,

fought with bloody mouth and all.

Lita came to fight.

She came to play

and what a tag-team combination, King.

Indeed, welcome back, Lita,

but what a combination Lita and Trish Status make.

JERRY: Oh, I love it.

You're right.

Two hot Divas. Two winners.

JR: This is not gonna sit well with Molly and Gail Kim,

but that is just too bad.

JERRY: Yeah. Quite a setback for that tag team.

Check this out one more time.

Molly was going up for her...

I think she thought she was gonna finish Lita off

but then along comes Trish.

JR: And Molly was looking for the Molly-Go-Round

and then this.

High impact.

That Litasault.

JERRY: I like to see this from every angle possible.

Whoa. That might be my favorite.

JR: Great effort, a great victory by Trish and Lita.


JR: I couldn't believe what we saw last week.

JERRY: Yeah.

JR: Lita returning

from a broken neck over a year out of action

with the greatest of expectations,

then returns with a new look,

and then gets dumped and her heart broken

by her former boyfriend, Matt Hardy last week.

JERRY: And fired too, JR, remember that?

Kicked to the curb and fired, all in one night.

JR: The official news is Survivor Series earned favor

to get her rehired.

JERRY: Yeah, I've been meaning to talk to her about that.

JR: This young lady's had some traumatic times.

She's gonna need some time with Dr. Phil or somebody.

JERRY: She ought to be spending time with Christian.

Kill the music.

JERRY: Uh-oh.

I said kill the music.

JERRY: Oh, boy.

Oh, Lita.

Lita, it is so good to see you again

this week and my,

you must have had a rough week of it, haven't you?

I mean, first of all, you lose your boyfriend,


and then you lose your job?

And I have to say I wasn't exactly thrilled

with the fact that Christian decided to call in

one of his favors to get your job back.

But you know, after thinking about it,

keeping you around to play with might be a whole lot more fun

than firing you in the first place.

And with that in mind,

I know I've set up a match tonight

for you against Victoria.

But to keep in the spirit of RAW Roulette

and bring some excitement

to Salt Lake City, Utah, I wanna introduce

the Woman's Champion, Molly Holly.

Molly, so good to see you.


Thanks, Eric.

And I'm gonna let Molly spin the wheel

to determine your fate tonight in your match.

So Molly, without any further ado, if you will, please.


JERRY: This is so exciting, JR.

I love RAW Roulette.

Can you imagine that?


JR: Oh, no.

ERIC: A Steel Cage Match.

I believe this is the first time

in the history of RAW we've had two women

in a Steel Cage Match, am I right?

That's right. It sounds pretty dangerous.

Dangerous, it is.

And Lita, good luck.

Good luck.

JR: Good luck?

What is Bischoff doing...

JERRY: Look. Look.

JR: this poor woman?

JERRY: Look above the ring.

It's a steel cage and it's coming down.

JR: A steel cage is lowering around Lita

just like her life has been crumbling all around her,

and now thanks to Bischoff

and that spin by Molly

as the steel cage surrounding

this heartbroken moon.

But listen to this crowd chanting for Lita.

JERRY: She's gonna need more than this chants

of this crowd here in Salt Lake City

and more than her career could crumble

in a Steel Cage Match, JR.

Have you ever seen women in a Steel Cage Match?

JR: I'd never had the best of my knowledge.

This is a first for Monday Night RAW.

JERRY: Can you imagine what those steel,

those sides of that cage

can do to her pretty face?

JR: Uh-oh. Look at the adversary.

Pet coon goofy.

JERRY: She's probably not too happy

about being in a Steel Cage Match herself.

JR: Yeah, she realizes it.

This woman, Victoria, is unbalanced

to say the least.

That's being kind.

JERRY: She looks perfectly symmetrical to me.

You mean mentally unbalanced?

JR: Yes.


That makes her dangerous, doesn't it?

JR: Yes, and here we go. Lita...


JERRY: Yes, sir. Here we go.

Look out. Hey.

JR: Oh, my goodness.

The rules to win this match, win it by pinfall.

JERRY: Wait. Hold it, look out.

JR: Oh, submission. Look at that.

Like a lawn dart.

Or by escaping the cage

over the top or through the door.

JERRY: I think I see underwear.

Yes, I do.

JR: Uh-oh.

Hard knockdown by Victoria.

Both these women are former Women's Champions

on a night where championships would be decided.

JERRY: Oh, look out.

JR: Oh, poor Lita, her head bouncing off that cage.

JERRY: Oh, poor Lita? You didn't feel

sorry for poor Victoria when she got her face thrown

into that cage a minute ago.

JR: Well, I feel bad for her too, quite frankly.

But both these women are put in

this environment

and a spinning sidewalk slam.

Hook to the leg and the pinfall would work.

Remember, pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage,

over the top to the floor,

or through the door to the floor wins the match.

JERRY: Oh, I love RAW Roulette.

Just imagine, if this is the way the show

starts tonight with the women in a steel cage...

Oh, look out here.

JR: Look out.

JERRY: Just imagine how this show is gonna finish up, JR.

JR: Victoria trying to step out through the door

and look at Lita right on top in that mount position,

hammering those right hands down on Victoria here.

JERRY: You got to love that mount position.

Look out, Lita.

JR: Our first RAW Roulette match.

JERRY: Oh, watch it.

JR: Nice headscissors by Lita, good counter.

And the drop toehold taking down Victoria.

JERRY: I'd try to get out of that cage if I were you.

JR: And Lita may be thinking just that.


JR: Lita climbing up,

trying to climb out over the cage.

JERRY: Get up, Victoria.

JR: She's gonna climb out up

and over and both feet gotta touch the floor.

Be careful up there, ladies.

JERRY: Oh, no.

JR: Oh, my God.

You got to be kidding me.

Lita, that surgically repaired neck

in a one hellacious...

JERRY: Whoa.

JR: And Lita kicking Victoria down.

JERRY: Her pants are coming off.

JR: Lita may do it here,

but Victoria is back up,

tenacious as she is,

Victoria wants to win this match.


JR: And Lita slammed off

the top turnbuckle.


JR: And now going for the cover here.

It might be over, no.

Charles Robinson found a two-count, King.

Man, what an environment for these two women to be placed in.

JERRY: Oh, I love these environments.

You can see Paris, and I see France.

And, oh, no, look out.

JR: Oh, look at this.

JERRY: Reversal, oh.

JR: How the hell are you talking about,

women's underwear in a cage match?

JERRY: I love RAW Roulette.

We're liable see anything here tonight, JR.

JR: Lita trying to win this thing.

Trying to climb out up and over the top and win it.

Lita making her way to the top.

JERRY: Get up, Victoria. She's almost out.

Oh, she fell.

JR: Lita slipped and fell off that top rope.

That rope, too slippery on that occasion.

And now Victoria trying to sneak past,

and again, to no avail.

Both these women know what it takes

to win this matchup. And a shoulder block,

and man, that caught Lita flush in the abdomen.

JERRY: I think we're seeing now why women don't like

to be in Steel Cage Matches.

JR: And what a night this is gonna be...

JERRY: Oh, yeah.

JR: ...starting out this way.

We got Goldberg and Triple H for the World Title.

We understand that's gonna be going on early tonight.

JERRY: Eric Bischoff promised

that tonight's RAW would be titillating.

I love the word titillate. Oh, that did it.

JR: A powerbomb by Lita.

JERRY: Get out.

JR: Lita bought herself a little time

but she's a little worse for wear herself.

This cage is certainly taking its toll

on both these female athletes.

JERRY: Try to go out the door rather than climb

over this thing,

you put yourself a real danger

when you're up on top of that cage.

JR: I can't believe Eric Bischoff

would do something like this. It could be over!

The moonsault by Lita, she hit it.

JERRY: But you got to remember, Eric Bischoff didn't do this,

Molly Holly spun the wheel.

JR: But it's Bischoff's idea to have RAW Roulette.

And Lita now sees the door.

JERRY: The best idea

you ever had.

Wait, you're right, there's the door.

JR: Oh, my God, Matt Hardy.


JERRY: Where did he come from?

JR: What the hell is he smiling about?

What the hell is this about?

Victoria crawling out of the cage.

JERRY: Get your feet on the floor. There it is.

JR: And Victoria wins it, thanks to Matt Hardy.

LILIAN: Here is your winner, Victoria.

JR: Matt Hardy's interference

has just caused Lita to lose

this cage match.

JERRY: Hey. Hey. Hey.

Look at this.

JR: From last week and now...

JERRY: Look at this.

JR: Hey, wait,

there's Christian. And look at Matt Hardy

running out of the cage like a scalded dog

away from Christian who obviously has come

to Lita's aid here.

JERRY: I guess Christian really does have the hots for Lita.

JR: Matt Hardy broke Lita's heart last week.

He got her fired

and then he's cost her this match.


JERRY: Wants to break her neck tonight, I think.

JR: Hasn't Matt done enough?

My attitude coming to the ring,

like I knew I was given this really unique opportunity

to do this really amazing thing

that I wanted to do more than anything.

And I knew that this wasn't how women

were viewed historically, and I knew

that was gonna be faced with opposition

from people in the locker room.

There were people that got it.

They're like "Oh. The crowd goes crazy

"when the girls interact with the dudes.

"Like, let's play this up in our match."

JR: Listen to this crowd chanting for Lita.

And there were people that were like "Nah."

Like, "That's not gonna happen."

My strategy was just like, "Look. I really wanna be here too,

"and I really wanna work hard

"and I'm not trying to discredit

"anything that you guys do.

"Just please give me this chance to do this."

ERIC: A Steel Cage Match.

Can you imagine that?

JERRY: Whoa.

JR: Oh, no.

JERRY: JR, have you ever seen women in a Steel Cage Match?

LITA: We didn't have a lot of time.

There was a very long list of, "We can't do that.

"You can't do this. You can't do that. You can't do any

"of the things that the guys ever do.

"Go have a cage match."

Still, there's not another first Cage Match.

Being in the Cage Match was one of those moments

that I'm like, "All right.

"I may be faced with opposition,

"a hundred percent of the locker room

"may not be on board with the level of physicality

"that we do, but you know we can hang,

"or you wouldn't put us in this spot."

It wasn't until all those years later

that I got to reflect and really,

like, feel pride in what I had done.

The wresting industry, like, it's male-dominated,

that's like a fact

but we have a place and it's deserved.


JERRY: We're sitting on the groom's side or the bride's?

Oh, here we go.


JERRY: Look at the big smile on Kane's face.

That is one happy groom.

Why not?

He's about to become normal, JR.


JERRY: Oh, did he just kiss her?



JERRY: Wait a minute, JR, she's wearing black.

I thought she was supposed to wear a white dress.


JERRY: Kane...

JR: Obviously, if she's gonna marry him, she's gonna have to kiss him.

JERRY: No, but it's different.

But it's a nice contrast,

the black and the white.



Good evening, and welcome to the wedding

of Kane and Lita.

Tonight is a very special night

as we unite these two

in holy matrimony.

But before we commence,

there's a man who has something very important

he would like to say.


A man who is very close

to both the bride and the groom.

He's asked, he's requested this opportunity

to address you both.

Kane. Lita.

Please welcome Eric Bischoff.


JERRY: I get the feeling that it obviously

wasn't who Lita was expecting.

Wow, look at Bischoff.

He looks great.

First of all,

I would just like to say

how honored I am

to be a part of this blessed occasion.

And in honor of the bride and groom,

I'd like to take this opportunity

to read one of my favorite

passages from the Holy Bible.


It's from Ephesians 5:25.

Two lives,

two people so very different

but yet so similar.

Together we stand as one,

sharing our future as it comes.

The past is the past,

buds are yet to blossom.

With care and trust,

the best is yet to be revealed.

Honesty and kindness are the fruits of love.

Lord bless this day

and always enrich us

so our love may never die.


PRIEST: Thank you, Eric.

Kane, Lita,

while I don't know you personally,

I gather, it's clear to me

that you have a very unique relationship.

And to illustrate this relationship

to the entire world and just how unique it is,

I understand that the groom has put together

a very special video,

a video which will illustrate

his love for you, Lita.


JERRY: Is that a tear?

WOMAN: Run, Lita, run.

Run, girl.

OFFICIANT: Oh, moving on.

We are now ready to join you in wedlock.

In the spirit of being unique,

I understand that the couple has decided

to write their own vows.



when I first chose you

to carry my seed,

I thought of you as simply an instrument,

nothing more.

But as the days have passed,

I'm happy to say

that you're more than just the woman

carrying my child.

You are now

my property.

You're mine to do with as I see fit.

You will never know freedom.

You will never again feel

the embrace of another man.

For there is no escape, Lita.

From this day forward,

until the day

you die,





Oh, Lita,

would you like to proceed?


I hate you, worse than...

I hate you, Kane, more than life itself.

You are a vile, horrible man

with no soul.

And even though I have no choice but to marry you,

I wanna make it clear that I love

and I will always love Matt Hardy.


The only joy I have now in life

is in hoping and praying for you to suffer

a horrible accident

resulting in your painful

and immediate death.

I sincerely hope you rot in hell.

That was lovely.

Perhaps we should proceed

to the end of the ceremony.

Kane, Lita, it is now time

to join you in matrimony.

If there is anyone here

who feels that these two

should not be joined

in holy matrimony at this time,

please speak now or forever hold your peace.


Very well then.

Lita, do you take this man to be...


JERRY: Wait a minute.

JERRY: Oh, my God.

It is a white wedding, JR.

I'm sorry, Father.

I'm sorry, Father.

I'm not here to stop the ceremony.

I am simply here to show my support

for my very good friend, Lita.

You know, I thought it was just plain terrible

that on your big night,

you didn't even have a maid of honor.

So I thought to myself,

"Who better than me?"

JERRY: Maid of honor?

I even wore white

because I knew that you couldn't.

Now, Lita, I personally don't believe

in sex before marriage.

But I wanna let you know

that I support your decisions 100%.

Now, honey, I know that you're nervous

and confused about having to marry Kane.

But I just wanna let you know that everything

is gonna be just fine.

All you have to do

is open you heart

just like you opened your legs.

JR: Oh.

JERRY: Whoa.

JR: Oh, Lita.

JERRY: Wait a minute.

JR: Lita assaulting Trish.

JERRY: You can't do this on a wedding.

JR: Oh, no, she's pregnant. Lita's a pregnant woman assaulting a...

JERRY: Not at the wedding.

Somebody stop them.

JR: Trish had no business being out here in the first place.

JERRY: She's the maid of honor.

JR: And the groom restraining his future bride.

Lita does not need to be in that kind of a situation.

She's carrying a child.

JERRY: Oh, she couldn't help it, JR.

Let's go. Come on. Let's go.

Okay. All right. All right.

Look, I think it's best that for all parties

we conclude this ceremony.

Lita, do you take this man

to be your lawfully wedded husband

for richer or for poorer,

in sickness and in health,

until death do you part?



I do.

And do you, Kane,

do you take this woman

to be your lawfully wedded wife

in richness, in poorness,

in sickness and in health,

as long as you both shall live?


JERRY: Now what?

JR: The hell?


JR: Matt Hardy's music.

JERRY: Kane is ready for him.

Look out.

JR: Matt Hardy assaulting Kane.

JERRY: What is he doing?

Does he have no respect for this ceremony?

JR: This wedding has come to a full brawl.

Twist of Fate on the outside.

Matt Hardy coming

to stop the ceremony

and to get Lita the hell out of here.

JERRY: Kane didn't get to say, "I do," that's...

JR: Kane... (EXPLOSION) My God.

There's a wall of fire here.

But can't get past it.

Lita and Matt can't get past it, they're trapped,

they're trapped and Matt Hardy's gonna fight

for his life here.

Shot by Kane, taking down Matt Hardy.

JERRY: This is certainly not your normal wedding, JR.

JR: Matt and Lita were trapped.

They couldn't get out of here.

Oh, my God, Kane.

Lita begging for Kane.

JERRY: Lita, you better stop him.

JR: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Oh, good God Almighty.

Matt Hardy chokeslammed all the way

to the concrete floor off the stage.

Oh, my God, Kane.

And Hardy looks to be broken in pieces.

JERRY: And then look at Kane, he's dragging Lita

back down to the altar.

Here comes the bride again.

What are you waiting for?

Let's go, let's finish this.

Kane. Kane, do you take Lita to be your wife?

I do.

OFFICIANT: Then by the power vested in me,

I pronounce you man and wife.

And you can kiss the bride.




we have just witnessed... Do you make...

I don't know, maybe it is the wedding from hell

but one way or other,

it's official, there they are.

JR: I don't believe this.

I don't believe we've actually witnessed

Kane marrying Lita.

JERRY: You can believe it, there they are, Mr. and Mrs. Kane.


JR: And here we go.

LILIAN: And introducing the challenger,

North Carolina's own, Lita.


JR: A tremendous ovation for Lita

here in Charlotte, North Carolina.

JERRY: What's up with that kiss earlier?

What kind of message was she trying to send to Trish?

JR: That's a good question.

JERRY: I don't think she's...

JR: And of course, these two women at Survivor Series,

a night that Trish almost did not survive,

Lita disqualified.

Trish getting her nose broken.

JERRY: Right. That's why Trish has to wear

that thing, as she called it.

It's terrible, but look at this.

The Women's Championship, our lovely,

our beautiful champion,

her face almost disfigured by that woman, Lita.

JR: And this is just as important

as the vacated World's Heavyweight Title.

Lita is


looking to win

the Women's Championship right here tonight

here in North Carolina, her home state.

Can she get it done?

And can she maintain her composure

long enough to get it done?

JERRY: You're right.

She snapped at Survivor Series.

Oh, look at this now.

JR: There was a hook up falling to the outside.

JERRY: Watch out there. Wait a minute.

I think Trish's nose is hurt already.

JR: To hell with Trish's nose.

JERRY: What? How can you say something like that?

JR: Good God Almighty.

JERRY: What? What?

JR: Downstairs goes the champion

and a right hand.

It's not about a broken nose.

It's not about cosmetic surgery.

JERRY: It is about broken noses.

When you're the champion, and you show such courage

that you go in the ring and compete,

defend your title, even when you have a broken nose.

JR: Yeah, we'll have a parade for it next week.

Hard shot there by the champion.

JERRY: Rain on Lita's parade.

JR: I just wanna see them

get it on here.

I've been waiting for this a long time.

Trish month after month trying to humiliate Lita,

embarrass her.

JERRY: Oh, look at that Matrix move... Hey.

JR: Athleticism.

Right into the pinning combination.

JERRY: Oh, you're gonna make Trish mad and I guarantee it.

You know what? I'm gonna predict something right now.

Before this match is over, Lita will have a broken nose.

JR: Leg sweep, the fall over, the hook to the leg.

Lita can care less about her broken nose

if she leaves here with the Women's Title.

Right hand by the champion.

JERRY: I just have not liked Lita's attitude.

Oh, no, no.

JR: Elevation, a back body drop over the top rope

all the way to the floor.

JERRY: Come on, Trish. Suck it up, baby.

JR: The champion in trouble here.

JERRY: And she is in big trouble.

JR: We do not have a World's Champion.

JERRY: Look out.

JR: Look at this.

JERRY: Oh, my gosh.

JR: A head-first dive that took place

between the second and third rope.

A suicide-like dive.

JERRY: Boy, man, I'm telling you something.

You're right. Watch. You remember Lita

had a broken neck and look at her...

JR: Damn, that is scary.

That is a sick-looking landing.

Lita's head snapped back and that can't be good.

JERRY: Her entire body was contorted in that.

JR: And that's how badly Lita wants to become

the Women's Champion and beat Trish.

JERRY: Look at this. Look at this.

Oh, my God.

I can't believe that Lita's back in the ring

and back on her feet.

Wait a minute,

Trish is taking off that protective mask.

JR: Oh, she used that protective mask

as a weapon, did Trish.

JERRY: Wait a minute. Wait.

JR: Oh, yeah.

There's not a damn thing wrong with her nose.

JERRY: She is a beautiful woman, if that's what you mean.

JR: I didn't say she wasn't a beautiful woman.

It's all about beautiful women.

JERRY: Her face is perfect, you're right.

JR: What the hell are you thinking about?

JERRY: Surgeon did a great job.

JR: I think she was con-jobbing us all along.

Right hand by Trish on Lita.

JERRY: Look out.

You know, JR, that Trish

really did have a broken nose.

Maybe it's healed.

JR: Yeah, maybe so.

Maybe, no maybe about it.

And face-first goes Lita to the top turnbuckle.

Women's Title on the line.

Lita cannot do the same after the dive to the outside.

We're here, and they get to it.

And you don't wanna see

Trish get disqualified here

because Lita can't win the title

on a disqualification or a count-out.

JERRY: Oh, look at this. I wouldn't mind seeing

Trish get disqualified

because Lita's getting exactly what she deserves.

JR: How do you figure that?

JERRY: She needs a broken nose. Look out.

JR: A snapmare.

Hard snapmare off the top turnbuckle.

JERRY: Lita started all this at Survivor Series.

Get off her nose.

JR: Trish driving Lita back to the turnbuckle,

a very intense match here,

a physical match for the Women's Title

here live on Monday Night RAW.

JERRY: What about that fist,

that big right hand from Trish,

look at Trish now.

JR: Another snapmare.

Stakes are high here.

JERRY: Yes, they are.

JR: Lita, five-time champion, she's won the title

more than any female in history.

JERRY: But the pressure on her there.

Trish with that full nelson.

Watch this one more time.

I've never seen anything like this.

Oh, my gosh.

JR: The slow motion look at that is...

Man, that is unsettling.

JERRY: All right.

JR: Unsettling but Lita is still competing.

JERRY: I'm gonna give Lita her due.

How she is still alive after that...


JR: Lita may have a broken neck there,

but she, by God, is still competing.

She is still on the hunt here,

that's how badly Lita wants to win it.

JERRY: Oh, look out.

JR: But can her dream

come true in her home state?

And a shot by Trish, and then Trish,

she's tough as well.

Right hand by Lita.

Not a tender landing for Trish

in that top turnbuckle.

JERRY: Nothing like that landing

that Lita suffered out there on the floor.

JR: And the clubbing blows to the back.

JERRY: Oh, wait a minute.

JR: And Lita can't hold

any balance here.

JERRY: No. No.

Not a Superplex, not this.


JR: Oh, the Superplex.

Two beautiful women, crashing and burning,

all for the sake for the Women's Title

here on Monday Night RAW.

JERRY: How did Lita do that?

JR, you know that had to hurt Lita as much as it did Trish.

JR: No doubt about it.

No doubt about it.

Maybe even more, ladies and gentlemen.

JERRY: They're both out.

JR: Lita out of action for a year with neck surgery.

JERRY: Oh, no.

JR: And Lita head over,

a cover, will it be?


JR: Yes. Yes.

Oh, gosh. Oh, how close.

JERRY: Watch the superplex,

listen to that impact.

Lita's head bouncing off the canvas.

I'm telling you, I'm just amazed by Lita's...

JR: Oh, what a shot.

What a kick.

JERRY: I was amazed.

JR: A cover...

Martial arts kick could be... Will be... It's not.

Frustration beginning to set in on Trish,

scoring with that kick, a big roundhouse kick.

JERRY: Boy, that word "resiliency,"

that's what Lita is showing here tonight.

JR: These women are giving it everything they've got.

Everything they can.

JERRY: Look at this.

JR: Trish now a mount position.

JERRY: Look out. Look out, Trish. Oh, no.

JR: Oh, a powerbomb.

Lita countered with a powerbomb.

JERRY: Yeah, but Lita's tank may be almost empty.

JR: Lita's equilibrium's got to be adversely affected.

Does Lita know what she's doing.

What's going on here?

JERRY: Is she thinking right?

She's gonna crash and burn again.

JR: Lita trying to climb to the top

to no avail. A tip to the electric chair.

JERRY: Oh, look out.

JR: The roll-up. The roll-up. Yes. No.

JERRY: Oh, that was so close. So close.

JR: Downstairs goes Lita. My God, a DDT.

JERRY: What a move by Trish.

JR: Trish at the ropes.

Feet on the ropes. Feet on the ropes.

And another near fall.

JERRY: Referee, you had a potential

count of three there.

JR: And those hard right hands right to the face,

right to the temple.

JERRY: Here comes the Stratusfaction right here.


JR: Lita countered the Stratusfaction.

Misses a clothesline.

JERRY: That's a hair-pulling, ref.

JR: My God. Could it be?

Twist of Fate.

A modified Twist of Fate by Lita

on the champion.

JERRY: Get up, Trish.

JR: Lita, what's she doing here?

JERRY: Trish, get up, Trish.

JR: Lita's got no business up here.

It's all or nothing.

JERRY: Oh, no.

JR: It's all or nothing and the moonsault.

The moonsault.

The hook, the three.


JR: My God. Lita did it.

Lita did it, King.

LILIAN: Here is your winner and the new

WWE Women's Champion, Lita.

JR: I can't believe the effort,

the heart, both women displayed.

But Lita tonight, the better woman.

Lita tonight is the new Women's Champion.

JERRY: I can't believe we got two

former champions in the house,

first Triple H and now Trish Stratus.

JR: No matter what she had to go through,

Lita would not be denied here tonight.

It was physically intense.

JERRY: You got that right. Obviously, I've never seen

anything like this, JR.

JR: Lita overcame every odd.

Lita's the new Women's Champion.

Oh, my God. Good night from Charlotte.


Look who it is, The Walking Kiss of Death.

Tell me, whose career do you plan on ending tonight?




LITA: Trish and I, our rivalry

have been really heating up.

We had really good chemistry.

We both were pretty well into our careers

at that point, so we were pretty dialed in.

So when we're informed that day

that we were gonna be the main event on RAW,

it meant a lot to us and I know that we were really excited,

but it made sense.

We were like, "Yeah. We've done the work

"to get to this point today.

"Let's rock it."

JR: And here we go.

A tremendous ovation for Lita here in Charlotte.

And it's all about the title,

but I think it's about a whole lot more.

LITA: You don't know it because Trish is very

larger-than-life, but she's about 5'4", maybe smaller.

And we are on the sides of the ring that are shorter

as opposed to like where the ramp is.

And when I dove through the ropes,

there just wasn't enough room for both of us

to kind of absorb the blow.

JERRY: Look out. Look out.

JR: Oh, look at this.

JERRY: Oh, my gosh.

JR: A head-first dive.

That is a sick-looking landing.

Lita's head snapped back

and that can't be good.

LITA: When I went through the ropes,

I didn't even know anything had gone wrong.

And then I realize like, "Okay, my fingers and toes move.

"I'm okay.

"We've got the rest of this match to do.

"But I'm gonna take these ten seconds,

"and hope the ref counts extra slow, and just kind of

"chill out for a minute until we continue

"to kill it."

JR: Women's title on the line. Lita cannot be the same

after that dive to the outside.

These women are giving it everything they've got.

Everything they can.

A very intense match here.

A physical match here live on Monday Night RAW.

Could it be?

Twist of Fate.

A modified Twist of Fate by Lita

on the champion.

JERRY: Get up, Trish.

JR: It's all or nothing.


JR: All or nothing, and the moonsault.

CROWD: (CHANTING) One, two, three.


JR: My God. Lita did it.

I can't believe the effort,

the heart both women displayed.

Lita tonight is the new Women's Champion.

LITA: To just be Trish and I and the referee,

and nobody else.

It had ever been done.

And I know we both take a lot of pride in that moment.

JR: We are back live here at the University of Virginia.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Women's Championship

about to be decided. Lita

and that poor excuse for a WWE Champion, Edge,

remaining in the ring.



LILIAN: This contest

is scheduled for one fall,

and it is for the WWE

Women's Championship.

Introducing first, from Richmond, Virginia,

she is the WWE Women's Champion,

Mickie James.

JR: Mickie James getting a...

And the challenger from Atlanta, Georgia, Lita.

JR: We've heard all about Lita I wanna hear, by God.

JERRY: Oh, I know you're excited

about this match, JR, but, come on, let's wait

for the introductions, huh? What about

that Mickie James, she's quite a little firecracker.

JR: Well, she may be a little unbalanced,

I don't know. We've talked about that.

But the Women's Title on the line.

Lita going for her third Women's Championship.


But after Lita being a party

to Edge and Lita going to John Cena's father's home

and assaulting John's father in his own home.

My God. I cannot comprehend that.

JERRY: Obviously, Lita and Edge

have never gotten over the fact,

and you got to remember this,

John Cena did... Whoa. Look out.

John Cena did bust

into Edge and Lita's hotel room not too long ago.

JR: It's little bit different, King,

going into a hotel room than going to your father's home

and assaulting your own father.

JERRY: I agree.

JR: Now, my father's dead.

And, by God, if he was alive, I don't know what I would do.

I know what Lita's gonna do right now.

She's wanting to win this Women's Title.

And look at him. I am so sick

of Edge after what we have seen here already tonight.

JERRY: Oh, man.

JR: And Mickie James showing nice athleticism.

And Mickie James...

JERRY: That's not all she's showing, JR.

JR: Mickie mounting Lita and hammering Lita

with those right hands.

I'm a Mickie James fan

here tonight.

JERRY: I think Lita

being a three-time or wanting to be a three-time Women's Champion,

I think she's taking Mickie James

a little bit lightly.

JR: I don't think that's very smart.

JERRY: No, and Lita's gonna find out it's not very smart.

JR: Mickie James has been a Women's Champion since WrestleMania 22.

JERRY: Oh, watch the hair. Look out.

JR: Good grief. And using the hair

for that unfair advantage.

Referee Jack Doan admonishing Lita

who could give a damn.

And, again, Lita using the hair.

JERRY: Yeah, check this out.

Mickie James flipped right off that second rope, flat on her back.

Oh, we see it.

JR: Oh, we see it.

We don't need your help.

Thank you very much. As Edge is walking by here,

trying to get involved in everybody's business.

I think he's done enough chaos for one day.