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It is a Monday by the time you're watching this it'll be a Tuesday and today

I'm going to be reacting to all of my old vines rest in peace vine

rest in peace

It's fine. There's other platforms im on YouTube. What's up youTube as I've [told] you guys in the past my mondays are really boring, so

vlogging it is kind of just like it wouldn't be fun at all so I think like every Monday

I'm going to be doing a different type of video, so

Yeah, if you guys haven't seen yesterday's vlog already

It's probably one of the best ones super entertaining like all around yes

I'm going to react to my old vines so let's do this basically been making vines for three years

So I don't know what what like we're about to see here. I'm kind of nervous to be honest

Here we go

Here we go

Disney shout out to Disney cuz I rock love you on how to get away with parking in a handicapped spot first one

And have to write you a ticket. It's a handicapped spot. No, you can't park

Your id to actually do that in real life, which is the funny part all right?


It's like that. It's like the penguins in Madagascar. No, not funny

Barely classic classic just splice them together there

Is that Josh peck from Jake and Josh?

Wow Vince vaughn Vince vaughn Bang on oh

I put this pussy. I look Eddie eat his tone. Oh

Yo, I had to eat his toe oh my God. I made him like clean [it] so much the things you do for vine

Brandon Bowen Brandon Bowen reveal it reveal it that one's me that is me. I'm the one who rides the go cart 0

Yo, if you look closely, it looks like he broke breaks his arm ill and like sounds like it, too

But it doesn't it's all an illusion

This one took so long

We had to like make it look like he [was] actually hitting me, but he wasn't look look closely look closely here

Who do you see the things around the screen? What do you see do you see Alyssa?

Weird right leg out so text me


tongue If Jumped off the cliff you jump off to

The blink yo we had to actually go to a cliff diving spot

And do this we had to jump off of it like five times

like it was the most painful thing to film and I would always fall faster because

I don't know what I think I would jump student know below him this was so hard, so

this one my

Brother actually had to buy a new door. We live and just ruin this door and my dad was not too

Happy about it logan. It's Christmas

lip gloss be happy

Yeah, oh it took so long to film like you guys have no idea like I had to all be lined up

Yo, what is this table? It's

That's what they say whose day let's call it tornado not tomorrow, whatever

Classic oh, oh you see my [Lynn] who see my limp who's seen it. I think it everything. Are you hurt?

It's called Sweat jock Russell

I know that was the first time I've ever gone to New York New York slit this next one honestly

It took a lot of courage to build up to do you know I was nervous honestly I

Had to shout from the whole mall I used to this is my hometown

The Christian face the Way, Mr.. Christian page

Well look at that girl. No dude. She is a total butterface butterface


How did we get the butter to stay on her face boo boo boo boo?

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So come back tomorrow

Make sure you stay tuned and yeah check out who wins and back to the video

Don't don't skip leg day. I guess um

This vine is the most true thing like you would never do something cool when people are watching you honestly

I could always like wheelie. I would do wheelies all the time on my motorcycle, then I dick yo yo yo come watch of it

Hi guys what?

Like what yo, that's my brother. Cole do something about it, baby

Everyone looked at us

Everyone and their mother was what they were like you are these kids yelling in the streets. I mean you want some yeah, okay? Oh

What were we thinking? Oh, Mike? What were we [thinking]?

You could have literally died

That took so much planning know like we planned that one up for basically directors and Producers and yeah, so that were

My dance skills are impeccable in this one


That's me. Yo that's me in fourth grade. This is act like I'm telling you I've been filming YouTube videos for ever

This is actually me in fourth Grade

What was I doing?

[the] table

Fuck I hate fun. It's raining really. No, just isn't that good story time

Filming this we are actually on the beach

And it flash flooded with like rain like it immediately started pouring buckets of rain

And then we had our phones, and that was it and we were like a mile away from our resort

so I literally stuck the phone in my pants and started sprinting just full force and

By the time I got there my phone is fine, but it was still I kind of soaking wet. I don't know how


Fuck with us in she go check it out Jenna. He's in jail. That artist is in Jail

Getting a girl what oh hey did you fix my bottle yeah?

Dean, but Ibaka too quick wait wake up, okay. Maybe a picnic, LOL

festival Mario bang yeah, baby

Dance moves on point Logan can't dance though so that lit up so many tries to do because he was just like no

I don't look good. I was like you're not gonna. Look good anyways, no matter what your kind of?

You know how do we not burn our house down like every single day

It's just one muffin why not. It's time to go [work] [out]


[okay], so when he was actually shooting those ping-pong balls at me. It hurts, bro. It's not a joke

The world I want the world to know my name

So that's why I made that one if I and put the song there

It's decorated look at me. Look at me. Come in look at me come for us referee. Oh there. I am shocked me

Don't then she's got the dead should we wrap about today however. I love this cocoa

Alright guys. That was me reacting to my old vines oh

We're gonna Miss fine. Not really kind of

good old days

Thank you so much for watching make sure you guys are subscribed check out yesterday's vlog

Log coming to you tomorrow or only going to be missing Monday's just cuz there's nothing going on. We literally don't do anything but

so yeah, thanks for watching and

Love you guys to the best. Here's what I've seen 10 and a big night. We shall be a slide

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