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I'm into female-bodied humans that are

smarter than I am but don't make me feel

stupid people like to run and jump in

climb trees and they get that reference

I like people that are funny and that

think that I'm funny

that's that's unfortunately a really big

part of how I get along with somebody is

if you laugh at my stupid jokes I think

at this point in my life what I'm

looking for out of a relationship is

something real and something with a

sense of team dating is super fun but

without that substance behind it without

that like sense of togetherness it's it

is just dating it's not a relationship

to me and I'm ready for that like solid

relationship in my life


your name is Mike and this is your story

you're 33 years old for work you're a

teacher and your cultural background is

just general white European nonsense my

name is Dan I am 31 years old I am a

bartender and my ethnic heritage is

absolutely general European nonsense

well okay one what you got but but a

very visible one your name is Dorothy

and this is your story you're 28 years

old you are a chef and your cultural or

ethnic background is Eastern European

that's fascinating

my name is Lina okay I am 36 years old I

work in the coffee industry actually I

make lattes and I'm Italian

so nothing but Dorothy is a great name

I saw plaid and I just went straight to

Kansas yeah that is is the coffee

industry thing why you perked up when

chef was said because it was close but

not close enough do you cook

I don't i heat things up got an edge and

I prayed a baby trader dough every day

but I wondered why you thought chef

because that's very specific because you

strike me as are creative and I just

think it'd be interesting to meet a

person that focuses on food art mm-hmm

yeah I do latte art okay yeah the people

like doodles like a Pokeball in my latte

well yeah sometimes it's just like what

does it mean to you you know it's more

like a Rorschach yeah okay it's still

artists that's knowing is it's caffeine

it I don't care if it looks nice yeah

death or decaf yeah

can I write that down

my relationship history is a little bit

rocky I got married when I was 21 and I

got divorced when I was I don't know 26

27 and and entered the dating world kind

of for the first time at that point

and from there I've had a string of you

know lots of online dates a few several

month relationships and at this point

I'm pretty burnout I'm 31 which is an

age I want to meet a person that can be

well first of all that's autonomous

adult just a person that is their own

thing that does their own stuff but

still likes the idea of building a team

so I'm talking in the in the long form

so like you know looking for in my life

I'm looking for an actual partner I'm

looking for a person that I can start to

plan a life with


your favorite emoji is this one I drew

it you are friends with your mom on

Facebook because you're not a sociopath

for you the worst thing about social

media is the compulsive behavior that it

generates and other people interesting

it's not a good it's pretty damn good

okay that middle finger emoji it's the

best it's very effective it says so many

things it can be an affectionate yeah


affectionate you I am NOT friends

with my mom on social media because

she's not on social media better but she

does Google me from time to time which I

need to tell it just stopped it do you

are you the first result when you get at

Google I'm not which is problematic

because there's a porn star oh yeah so

my mom's like going off how's your

career going babe for me the worst thing

about social media is that pressure yeah

yeah wake up to a screen go to bed with

the screen and if you're not around your

screens you get shamed so that's weird

it's real weird it's real weird to me it

cools it all right tell me about myself

so your favorite emoji is the smiley

poop and you are friends with your mom

on Facebook but for you the worst thing

about social media is having to censor

yourself since you're friends with your

mom yeah well done yeah really well done

so my favorite emoji is the poop emoji

only because Patrick Stewart is playing

the poop emoji in the NeoGeo movie and

I've been seeing that advertised

recently plug for the paternity emoji

movie I am friends with my mom on

Facebook she's on Facebook both of my

parents are and in fact whenever they

think I've done something questionable

on Facebook they send me a really like

like very polite little note I would say

like hey we saw this and maybe you want

to reconsider changing it to this or

maybe you want to edit this concerned

about your brand they really are they

really want to take care of me

sweet that is sweet it's very sweet

worst thing about social media behavior

what did you say

oh that you have to censor yourself

because your mom's are uh yeah but I

said to myself for just the sake of

everybody because you know because I

don't believe that it's a place for

honest discourse so I don't try to be

like you know my the fullest expression

of myself on Facebook I just acknowledge

that that's a place to talk about stuff

that I think everybody can talk about

safely it's still a place where you need

to be polite definitely you know yeah so

that's probably the thing that's the

worst part about social media is that it

lets people feel like they're allowed to

be rude mm-hmm you know a little more

flippantly than they would otherwise be

yeah cuz they just post it and then walk

away there's no sequences yeah I

remember hearing a conversation I think

was on the radio about how bullying on

online is a lot easier for kids because

they don't see the other person's face

change they don't see the physical cues

of like emotional suffering mm-hmm yeah

and and they get to be whoever they want

which is great you know it's this like

venue for self-expression but what if

they want to be someone mean and cruel

and unfair the brave new world mm-hmm

great gosh growing up I was raised by my

mom and single you know single parent

single child household I'm an only child

and my mom had no rules whatsoever you

know I think I was probably the envy of

a lot of my friends because I didn't

have any rules but I just needed some

structure and I I always loved going to

other people's houses where there was

like dinner time and silverware heard

like getting in trouble for things I

thought that was great

both my parents were almost 40 when I

was born so they kind of had their

under wraps you know they knew what they

were doing they knew who they were and

what they wanted to get done so they

just let their kid do whatever he wanted

to do so I spent the first 16 years of

my life being a huge book nerd and then

I found the arts and I found expression

and I found socialization and I started

making a lot of friends

and they've been encouraging of

everything that I want to do basically

since I since I could say I wanted to do


your greatest fear about married life is

the betrayed expectations that comes

with meeting somebody committed to them

and then something else happens

your biggest strengths that you would

bring to a marriage you're ambitious you

have support you have vision and you

take pride in your family and where you

come from so I think you would bring

that to your family and it's kind of

dicey to talk about your feelings and

intimate aspects of your married life

with your friends but you know you take

a risk you can go well or it can get not

go so well

my greatest fear about married life yes

totally betrayed expectations totally

like what if I'm wrong yeah yeah

then then what okay yeah oh gosh that's

that's a lot and Vegas ranks I would

bring to a marriage you had another good

one I totally forget ambition support

vision pride in your family and like

tribe yeah yeah tribe I have a huge

sense of tribe cool and that is still

important to me like in a marriage

bringing someone else into that tribe

that's that's huge yeah do the big

family I don't know I don't I'm an only

child maybe two we're the oldest the

middle and the old the complex you're

God it's fine guys and yeah I do think

it's a little bit dicey to talk about

personal problems to your friends about

your spouse because it's like if I've

had so many friends where all they do is

complain about their partner and then

every time that partner is around you're

like I know so many things about you and

you might be horrible and now we have to

pretend like nothing's going on oh you

might not be horrible but because this

other person is a really compelling

story teller yeah

I'm now like skewed mm-hmm your greatest

fear about married life is that your

spouse dies the biggest strengths you

would bring to a marriage is you're a

good listener and it's okay to talk to

other people about intimate aspects of

your married life grace whereby married

life is my partner dying wolf yeah

because I get like it's either the

conversation about the marriage itself

in the concept of marriage working

and that's like betrayed expectations

but then if the marriage really works

and you've got this person and you feel

like you really found them yeah and then

they're gone by no one's wrongdoing yeah

yeah and that's the far less cynical

fear you know that's the legitimate I

love this person I need this person and

they've been taken away from me for

reasons I can't control that's the fear

you don't want to think about it's a lot

easier to think oh well the relational

relationship will just fall apart you

know she got me you see me although or

the rob a bank or something like that

only well I can't sorry conjugal visit

once a month later uh biggest strength

today what did you say you said

listening yeah yeah III would like to

believe that I'm a good listener

what'd you say any much again who are

you where am I and then you said that it

is okay to talk yeah yeah you really

like you have to vet the friend you

can't be late point

you can't like just broadcast that stuff

all over the place but if you've got as

an only child you have to adopt family

yes so if you've got that long-term

friend that's been there through a lot

of the nonsense knows your rogue's

gallery knows what it what your dating

life has been from from early enough

that they can sort of say okay well I

remember when you were with so-and-so

and so-and-so is like this and you're

doing this perspective is really helpful

and maybe not on Twitter not on Twitter

not possible

oh god no mom's been through enough no

yeah and mom has opinions without us

bringing I liked her okay mom that's

great really thank you why you're not

meeting mm-hmm most of them oh no that's

the last step yeah yeah we should be

writing these down these are good rules

is for the Internet




thank you ladies first

oh when I first met you I decided I

would date you and after talking to you

I still would when I first talked to you

I decided that I would date you and

after talking to you I still would go us

dick high five how do we where why we

shuffle off to Buffalo do you want

coffee yeah yeah there's coffee always

there's always coffee no it's not decaf

you know standing up is good I tried to

do the shift to decaf ride like yeah

make my coffee and 50-50 split it

between cafe than half caffeinated but

decaf coffee also just doesn't taste

very good


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