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Hey guys thanks for checking out my video

Today we are going to guide you through

How to use raid lockouts to farm mounts that

have not dropped for you

and you are sick of running through the dungeon completely

or the raid completely just to get to the one boss that drops the mount

This will save you a lot of time, I know raids like ICC or Ulduar

can take 35 to 50 minutes just to get through, to get to the one boss

and its pretty dissapointing when it doesn't drop

this should save you a lot of time and cut your runs to 5 or 10 minutes

per alt that you want to run it through

the first thing you want to do

Make sure you have a character with your lockouts saved

so for example

we're going to be on my priest right now

I usually use a healer to hold my lockouts because they are

not the most convient characters to run through and just for time savings sake

It seems to be better to run with a DPS just even for killing the old bosses

So I keep them all on my disc priest and we're going to bring up my raid lockouts to show you

so here you'll see we have

My raid lockouts, I have Ulduar saved to Yogg Saron

ICC saved to Lich King on 25 man heroic

and Mogu'shan Vaults saved to Elegon

Every week when it resets you can down here to this button and hit the extend raid lock

What that does that will keep your save where you left out

If you dont know how to get these saves, on this character where you want these lockouts on

You'll run it through one time and you'll get to the boss you want to save it to

and you make sure you dont kill that boss, so when you get to Yogg Saron in Ulduar for example

you will just Hearth out and leave the raid where it is

same with ICC you'll run it in 25m heroic all the way through

get to the Lich King and just leave

So after you get the save you can pass it to other characters or friends if you feel like a nice guy

I know a lot of people sell them in trade chat, thier lockouts to help people farm as well

so once you get your lockout

first thing you want to do is go on the character you want to farm with

you got all your alts here and you're deciding who you want to run on first, it doesnt really matter so we're going to go on my mage here because hes parked in Dalaran

so we're going to log on to him

ok we're here in dalaran

what you'll need for this part is

you can use a second account, I even believe you can create a starter account and probably have to level a character to 10 or 15

so you can change the raid difficulty

once you get there

what you'll want to do, we're going to bring up a second box here with an account I already have

there we are

what you'll want to do is go on this other account

and invite this character that you want to run with, so I'm going to invite my mage to a group

now my mage is in the group

we are going to log out of the character we want to run with

and head onto the character with the lockout, so we're going to log back into my priest here

once we're logged in, we can go back on the other account and I usually just have another WoW just alt tabbed in

even if you don't have the best computer you should be ok

To alt tab just to get them in the group, as you see we're doing here, we're going to invite my priest into the group

so now that my priest is in the group, what you want to do is pass the party leader to the priest

or whichever character has the lockout, in this instance it is my priest

and with the alternate account, we can leave the party

leaving the priest and the character you want to run with

after that you can close the account, you won't need again until you want to start another run

So we're going to use ICC today as an example

what you'll want to do, now that we are in a group with the character we want to run with

and that character with the lockout, We're going to go to...

right click on our portrait, go to raid difficulty, make sure its on 25 player, which it is

and we're going to put it on Heroic

then we're going to put it back to normal, and what that does is reset the instances, ICC can be..


you dont want it to think its in heroic, you dont want to get the heroic save, it can glitch out

and think that it has already been killed, especially on your 2nd or 3rd run of the week

so now that we did that and we have it reset, we can switch back to our running character

so switch over, and we're going to log into our mage here

so now that is the character we're going to run with

so we're going to go ahead and mount up

and we're going to start flying to ICC

a little side not while we're flying over there

the trick pretty much works with every raid

the only one that i can be tricky with...

Dragon Soul doesnt work at all

The only one it can be tricky with is ICC, it can be weird if you don't do everything correctly

the lockout can kind of bug out

you need to make sure you reset it everytime you go to a different character

Dragon Soul doesn't work at all, unfortunately when they switched the lock outs from Lich King to Cataclysm

you can not save it and pass it to another character, Dragon soul is one that you'll have to beef out and pound through

and hope for the best

This should save a lot of time with your runs especially ICC and Ulduar

as those can take up to an hour sometimes to clear

so now that we're at ICC we're going to go ahead and enter

OK, so a little pop comes up here and says "You've Entered and Instance Already in Progress..

If a Boss is killed you'll be saved to ICC 25 player

As you can see it doesn't say heroic, it says normal because we have it set that way and that's how we want it to be

we're going to accept this

if you look here at my portrait I'm not the party leader yet

It should pop up here in 30 seconds or a minute, it isnt much after, you can actually start heading up to the Lich King

So we're going to start doing that, start making our way up

Ok, I just got a popup here that says I am the group leader now

So now that I'm group leader, we're sitting in front of the portal to Lich King

We're going to go down to raid difficulty under our character portrait

and we're going to switch it over to heroic

OK, now a new pop up comes up that says you've entered and instance already in progress

you'll be saved to Ice Crown Citadel 25 heroic

and if you highlight over it you'll see that Lich King is available so you'll want to accept that

Ok so now we are saved to the Lich King, so we're going to stand on this portal and come up to the Lich King

and we're going to start the fight

and these are the only things you should have to sit through

with running, unfortunately the lore and the talking between characters, not really a way to skip around that

we are going to go through and get this kill

OK, so you killed the Lich King

A little Visual is going to pop up any second, we'll wait for that to pop up then we'll loot

so here comes the visual, cancel that, we're going to click the Lich King, and per usual he didnt drop the mount that we wanted

Not a problem, we're just going to run it on a different character , and this is where you will log off and do the same process we went over

the big thing to make sure you do,

like I said, when you log onto the character with the Lockout and you have the runner in your group

you want to go down to raid difficulty and make sure its on normal, but you want to switch it to heroic once and back to normal

to make sure that the raid resets because somtimes the Lich King bugs out

I don't really have that problem with any other raids

Hopefully my guide helps, hopefully you guys get the mount faster than I have

I have 304 and I'm still hunting for ICC, for invincible

Good luck everyone, like and subscribe for more videos coming daily thanks for stopping by

good luck!

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