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huh it's a beautiful wet soggy California rainy day so I figured why

don't we do some some pitching let's do it the dreaded 30-yard pitch shot today

I'm gonna give you my five keys to hitting these solid crisp at the flag

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there we go okay step one okay we're going to order here one two five

obviously go an order step one is this you have to keep your weight for more on

your front foot than your back okay we're not transferring our weight back

and forth you don't want to do that when you keep it's about 70% on that front

foot the whole time you're swinging just stay on that front foot that's step one

you've got to keep your weight on that left side you're gonna be more accurate

you're gonna be just more consistent ball striking every single time so step

one weight stays on your left side the whole time

70% okay if you watch my channel at all I preach I don't preach I might but I

talk about this all the time and it's step two here we go look at this for

pitching for pitching for every shot we don't do not rotate your hands open

don't do that don't open your hands on your backswing okay we want to keep that

face shut if anything if you go back rotate it opens gonna get you in big

trouble when you're pitching so weight forward don't rotate don't rotate

anything it's right here

almost made that I'm going for that that black bucket on the on the stand out

there and so when we rotate that face open you're hurting yourself because

you're not gonna get the spin you want we want to get a lot of bite a lot of

check more spin and so the more we rotate that face open the more side spin

and flipping and slapping at the ball we do so we've got to avoid that no rotate

those hands up in' as you take the club back okay keep it shut right in here

boom that's step two step three very critical this step very important okay

and here it here here you go I don't want my arms to go past right here

that's as far as I'm taking my arm parallel parallel to the ground

three o'clock nine o'clock if you're from Australia just kidding I like to

think that there's an electrical fence right it horizontal where I parallel and

if I go there I get zapped so I don't want to go that far I want to keep my

arms maximum this far back every single pitch shot you do that right here keep

those arms every shot you want to go farther you got a you got a fifty I

don't care what club you if you need to go farther go have more club but keep

every pitch shot the exact same don't change weight forward don't rotate the

hands and don't go past here this is 7-iron now right right here I'm

just right here that's gonna save you so much grief don't go past parallel right

there's where you want to be you got a shorter shot just add more

loft that is step number three let's move on okay so you've got the first

three steps down step four this applies to every shot in your

entire life so just always do this where am I going

I'm so excited because this is gonna get you shots that you've never had before

what what I want your thought to be you always hear people say be

aggressive go after it well yes but the reality behind that is acceleration

you have to accelerate through the shot so if you take too long of a swing your

body's gonna know Oh slow down puppy you're going too fast and you will

decelerate flip those hands everything will be wrong so that's why I keep your

swing your pitch is short so your body knows accelerating also the reason we

don't transfer our weight back and forth is because you transfer your weight and

then you accelerate you're gonna send this thing in outer space you're gonna

go away long and we don't want that that's why our weight stays forward that

our ball strike but also it keeps us from over accelerating adding too much

power behind the ball so that's why it all works together so this one is right

here accelerate through the ball I'm always speeding up as a hit always

accelerating through that ball that's step four it's getting exciting isn't it

I know I know if you're excited just shout it out just yeah yeah I know do it

cuz you're getting good that's step four Step five is gonna blow

I don't know it's gonna blow your mind but it's it's it's special here we go

okay so Step five here's what I like to think of Step five is if you do one to

four you're fine you could stop right there and have a great rest of your life

pitching the ball because all the fundamentals are there the weights

forward you're not over rotating your hands your swing is short and you're

accelerating through the ball all of that you're good you're good you don't

have to do this next one this is this is extra so when you hit your shot your

your buddies will just look at you there but dude you get one of those dude and

I'll do that look like huh how do you do that I'm never seen that before that's

what this is this is that secret sauce that extra special something or other

that time that you get any like oh and here's what it is it's super subtle

let me see what you see it okay you see it it's it it's hard to see here's what

it is as I'm taking it back right when I'm go right here I like to say I loosen

the screw I want to say tighten the screw but you're not really so pretend

I'm holding a screwdriver in this hand right and I'm gonna loosen the screw

right there cuz righty tighty lefty loosey

so I'm loosening the screw just return you're holding screwdriver

alright and you're loosening so I take it back

right here I'm loosening the screw so I'm turning my wrist this way as if the

screw is up here and I'm loosening it right there as I come down what does

that do okay as you can see I mean you're not gonna turn it that much but

just a little bit allows you to get that bowed left wrist it will get your hands

ahead of the clubface it will deal off the club a little bit so you get more

Drive and spin on the ball and it will just help you hit a much cleaner crisper

shot and help you drive that ball in a little bit lower with a little more spin

so you know everything's a saint just whoo loosen the screw and hit and you'll

finish kind of out in here watch

I love that shot just let me know if you could see the difference the first shot

I won't loosen the screw okay here we go same ball hook same ball same club same

everything regular no loosen the screw right here I

mean I made it I totally made it maybe you don't shouldn't loosen the screw

well I made it but you started the ball with nice and high it was good

now here comes loosen the screw shop

make it hard here we go now I'm gonna loosen the screw almost made that one do

you see the difference in those two shots when you loosen the screw it

drives it lower with more spin the other ones a much higher shot both are great

but that that head-turner who-whoa is the this little guy right

here just a little bit it's gonna feel like you're going like this but you're

just you're probably moving it just like like right like like like that just by

that much but it feels like you're going like this it's just a little something

special that that gets you that that's a good shot

how'd you do that well what huh is that you did that that's you're gonna get

those reactions so just a recap right weights forward from foot you're not

rotating these that'll kill you almost all the time it'll kill you yeah you

just got to get more lucky more often to hit good shots okay so none of this keep

that square okay arms right to here okay acceleration

through the ball and if you want to add a little flavor to your shot loosen the

screw just a little bit right here right as you make that transition it's kind of

like that's that's your transition point right there and it's just just a little

bit right in there boom and then you'll finish a little more up here whereas if

you don't do it you'll be a little more there so

it's just a little flavor to your shot if you want to drive it a little bit

lower with a little more spin

you don't need any special extraordinary abilities to pitch the ball like a PGA

Tour professional you just need a couple keys to help you really get what you're

looking for so hope you like it hope it helps I'm excited for you because this

is one of my favorite shots in golf and it's something I go to let's say on par

5 then I lay up to this 30 40 50 hour distance you know because it's really

cool to pull these shots off and it's so much fun I just lick my chops

every time I guess I'm like this also if I'm in trouble on a par 4 man I punch

out to that that 30 40 50 yard number because I just I feel like how exciting

I get to do this shot that I love so much when I say par a lot more often

than not then I don't so give it a try let me know if it works for you man I

sure hope it does comment below like the video share to your friends subscribe if

you haven't done so already I love you guys good luck out there on the links

sweat out here in California I mean get some rain it's coal state shutdown which

is what happens kind of week out here I know I know but just who we are what do

you do anyways peace out see you next time

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