Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Big E says that Apollo Crews is not at his level: SmackDown Exclusive, Feb. 12, 2021

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Big E, once again Apollo Crews is inserting himself into

the Intercontinental Championship picture or at least trying to.

Would you say that this is putting a strain on your friendship?

>> We've honestly already spent too much time talking about Apollo.

I spent too much time focusing on Apollo.

This is my run.

Confetti rained down from on high on Christmas Day for me.

And I'm stuck in this Apollo abyss,

just like, this is business, man.

This being cool in the back is great, and I'd do my best to be a good human too.

But for me to sit here and hold his hand and say, yeah,

you can get shot number 532, keep trying, Apollo.

No, man, I'm here for me.

I'm here to hold this title for years, to break records, and

I'm wasting my time on Apollo.

And look, man, I say time and time again, he's talented, I get it.

This man is not worthy of holding my title.

This man is not worthy of lacing my boots.

He's not worthy of my position, and he's hard headed.

That's the problem, he don't understand this.

He thinks that you just are good enough.

You show up one day and you get title opportunities.

He don't know the time I put in, he don't know the amount of no's I was told.

The amount of doors that were slammed in my face,

the amount of times I was laughed at to get to this position.

I was signed by this company in 2009.

I'm tired of wasting my time with Apollo Crews.

I'm tired of holding his hand.

I'm tired of turning the other cheek.

I'm tired of him.


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